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Miscellaneous Canadian and Latin American AD/CV Actions on Chinese Products

Mexico Issues AD Duty Order on Pre-stressed Iron and Steel Products. Mexico’s Ministry of Economy has issued an AD duty order on mainland Chinese pre-stressed iron and steel products classified under HTSMX 7217.10.99, 7312.10.01, 7312.10.05, 7312.10.07, 7312.10.08, 7312.10.10 and 7312.10.99. Imports of subject merchandise will be subject to an AD duty of US$1.02/kg for a period of five years.

Brazil Renews AD Duty Orders on Footwear and Magnets. Brazil has extended for an additional five years the AD duty orders in place on mainland Chinese footwear of headings 6402 through 6405 (with the exception of certain excluded items) and ring-shaped ferrite magnets classified under NCM 8505.19.10. The AD duty on footwear has been reduced from US$13.85 per pair to US$10.22 per pair, while the AD duty on ferrite magnets has been amended from 43 percent to US$570.73 per tonne.

Brazil Terminates Anti-Circumvention Probe of Graphite Electrodes. MDIC has terminated without the imposition of any additional measures the anti-circumvention probe of the AD duty order on graphite electrodes classified under NCM 8545.11.00 and 3801.10.00 from mainland China. In place since April 2009, this order imposes a duty of US$2,259.46 per tonne on subject merchandise.

Brazil Amends Terms of Price Agreement for Imported Technical Porcelain.
Brazil in December 2014 issued an AD duty order on imports of mainland Chinese technical porcelain classified under NCM 6907.90.00. The order established an AD duty of US$3.34 per square metre, US$4.98/sqm or US$6.42/sqm, depending on the producer/exporter. In addition, imports of subject merchandise produced by members of the China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters are subject to a separate price agreement, which was recently amended from a CIF export price no lower than US$10.50/sqm and US$477.27 per tonne subject to an annual limit of 22 million sqm or 484 million kilogrammes, to a CIF export price no lower than US$10.60 sqm and US$481.82/tonne subject to an annual limit of 19,175,200 sqm or 421,854,400 kg.

Brazil Begins Sunset Review on Table Glassware.
MDIC has initiated a sunset review of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese table glassware classified under NCM 7013.49.00, 7013.28.00 and 7013.37.00. Imports of subject merchandise have been subject to an AD duty of US$1.70/kg since March 2011.

Brazil Issues Results of Anti-Circumvention Probes of Ceramic Tableware. Brazilian authorities recently issued final determinations in two additional anti-circumvention probes of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese ceramic tableware classified under NCM 6911.10.10, 6911.10.90, 6911.90.00 and 6912.00.00. MDIC has determined that import licences should not be issued to imports of subject tableware claiming to be produced in Bangladesh by Shinepukur Ceramics Ltd. but should be issued to imports of subject merchandise claiming to be produced in Thailand by Indra Ceramic Co. Ltd.

Mexico Begins Sunset Review of AD Duty Order on Certain Steel Pipe. The Ministry of Economy has initiated a sunset review of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese steel pipe (excluding stainless steel pipe), with an external nominal diameter between five and 16 inches (141.3 to 406.4 mm), classified under HTSMX 7304.19.02, 7304.19.99, 7304.39.06 and 7304.39.99. This order has been in place since February 2011 and currently imposes a specific AD duty of US$1,252 per metric tonne on imports from the mainland. Interested parties have 28 business days from 22 February to submit the official form for the investigation and any arguments thereof.

Canada Makes Final Affirmative AD/CV Determinations on Steel Line Pipe. The CBSA on 24 February made final affirmative determinations in its AD and CV investigations of certain mainland Chinese carbon and alloy steel line pipe classified under HTSCA 7305.11.0019, 7305.12.0011, 7305.12.0019, 7305.19.0011, 7305.19.0019, 7306.19.0010 and 7306.19.0090. If the Canadian International Trade Tribunal issues a final injury determination, the CBSA will assess AD/CV duties on all appropriate entries using the rates shown in the table below. The CITT is expected to issue its final injury determination by 25 March.




