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Developed Markets > EU

A reviving EU: opportunities and challenges

Photo: A reviving EU

The EU is coming out of recession. The economic upturn is in sight not only in the core member states, but also many debt-ridden eurozone countries. It follows that consumer confidence has rebounded quite significantly, and Hong Kong exporters should intensify their sales efforts to tap the renewed opportunities in the region, although most consumers will likely remain conservative in view of the sustained economic hardships. read more


Emerging Markets > Asia

Negotiating Malaysia’s Retail Regulatory Hurdles Paid Content

Photo: Negotiating Malaysia’s Retail Regulatory Hurdles

Malaysia is ranked highly in terms of ease of doing business there and overall receptiveness towards FDI, but foreign investors should take note that the country’s retail sector has its fair share of regulatory hurdles. Even so, this has not deterred overseas companies from targetting this dynamic Southeast Asian consumer market, with many Hong Kong brands already operating successfully there. read more


China Trade > China Consumer Market

E-tailing in China: the role of social media in marketing

Photo: E-tailing in China: the role of social media in marketing

Ever-widening wireless network (Wi-Fi) coverage, coupled with increasing affordability of smartphones, has prompted more internet users to access the web via mobile phones in China. Increasingly, people are interacting with others via social media, which are set to be an important channel for consumers to access everyday life information as well as promotional messages on products and services. read more