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Miscellaneous Canadian and Latin American AD/CV Actions on Chinese Products

Peru Rescinds AD Duty Orders on Tyres and Denim Fabric. Peru recently rescinded the AD duty orders in place on mainland Chinese tyres for motor cars, vans and lorries classified under HTSPE 4011.10.0000, 4011.20.0000, 4011.91.0000, 4011.99.0000 and cotton woven denim fabric of classified under HTSPE 5211.42. The AD duty order on tyres, which imposed an AD duty of US$3.3 to US$85.2 per unit on subject tyres, was allowed to expire on 18 January as scheduled because no domestic party expressed any interest in renewing the measure. The AD duty order on denim fabric was rescinded effective 28 July 2011 following a negative determination in the sunset review conducted by Peruvian authorities last year. That order imposed AD measures on subject merchandise with a CIF value lower than US$3.97 per kilogramme.

Brazil Preliminarily Imposes Dumping Duties on Citric Acid and Certain Citrates. Brazil has issued a preliminary affirmative determination in its AD investigation of mainland Chinese citric acid, sodium citrate, potassium citrate, calcium citrate, mixtures thereof and mixtures with sugar classified under NCM 2918.14.00 and 2918.15.00. The scope of the investigation excludes citric acid esters and other citric acid salts normally classified under NCM 2918.15.00. As a result of this decision, imports of subject merchandise will be subject to the following preliminary AD duties for a period of six months (through about 26 July).

Dumping Margin
Anhui BBCA Biochemical Co. Ltd. US$526.81/tonne
Lianyungang Natiprol (Intl) Co. Ltd. US$699.37/tonne
RZBC Group US$616.55/tonne
TTCA Co. Ltd. US$602.43/tonne
Weifang Ensign Industry Co. Ltd. US$569.01/tonne
Wenda Co. Ltd. US$587.73/tonne
China-wide US$741.46/tonne

Canada Begins Interim Review of AD and CV Duty Orders on Aluminium Extrusions. The Canada International Trade Tribunal has initiated an interim review of the AD and CV duty orders on certain aluminium extrusions from mainland China. The review will seek to determine whether (1) all or certain aluminium extrusions imported by MAAX Bath Inc. for use in the assembly of shower enclosures and (2) all or certain aluminium extrusions imported by Aluminart Products Limited for use in the production of finished goods (including entry doors, storm doors and retractable screens) should be excluded from these orders. Any additional submissions should be filed by 9 February and responses to any such submissions are due by 23 February. Submissions should address all factors that are relevant to the interim review, including the criteria the CITT should use in determining the level of integration that is necessary for suppliers to be able to meet MAAX’s and Aluminart’s specific requirements, the domestic industry’s ability to meet these requirements, and the date on which the exclusions, should they be granted, should become effective.

Mexico Begins AD Anti-Circumvention Review of Seamless Steel Pipe. Mexico’s Ministry of Economy issued in February 2011 an AD duty order on mainland Chinese seamless steel pipe (excluding stainless steel pipe), with an external nominal diameter between five and 16 inches (141.3 to 406.4 millimetres), classified under HTSMX 7304.19.02, 7304.19.99, 7304.39.06 and 7304.39.99. The scope of the order includes standard pipe, pressure pipe and line pipe. Subject merchandise is currently subject to a minimum FOB price of US$1,772 per metric tonne. While imports of lower-valued items are allowed, importers are required to guarantee payment of the difference in each of those circumstances. However, the AD duty may in no case be higher than a 56 percent ad valorem rate.

The ME recently initiated a review to determine whether importers are circumventing this AD duty order by (i) misclassifying subject merchandise in other tariff lines, including HTSMX 7304.19.01, 7304.19.04, 7304.29.03, 7304.31.06, 7304.39.02, 7304.39.04, 7304.39.05, 7304.51.99, 7304.59.02, 7304.59.99 and 7304.90.99; (ii) increasing the transaction price for subject merchandise and lowering the transaction price for another products sold to the importer by the exporter; and (iii) lowering prices to avoid paying AD duties. Interested parties may submit comments on this review by 26 March.

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