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Miscellaneous Canadian and Latin American AD/CV Actions on Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese Products

Canada Issues Preliminary Injury Determination in AD Probe of Rebar from Hong Kong
The Canadian International Trade Tribunal on 19 October issued a preliminary injury determination in its AD investigation of hot‑rolled deformed steel concrete reinforcing bar in straight lengths or coils, commonly identified as rebar, in various diameters up to and including 56.4 millimetres, in various finishes, excluding plain round bar and fabricated rebar products, classified under HTSCA 7213.10.0000, 7214.20.0000, 7215.90.0090 and 7227.90.0090, from Hong Kong. Also excluded from the scope of this proceeding is 10 mm diameter (10M) rebar produced to meet the requirements of CSA G30 18.09 (or equivalent standards) that is coated to meet the requirements of epoxy standard ASTM A775/A 775M 04a (or equivalent standards), in lengths from one foot (30.48 cm) up to and including eight feet (243.84 cm). The Canada Border Services Agency is expected to issue its preliminary determination by 17 November.

Canada Issues AD/CV Duty Orders on Large Steel Line Pipe
The CITT on 20 October issued a final affirmative injury determination in its AD and CV investigations of certain mainland Chinese welded large diameter carbon and alloy steel line pipe with an outside diameter greater than 24 inches (609.6 mm) and less than or equal to 60 inches (1,524 mm), regardless of wall thickness, length, surface finish (coated or uncoated), end finish (plain end or bevelled end), or stencilling and certification (including multiple-stencilled/multiple-certified line pipe for oil and gas transmission and other applications), classified under HTSCA 7305.11.0021, 7305.11.0029, 7305.12.0020, 7305.19.0021 and 7305.19.0029.

Covered goods include (1) line pipe produced to American Petroleum Institute specification 5L, in grades A25, A, B and X up to and including X100, or equivalent specifications and grades, including specification CSA Z245.1 up to and including grade 690; (2) unfinished line pipe (including pipe that may or may not already be tested, inspected and/or certified to line pipe specifications) originating in mainland China and imported for use in the production or finishing of line pipe meeting final specifications, including outside diameter, grade, wall thickness, length, end finish or surface finish; and (3) non-prime and secondary pipes.

Excluded from this finding are (1) ASME SA 672 or ASME SA 691 electric-fusion welded steel pipe as certified under the ASME “Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code” rules (and stencilled with at least one of the aforementioned standards), of a length not to exceed 15 feet (4.572 m), for use other than in a CSA Z-662 pipeline application and imported with authorised inspection certificates and applicable ASME Partial Data Reports; (2) line pipe, regardless of grade, outside diameter and wall thickness, single stencilled as “DNV‑OS-F101” for exclusive use in offshore applications and marked “For Offshore Applications Only”; (3) submerged arc longitudinal welded line pipe regardless of grade, outside diameter and wall thickness, in lengths of 60 feet (18.288 m), with no girth welds for exclusive use in slurry or tailings piping systems in oil sands projects and marked “For Use as Slurry/Tailings Pipe Only” (use in a pipeline meeting CSA Z-662 or as pressure piping meeting CSA B51 Code is not permitted under this exclusion); and (4) submerged arc longitudinal welded line pipe regardless of outside diameter, wall thickness and length, for exclusive use in high-temperature steam distribution pipelines and marked “For Steam Distribution Only”, certified to meet the requirements of CSA Z662-15 Clause 14 and/or Annex I and certified to have proven fatigue/creep test properties as provided in sections I.2.3.2 and I.3.2.1 of CSA Z662-15 as established by means of a creep test of no less than 10,000 hours carried out in accordance with ASTM E139.

As a result of the CITT’s determination, the CBSA will assess AD and CV duties on all appropriate entries using the rates shown in the table below.


Margin of Dumping Amount of Subsidy

95.0% 30.3% (1,657.11 Renminbi per metric tonne)

Mexico Issues AD Duty Order on Ceramic Wall and Floor Coverings
Mexico’s Ministry of Economy has issued an AD duty order on ceramic wall and floor coverings classified under HTSMX 6907.90.01, 6907.90.02, 6907.90.99, 6908.90.02 and 6908.90.03 from mainland China. Mexico has therefore established the following AD duties on subject merchandise for a period of five years.

