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Miscellaneous Canadian and Latin American AD/CV Actions on Chinese Products

Canada Considers AD/CV Sunset Review of OCTG Pup Joints
The Canadian International Trade Tribunal is seeking comments from interested parties by 8 July on whether it should initiate an expiry review of the AD and CV duty orders on mainland Chinese oil country tubular goods pup joints made of carbon or alloy steel, welded or seamless, heat-treated or not heat‑treated, regardless of end finish, having an outside diameter from 2.375 inches to 4.5 inches (60.3 mm to 114.3 mm), in all grades, in lengths from two to 12 feet (61 cm to 366 cm), excluding casing pup joints, classified under HTSCA 7304.29.0051, 7304.29.0059, 7304.29.0061, 7304.29.0069, 7304.29.0071 and 7304.29.0079.

The CITT will only initiate a review if it determines that there is sufficient information for such a review to be performed. If a review is not initiated, the order will be allowed to expire as scheduled on 9 April 2017. Submissions may address such issues as the likelihood of continued or resumed dumping and subsidising of the goods, the likely volume and price ranges of dumped and subsidised imports if dumping and subsidising were to continue or resume, the domestic industry’s recent performance, including trends in production, sales, market share, domestic prices, costs and profits, and the likelihood of injury to the domestic industry if the order were allowed to expire. The CITT will issue a decision on 2 August on whether an expiry review is warranted.

Canada Makes Preliminary Affirmative AD/CV Determinations on Large Line Pipe
The Canada Border Services Agency on 22 June made preliminary affirmative determinations in its AD and CV investigations of certain mainland Chinese welded large diameter carbon and alloy steel line pipe classified under HTSCA 7305.11.0021, 7305.11.0029, 7305.12.0020, 7305.19.0021 and 7305.19.0029. As a result of this decision, the CBSA will preliminarily assess AD and CV duties on all appropriate entries using the rates shown below.

ExporterEstimated Margin
of Dumping
Estimated Amount
of Subsidy
Total Provisional
Duty Payable

The CITT has initiated the final phase of its injury investigation to determine whether the dumping and subsidisation of the above-mentioned merchandise has caused injury or retardation or is threatening to cause injury to the domestic industry. A public hearing in this investigation will be held on 19 September and a final determination is expected by 20 October. Interested parties may also file product exclusion requests with the CITT by 18 August.

Brazil Issues AD Duty Order on Coated PVC
Brazil’s Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade (MDIC) has issued a final affirmative determination in its AD investigation of mainland Chinese polyvinyl chloride with coated textile reinforcement on both sides classified under NCM 3921.90.19. As a result, MDIC has established for a period of five years the AD measures shown in the table below.

Producer / ExporterAverage-Weighted
Dumping Margin
Haining Fuxing Compound New Material Co. Ltd.US$2.31/tonne
Shanghai Nar Industrial Co. Ltd.US$2.15/tonne
Zhejiang Ganglong New Material Co. Ltd.US$2.16/tonne
Zhejiang Hailide New Material Co. Ltd.US$2.02/tonne
Casio Electronics Shenzhen Co. Ltd., Ellevision Inc., Fujian Sijia Industrial Material Co. Ltd., Goldensign International Technology Co. Ltd., Haining Bloom Advance Tarpaulin Material Co. Ltd., Haining Flex Trading Co. Ltd., Haining Hongyuan Technical Textiles Co. Ltd., Haining Jinda Coating Co. Ltd., Haining Ruifeng Plastic Co. Ltd., Hangzhou Daily Houseware Products Co. Ltd., Hangzhou H.D.L. New Material Co. Ltd., Hangzhou Hongze New Material Co. Ltd., Hangzhou Soyang Technologies Co. Ltd., Haning Huazhiyang Home Textile Co. Ltd., Hdl Corp Hangzhou Haidelong Import And Export Co. Ltd., Hebei Runlin International Trading Ltd., Hebei Yuxin Industry & Trade Co. Ltd., Heytex Technical Textiles (Zhangjiagang) Co. Ltd., Hf Industrial Limited, Hua De Sock Industry Co. Ltd., Ji Angsu Dahai Plastic Co. Ltd., Jiangyin City Jewei Plastic Co Ltd., Jiangyin Nanwei International Trade Co. Ltd., Kr Flex Industrial Co. Ltd., Ningbo Yinzhou Sicol Sign Materials Co. Ltd., Ningbo Yuanyuan Co. Ltd., Oriency Sign Technology Industry Co. Ltd., Prime Sign International Limited, Qianhong Ad. Material Co. Ltd., S&D Industry Co. Ltd., Shanghai Foreign Trade Enterprises Pudong Co. Ltd., Shanghai Asianen Export And Import Co. Ltd., Shanghai Jahwa Import & Export Co. Ltd., Shanghai Lanquan Plastic Products Co. Ltd., Shanghai Textile Raw Materials Corporation, Shanghai Unisign Industrial Material Co. Ltd., Shaoxing Zhanzhan Import And Export Co. Ltd., Signstar International Industrial Limited, Suntarget New Material Ltd., Tongxiang Saier Import & Export Co. Ltd., Tongxiang Zhenxing Industrial Fabric Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Wisdom Hero Industry Co. Ltd., Wonpoong China (Zhejiang) Specialty Textiles Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Botai Plastic Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Hongshida New Material Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Huasheng Warpknitting New Materials Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Huifeng Import & Export Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Huifeng New Materials Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Jinda New Material Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Liyuan Digital Technological Materials Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Minglong Import & Export Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Minglong Plastic Cement Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Msd New Material Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Msd Trade Co. Ltd., Zhejiang S&F Foreign Trade Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Tianxing Technical Textiles Co. Ltd. and Zhejiang Yuli Plastic Co. Ltd.US$2.12/tonne

