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AD/CV Notices

Following are summaries of current AD/CV actions targeting mainland Chinese manufacturers taken by the DOC.

Product: Stainless steel flanges, classified under HTSUS subheadings 7307.21.1000 and 7307.21.5000.
Nature of Notice: Issuance of AD duty order in investigation A-570-064, effective 1 August 2018.
Link: (https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2018-08-01/pdf/2018-16348.pdf)
Summary: The DOC has issued an AD duty order on subject merchandise based on the dumping margins shown below.

Exporter / ProducerWeighted-Average
Dumping Margin
Shanxi Guanjiaying Flange Forging Group Co. Ltd.257.11%

Product: Steel propane cylinders, classified under HTSUS subheadings 7311.00.0060 and 7311.00.0090.
Nature of Notice: Postponement of preliminary determination in CV investigation C-570-087.
Link: (https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2018-08-01/pdf/2018-16447.pdf)
Summary: The DOC has decided to postpone its preliminary determination in this investigation from 15 August to 19 October. The preliminary determination will indicate whether the DOC is likely to establish CV duties on imports of subject merchandise.

Product: Stainless steel sheet and strip, classified under HTSUS subheadings 7219.13.0031, 7219.13.0051, 7219.13.0071, 7219.13.0081, 7219.14.0030, 7219.14.0065, 7219.14.0090, 7219.23.0030, 7219.23.0060, 7219.24.0030, 7219.24.0060, 7219.32.0005, 7219.32.0020, 7219.32.0025, 7219.32.0035, 7219.32.0036, 7219.32.0038, 7219.32.0042, 7219.32.0044, 7219.32.0045, 7219.32.0060, 7219.33.0005, 7219.33.0020, 7219.33.0025, 7219.33.0035, 7219.33.0036, 7219.33.0038, 7219.33.0042, 7219.33.0044, 7219.33.0045, 7219.33.0070, 7219.33.0080, 7219.34.0005, 7219.34.0020, 7219.34.0025, 7219.34.0030, 7219.34.0035, 7219.34.0050, 7219.35.0005, 7219.35.0015, 7219.35.0030, 7219.35.0035, 7219.35.0050, 7219.90.0010, 7219.90.0020, 7219.90.0025, 7219.90.0060, 7219.90.0080, 7220.12.1000, 7220.12.5000, 7220.20.1010, 7220.20.1015, 7220.20.1060, 7220.20.1080, 7220.20.6005, 7220.20.6010, 7220.20.6015, 7220.20.6060, 7220.20.6080, 7220.20.7005, 7220.20.7010, 7220.20.7015, 7220.20.7060, 7220.20.7080, 7220.90.0010, 7220.90.0015, 7220.90.0060 and 7220.90.0080.
Nature of Notice: Rescission of administrative review in AD investigation A-570-042, effective 6 August 2018.
Link: (https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2018-08-06/pdf/2018-16695.pdf)
Summary: The DOC has rescinded its review of subject merchandise exported by 151 companies during the period 19 September 2016 through 31 March 2018 because the petitioners timely withdrew their review requests. As a result, the cash deposit rates for subject merchandise exported by these companies will continue to be the rates established in the most recently completed administrative review.

Product: Various products.
Nature of Notice: Opportunity to request administrative reviews of AD/CV duty orders, effective 7 August 2018.
Link: (https://s3.amazonaws.com/public-inspection.federalregister.gov/2018-16850.pdf)
Summary: Each year during the anniversary month of the publication of an AD/CV duty order, finding or suspension of investigation, an interested party may request that the DOC conduct an administrative review of that particular action. The DOC is now giving interested parties the opportunity to request, by 31 August, administrative reviews of the AD duty orders on the following products from mainland China for the period 1 July 2017 through 30 June 2018: sodium nitrite (A-570-925), polyethylene retail carrier bags (A-570-886), light-walled rectangular pipe and tube (A-570-914), floor-standing, metal-top ironing tables and parts thereof (A-570-888), hydrofluorocarbon blends (A-570-028), laminated woven sacks (A-570-916), passenger vehicle and light truck tyres (A-570-016), petroleum wax candles (A-570-504), steel nails (A-570-909), sulfanilic acid (A-570-815), tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol (A-570-887), and tow-behind lawn groomers and parts thereof (A-570-939). Parties may also request reviews of the following CV duty orders for the period 1 January through 31 December 2017: laminated woven sacks (C-570-917), light-walled rectangular pipe and tube (C-570-915), passenger vehicle and light truck tyres (C-570-017) and sodium nitrite (C-570-926). These reviews could result in (a) revised AD/CV duty assessments for entries of subject merchandise made during the period of review and (b) revised AD/CV duty cash deposit rates for entries made after completion of the reviews.

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