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Mexico Issues New Minimum Estimated Prices on Textiles, Apparel and Footwear; Lowers Duties on Various Products

The Mexican government recently expanded the minimum estimated price mechanism it established February 2015 on imported textiles and apparel by setting minimum estimated prices on a range of additional tariff lines, effective 18 January. In addition, Mexico has amended the list of footwear items subject to minimum estimated prices.

These prices will be employed only as a reference or guideline and may not be used to determine the customs value of the good. Importers who declare a customs value for their goods that is below the established reference price will be required to append to the import declaration proof of the deposit or security issued by the credit institution or surety authorised to operate customs escrow accounts. The deposit or security must cover the difference between the declared and estimated duties and antidumping measures, whenever applicable.

Separately, Mexican authorities have lowered the most-favoured-nation import duties on the products listed below. In addition, new tariff breakouts have been created for a range of products, including various footwear items, in an effort to obtain more detailed information on current trade patterns.

  • polysiloxane polyether classified under HTSMX 3402.13.99 – duty reduced from 7 percent to zero
  • vinyl acetate classified under HTSMX 2915.32.01 – duty lowered from 10 percent to zero
  • toys and games classified under HTSMX 9503.00.07, 9503.00.08, 9503.00.09, 9503.00.13, 9503.00.26, 9504.90.01, 9504.90.02, 9504.90.04, 9506.70.01 and 9506.99.99 – duty reduced from 5, 10 or 15 percent to zero
  • certain rackets classified under HTSMX 9506.59.99 – duty reduced from 15 percent to 10 percent
  • assembled flooring panels of bamboo classified under HTSMX 4418.72.02 – duty reduced from 15 percent to 5 percent
  • various environmental products classified under HTSMX  8417.80.04, 8417.80.05, 8479.82.05, 8501.64.03, 8502.39.04, 8514.10.04, 8514.20.05 and 9015.80.07 – duty reduced from 10 or 15 percent to 5 percent
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