Brazil Issues Preliminary Negative AD Determination on Certain Steel Flat Bars
Brazil has issued a preliminary negative determination in its AD investigation of certain alloy steel flat bars, other than of high-speed steel, of a thickness of at least 4.5 mm but not more than 60 mm and a width of at least 50 mm but not more than 150 mm, classified under NCM 7228.30.00, from mainland China. Brazilian authorities preliminarily determined that there is no causal link between dumped imports of subject merchandise and injury to a domestic industry. Accordingly, Brazil will proceed to the final phase of this investigation without the imposition of any preliminary measures.

Brazil Rescinds AD Duty Order on Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate
MDIC has rescinded the AD duty order on certain mainland Chinese polymeric diphenylmethane diisocyanate classified under NCM 3909.30.20. Brazilian authorities suspended the application of this order for the one-year period beginning 7 May 2015 and have now decided to terminate the order effective 7 May 2016. Imports of subject merchandise had been subject to an AD duty of US$619.27/tonne or US$1,079.68/tonne since October 2012.

Brazil Preliminarily Finds Dumping on Automotive Safety Glass
CAMEX on 24 June issued a preliminary affirmative determination in its AD investigation of mainland Chinese tempered and laminated automotive safety glass classified under NCM 7007.11.00, 7007.19.00, 7007.21.00, 7007.29.00 and 8708.29.99. CAMEX has established the following AD duties on subject merchandise for a period of six months. Excluded from the scope of this investigation are: (i) armoured glass; (ii) tempered and laminated glass for motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, tricycles, tractors and certain other vehicles; and (iii) electric sunroofs for automobiles and light-duty commercial vehicles.

Producer / ExporterAverage-Weighted
Dumping Margin
BSG Auto Glass Co. Ltd.US$983.46/tonne
Fuyao (Fujian) Bus Glass Co. Ltd., Fuyao Fujian Glass Encapsulation Co., Fuyao Group Shanghai Automobile Glass Co. Ltd., Fujian Wanda Automobile Glass Industry Co. Ltd. and Guangzhou Fuyao Glass Co. Ltd.US$310.33/tonne
Dongguang Benson Automobile Glass Co. Ltd., Saint Gobain Hanglas Sekurit (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., Shenzen Benson Automobile Glass Co. Ltd. and Xinyi Automobile Glass (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.US$2,485.22/tonne
Companies identified in Annex II of CAMEX Resolution 52/2016US$2,262.25/tonne