Dumping Margin

Subsidy Amount

per Metric Tonne (RMB)

Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. / Baosteel America Inc.



Hengyang Steel Tube Group International Trading Inc. /

Hengyang Valin Steel Tube Co. Ltd. / Hengyang Valin

MPM Co. Ltd.



Huludao City Steel Pipe Industrial Co. Ltd.



Jiangsu Changbao Steel Tube Co. Ltd.



Jiangsu Valin Xigang Special Steel Co. Ltd.



Tianjin Huilitong Steel Tube Co. Ltd. / Tianjin

Longshenghua Import & Export Trade Co. Ltd.



Wuxi Huayou Special Steel Co. Ltd.



Yangzhou Lontrin Steel Tube Co. Ltd.






Canada Begins Review of AD/CV Duty Orders on Steel Sinks. The CBSA has initiated a re-investigation of the normal values, export prices and amounts of subsidy of certain mainland Chinese stainless steel sinks classified under HTSCA 7324.10.0011, 7324.10.0019, 7324.10.0021 and 7324.10.0029. Normal values established during this re-investigation will be effective for the subject goods released from the CBSA on or after the date of conclusion of the re-investigation. Normal values and amounts of subsidy currently in place will expire on that date. In addition, the normal values and amounts of subsidy determined as a result of the re-investigation will be applied to any entries of subject goods under appeal that have yet to be re-determined at the time of the conclusion of this re-investigation.

Exporters that wish to participate in this re-investigation are required to provide a complete and accurate submission by 7 April. An exporter will be considered co-operative if the requested information is submitted on time and the exporter permits verification of the data. Where an exporter of subject goods either does not provide sufficient information or permit verification of information submitted, AD duties will be assessed at a rate of 103.1 percent of the export price of the subject goods imported into Canada while CV duties will be assessed at a rate of 264.94 Renminbi per unit.

Peru Renews AD Duty Order on Certain Poplin Fabrics. Peru’s National Institute for the Defence of Competition and Intellectual Property (INDECOPI) has renewed for a period of 18 months the AD duty order on certain mainland Chinese polyester/cotton poplin fabrics classified under HTSPE 5407.81.0000, 5407.82.0000, 5512.11.0000, 5512.19.0000, 5513.11.0000, 5513.21.0000, 5514.11.0000 and 5514.21.0000. Imports of subject merchandise will continue to be subject to a specific AD duty of US$1.29/kg.

Colombia Rejects Attempt to Impose AD Duties on Wire Strand/Steel Cables. Colombia has denied a request to rescind a July 2015 regulation that terminated without the imposition of any measures an AD investigation of mainland Chinese galvanised wire strand, wire strand for pre-stressed concrete, and steel cables classified under HTSCO 7312.10.9000. Colombian authorities determined at the time that imports of dumped merchandise had not caused significant injury to a domestic industry.

Colombia Extends Preliminary AD Measures on Iron and Steel Wire.
Colombia has extended for two additional months the preliminary AD measures on mainland Chinese iron and steel wire, of circular cross section measuring less than 14 mm in diameter, with a carbon content lower than 0.45 percent by weight, classified under HTSCO 7213.91.9010, 7213.91.1010, 7227.90.0011 and 7227.90.0090. Such goods will continue to be subject to a minimum FOB price of US$541.06 per tonne. While imports of lower-valued items are allowed, importers are required to guarantee payment of the difference in each of those circumstances.

Colombia Declines to Rescind AD Duty Order on Hoes, Pickaxes and Bars
Colombia has denied a request to rescind an October 2015 regulation that renewed for three years the AD duty order on mainland Chinese hoes, pickaxes and bars classified under HTSCO 8201.30.0000. That regulation also amended the minimum FOB price in place on subject merchandise from US$1.32/kg to US$2.04/kg.

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