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Miscellaneous Canadian and Latin American AD/CV Actions on Chinese Products

Argentina Initiates AD Investigation on Rubber Balloons
Argentinean authorities have initiated an AD investigation on rubber balloons of any size, form and colour, whether or not printed, including water balloons, classified under NCM 9503.00.99 and 9505.90.00, from mainland China. Argentinean Customs will begin requiring certificates of origin for subject merchandise from 19 August.

Argentina Renews AD Duty Order on Textured Yarn of Polyesters
Argentina has renewed for an additional five years the AD duty order on certain textured yarn of polyesters classified under NCM 5402.33.00 from mainland China. Subject merchandise will remain subject to an AD duty of 14.20 percent.

Mexico Issues Preliminary Determination in AD Probe of Ceramic Flags, Paving and Tiles
Mexico’s Ministry of Economy has established the following provisional AD measures on mainland Chinese ceramic flags and paving and wall tiles classified under HTSMX 6907.90.99 and 6908.90.01.

CompanyDumping Margin per Square Metre
Guangdong Bode Fine Building Material Co. Ltd.US$8.30
Foshan Dongxing Economy and Trade Co. Ltd.US$10.53
Eagle Brand Ceramics Industrial (Heyuan) Co. Ltd.US$9.35
Foshan Huashengchang Ceramic Co. Ltd.US$5.75
Sihui Jiefeng Decoration Materials Co. Ltd.US$12.42
Jingdezhen Kito Ceramics Co. Ltd.US$10.30
Foshan Jinyi Ceramic Co. Ltd.US$7.37
Foshan Junjing Industrial Co. Ltd.US$8.70
Foshan Lihua Ceramic Co. Ltd.US$11.73
Qingyuan Nafuna Ceramic S.L.US$8.92
Guangdong Overland Ceramics Co. Ltd.US$6.63
Foshan Pioneer Ceramic Co. Ltd.US$10.04
Heyuan Romantic Ceramics Co. Ltd.US$12.13
Jingdezhen Shengya Ceramic Co. Ltd.US$8.94
Foshan Shiwan Eagle Brand Ceramics Co. Ltd.US$8.49
Guangdong Winto Ceramics Co. Ltd.US$2.90
Yekalon Industry Inc.US$11.51
Zibo Jiahui Building Ceramics Co. Ltd.US$9.55

Canada Issues Preliminary Injury Determination in AD/CV Investigations of Steel Line Pipe
The Canadian International Trade Tribunal on 24 May issued a preliminary injury determination in its AD and CV investigations of certain welded large diameter carbon and alloy steel line pipe from mainland China. The scope of these investigations covers welded large diameter carbon and alloy steel line pipe with an outside diameter greater than 24 inches (609.6 mm) and less than or equal to 60 inches (1,524 mm), regardless of wall thickness, length, surface finish (coated or uncoated), end finish (plain end or bevelled end), or stencilling and certification (including multiple-stencilled/multiple-certified line pipe for oil and gas transmission and other applications), classified under HTSCA 7305.11.0021, 7305.11.0029, 7305.12.0020, 7305.19.0021 and 7305.19.0029. The Canada Border Services Agency is expected to issue its preliminary determination by 22 June.

Mexico Begins Sunset Review of AD Duty Order on Certain Steel Pipe
Mexico has initiated a sunset review of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese mushrooms of the genus Agaricus classified under HTSMX 2003.10.01. This order has been in place since May 2006 and currently imposes a minimum value of US$2.05/kg on imports of subject mushrooms, subject to a maximum specific duty of US$1.1891/kg for subject merchandise from Calkins Limited and US$0.6121/kg for subject merchandise from all other companies. Interested parties have 28 business days from 16 May to submit the official form for the investigation and any arguments thereof.

Colombia Issues AD Duty Order on Iron and Steel Wire

Colombia’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism has issued an AD duty order on mainland Chinese iron and steel wire, of circular cross section measuring less than 14 mm in diameter, with a carbon content lower than 0.45 percent by weight, classified under HTSCO 7213.91.9010, 7213.91.1010, 7227.90.0011 and 7227.90.0090. The ministry decided to establish for a period of five years a minimum FOB price of US$419 per tonne on subject merchandise. While imports of lower-valued items are allowed, importers are required to guarantee payment of the difference in each of those circumstances. The ministry also determined not to accept a price undertaking submitted by the China Iron and Steel Association.

Brazil Amends Terms of Price Agreement for Imported Citric Acid and Certain Citrate Salts
Brazil on 25 July 2012 issued an AD duty order on imports of mainland Chinese citric acid and certain citrate salts classified under NCM 2918.14.00 and 2918.15.00. The order established an AD duty of US$835.32/tonne or US$861.50/tonne, depending on the exporter. In addition, imports of subject merchandise produced by COFCO Biochemical (Anhui) Co. Ltd., Anhui BBCA Maanshan Biochemical Co., RZBC Co. Ltd. and RZBC (Juxian) Co. Ltd. and exported by those companies or via the trading company RZBC Import & Export Co. Ltd. are subject to a separate price agreement, which is being adjusted every three months. The minimum CIF price under this price agreement was set at US$1,233.69/tonne effective 9 June.

Brazil Issues Results of Anti-Circumvention Probe of Ceramic Tableware

Brazilian authorities recently issued a final determination in yet another anti-circumvention probe of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese ceramic tableware classified under NCM 6911.10.10, 6911.10.90, 6911.90.00 and 6912.00.00. MDIC has determined that import licences should be issued to imports of subject tableware claiming to be produced in Bangladesh by Protik Ceramics Limited.

Brazil Extends Deadline for Final AD Determination on Automotive Safety Glass

Brazilian authorities recently extended for a period of up to eight months, from 11 November 2016 to 11 July 2017, the deadline to issue a final determination in their AD investigation of mainland Chinese tempered and laminated automotive safety glass classified under NCM 7007.11.00, 7007.19.00, 7007.21.00, 7007.29.00 and 8708.29.99.

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