Brazil Imposes AD Duties on Two Exporters of Citric Acid and Certain Citrate Salts
Brazil on 25 July 2012 issued an AD duty order on imports of mainland Chinese citric acid and certain citrate salts classified under NCM 2918.14.00 and 2918.15.00. The order established an AD duty of US$835.32/tonne or US$861.50/tonne, depending on the exporter. In addition, imports of subject merchandise produced by COFCO Biochemical (Anhui) Co. Ltd., Anhui BBCA Maanshan Biochemical Co., RZBC Co. Ltd., TTCA Co. Ltd. and Weifang Ensign Industry Co. Ltd. and exported by those companies or RZBC Import & Export Co. Ltd., Natiprol Lianyungang Corporation and Wenda Co. Ltd. were subject to a separate price agreement. Brazilian authorities subsequently recently rescinded this price agreement with respect to imports from Natiprol Lianyungang Corporation and Wenda Co. Ltd., which are now subject to an AD duty of US$835.32/tonne. In addition, MDIC recently assigned an AD duty of US$803.61/tonne on imports of subject merchandise produced and exported by TTCA Co. Ltd. as well as an AD duty of US$823.04/tonne on imports of subject merchandise produced and exported by Weifang Ensign Industry Co. Ltd.

Brazil Begins Scope Review of AD Duty Order on Footwear
Brazilian authorities have initiated a review to determine whether certain footwear used in kart racing falls within the scope of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese footwear classified under headings 6402 through 6405, with the exception of footwear classified under NCM 6402.12.00, 6402.20.00, 6403.12.00 and

Brazil Amends Anti-Circumvention Measure on Certain Knitted Fabric
Brazil in February 2016 extended for an additional five years the AD duty order on mainland Chinese synthetic fibre blankets classified under NCM 6301.40.00. Brazilian authorities also extended the anti-circumvention measures in the form of a 96.6 percent AD duty on mainland Chinese man-made fibre long pile fabric of subheading 6001.10.20 and US$5.22/kg on synthetic fibre blankets classified under NCM 6301.40.00 from Paraguay and Uruguay. Brazil recently expanded the anti-circumvention measure on certain mainland Chinese knitted fabric to include man-made fibre looped pile fabric classified under NCM 6001.92.00.

Argentina Clarifies Scope of AD Duty Order on Iron Pipe Fittings
Argentina has clarified that the scope of the AD duty order on pipe and tube fittings of malleable iron classified under NCM 7307.19.10 and 7307.19.90 from mainland China does not include malleable cast iron pipe fittings, including nodular iron fittings, with an inner diameter of 600 millimetres or greater.

Brazil Issues Results of Anti-Circumvention Probes of Ceramic Tableware
Brazilian authorities recently issued final determinations in three more anti-circumvention probes of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese ceramic tableware classified under NCM 6911.10.10, 6911.10.90, 6911.90.00 and 6912.00.00. MDIC has determined that import licences should not be issued to imports of subject tableware claiming to be produced (1) in Thailand by Artway Co. Ltd., (2) in Indonesia by PT Lucky Indah Keramic, or (3) in Bangladesh by Peoples Ceramic Industries Ltd.

Brazil Issues Results of Anti-Circumvention Probes of Precipitated Silicon Dioxide
Brazilian authorities recently issued final determinations in two anti-circumvention probes of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese precipitated silicon dioxide classified under NCM 2811.22.10. MDIC has determined that import licences should not be issued to imports of subject merchandise claiming to be produced in Malaysia by Sinochem Industry or DLT Group SDN BHD.

Brazil Extends Deadline for Final AD Determination on Agricultural Tyres
Brazilian authorities recently extended for a period of up to eight months, from 21 October 2016 to 21 June 2017, the deadline to issue a final determination in their AD investigation of new rubber tyres of diagonal construction for agricultural or forestry vehicles, implements, harvesters and machinery classified under NCM 4011.61.00, 4011.69.90, 4011.92.10, 4011.92.90, 4011.99.10, 4011.62.00, 4011.63.90 and 4011.93.00 from mainland China.

Brazil Announces Schedule for AD Sunset Review on Table Glassware
Brazilian authorities launched about four months ago a sunset review of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese table glassware classified under NCM 7013.49.00, 7013.28.00 and 7013.37.00. Imports of subject merchandise have been subject to an AD duty of US$1.70/kg since March 2011. The next steps in this proceeding are as follows: closure of evidential phase of investigation (5 September), deadline for data and information contained in the file (26 September), issuance of technical note with essential facts under analysis to be considered in the final determination (11 October), deadline for presentation of final submissions by interested parties and end of instruction phase (31 October), and issuance by DECOM of final determination (14 November).

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