Company Average-Weighted
Dumping Margin
Guangdong Bode Fine Building Material Co. Ltd. US$8.30/square metre
Foshan Dongxin Economy and Trade Co. Ltd. US$10.53/square metre
Foshan Gaoming Yaju Ceramics Co. Ltd. US$11.49/square metre
Guangdong Kito Ceramics Co. Ltd. US$9.32/square metre
Eagle Brand Ceramics Industrial (Heyuan) Co. Ltd. US$9.35/square metre
Foshan Huashengchang Ceramic Co. Ltd. US$5.75/square metre
Sihui Jiefeng Decoration Materials Co. Ltd. US$12.42/square metre
Jingdezhen Kito Ceramics Co. Ltd.  US$10.30/square metre
Foshan Jinyi Ceramic Co. Ltd. US$7.37/square metre
Foshan Junjing Industrial Co. Ltd.  US$8.70/square metre
Foshan Lihua Ceramic Co. Ltd. US$11.73/square metre
Qingyuan Nafuna Ceramic Co. Ltd. US$8.92/square metre
Guangdong Overland Ceramics Co. Ltd.  US$6.63/square metre
Foshan Pioneer Ceramic Co. Ltd.  US$10.04/square metre
Heyuan Romantic Ceramics Co. Ltd.  US$12.13/square metre
Jingdezhen Shengya Ceramic Co. Ltd. US$8.94/square metre
Foshan Shiwan Eagle Brand Ceramics Co. Ltd. US$8.49/square metre
Guangdong Winto Ceramics Co. Ltd. US$2.90/square metre
Yekalon Industry Inc. US$11.51/square metre
Zibo Jiahui Building Ceramics Co. Ltd. US$9.55/square metre
China-wide US$12.42/square metre

Mexico has also accepted a price undertaking with respect to imports to subject merchandise from 228 mainland Chinese companies, subject to a minimum FOB price at the mainland Chinese port of shipment of US$6.72 per square metre as well as a minimum CIF price at the port of destination in Mexico of US$8.40 per square metre. These prices must not include discounts, rebates, refunds or any other benefits provided to clients directly or indirectly that are related to the sale of the product subject to the price undertaking.

Argentina Begins AD Probe of Steel Cutlery with Plastic/Wooden Handles
Argentina recently initiated an AD investigation of mainland Chinese stainless steel fixed-blade table knives, forks and spoons with a plastic or wooden handle, including those presented in sets, classified under NCM 8211.10.00, 8211.91.00, 8215.20.00 and 8215.99.10. Argentinean Customs will begin requiring certificates of origin for subject merchandise from 24 January 2017. It is worth mentioning that Argentina already has an AD duty order in place on mainland Chinese stainless steel cutlery but that measure is limited to items made entirely of steel.

Chile Adopts Provisional AD Duty on Steel Wire Rod
Chile has established through Exempt Decree 370/2016 a provisional duty of 40.6 percent in its AD probe of Trefilar, Drawing, Normal and Mesh Quality steel wire rod of circular cross section measuring less than 16 millimetres in diameter classified under classified under HTSCL 7213.2000, 7213.9110, 7213.9120, 7213.9190, 7213.9900, 7227.1000, 7227.2000 and 7227.9000 from mainland China. Excluded from the scope of this proceeding are CHQ quality wire rod and hot-rolled alloy steel wire rod in coils with indentations, ribs, grooves or other deformations of subheading 7227.90. The provisional measure will be in place for a period of four months.

Argentina Terminates AD Investigation on Load Cells
Argentina has terminated without the imposition of any measures its AD duty investigation on load cells classified under NCM 9031.80.60.100 and 9031.80.60.900 from mainland China. Among other things, Argentinean authorities determined that the imposition of an AD measure on subject merchandise would have a negative impact on domestic production of scales and load cells.

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