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Miscellaneous Canadian and Latin American AD/CV Actions on Chinese Products

Brazil Begins Sunset Review on Knitted Fabric of Viscose Fibres
Brazil has initiated a sunset review of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese knitted fabric of viscose fibres, whether or not incorporating elastane, classified under NCM 6004.10.41, 6004.10.42, 6004.10.43, 6004.10.44, 6004.90.40, 6006.41.00, 6006.42.00, 6006.43.00 and 6006.44.00. Imports of subject merchandise have been subject to an AD duty of US$4.10/kg since April 2011.

Peru Partially Renews AD Duty Order on Sandals and Slippers
Peruvian authorities have partially renewed the AD duty order on certain sandals, slippers, flip flops, zories and similar footwear classified under HTSPE 6402.19.0000, 6402.20.0000, 6402.91.0000, 6402.99.9000, 6403.91.9000, 6403.99.9000, 6405.10.0000 and 6405.90.0000 from mainland China. Specifically, the order has been renewed for a period of three years with respect to subject merchandise with uppers of rubber or plastic and outer soles of various materials. By contrast, subject merchandise with uppers of natural leather and other materials except rubber or plastic (e.g., wood) and outer soles of various materials will no longer be subject to AD duties.

Chile Outlines Documentary Requirements to Qualify for Steel Wire Rod Safeguard Exclusion
Chile established on 6 October 2015 a provisional safeguard duty of 37.8 percent on imports of steel wire rod classified under HTSCL 7213.20.00, 7213.91.10, 7213.91.20, 7213.91.90, 7227.10.00, 7227.20.00 and 7227.90.00 from all sources, except Canada, Mexico, Peru and developing countries (except mainland China and Brazil). Chilean authorities subsequently amended that measure to exclude CHQ quality wire rod classified under the aforementioned tariff lines and recently informed importers of the need to submit a certificate from the foreign supplier together with a sworn declaration to be able to benefit from this exclusion.

CBSA Issues Results of AD Sunset Review of Steel Sheet and Strip
The Canada Border Services Agency has issued a final affirmative determination in its expiry (i.e., sunset) review of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese flat hot-rolled carbon and alloy steel sheet and strip, including secondary or non-prime material, in various widths from 0.75 inches (19 mm) and wider, and (i) for product in coil form, in thicknesses from 0.054 inches to 0.625 inches (1.37 mm to 15.875 mm) inclusive, and (ii) for product that is cut to length, in thicknesses from 0.054 inches up to but not including 0.187 inches (1.37 mm up to but not including 4.75 mm), excluding (i) flat-rolled stainless steel sheet and strip and (ii) flat hot-rolled, cut-to-length alloy steel products containing no less than 11.5 percent manganese, in thicknesses from 0.12 inches to 0.19 inches (3 mm to 4.75 mm). Subject merchandise is classified under HTSCA 7208.25.0010, 7208.25.0020, 7208.25.0030, 7208.25.0040, 7208.26.0010, 7208.26.0020, 7208.26.0030, 7208.26.0040, 7208.27.0010, 7208.27.0020, 7208.27.0030, 7208.27.0040, 7208.36.0010, 7208.36.0020, 7208.36.0030, 7208.36.0040, 7208.37.0010, 7208.37.0020, 7208.37.0030, 7208.37.0040, 7208.38.0010, 7208.38.0020, 7208.38.0030, 7208.38.0040, 7208.39.0010, 7208.39.0020, 7208.39.0030, 7208.39.0040, 7208.53.0010, 7208.53.0020, 7208.53.0030, 7208.53.0040, 7208.54.0010, 7208.54.0020, 7208.54.0030, 7208.54.0040, 7208.90.0000, 7211.13.0000, 7211.14.0090, 7211.19.0010, 7211.19.0090, 7211.90.0090, 7225.99.0000, 7226.20.0000, 7226.91.0010 and 7226.91.0090.

The Canadian International Trade Tribunal will now conduct an inquiry to determine whether the expiry of this order is likely to result in injury to a domestic industry. A final CITT decision is expected by 14 August.

Brazil Extends Deadline for Final AD Determination on PET Resin
Brazilian authorities recently extended for a period of up to eight months, from 22 April to 22 December, the deadline to issue a final determination in their AD investigation of PET resin classified under NCM 3907.60.00 from mainland China.

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