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Miscellaneous Canadian and Latin American AD/CV Actions on Mainland Chinese Products

Colombia Launches New AD Probe on Steel Wire and Cables
Colombia has initiated an AD investigation of galvanised steel stranded wire, pre-stressed concrete steel stranded wire, and steel cables classified under HTSCO 7312.10.9000 from mainland China. Parties wishing to participate in this proceeding must make themselves known to the relevant authorities by 3 November.

Argentina Preliminarily Finds Dumping on Food Processors
Argentina has issued a preliminary affirmative determination in its AD probe of mainland Chinese manual multi-function food processors incorporating interchangeable accessories, hand mixers whether or not incorporating any accessories and blenders classified under NCM 8509.40.50, 8509.40.20 and 8509.40.10. Imports of subject merchandise will be subject to a provisional AD duty of 105.10 percent for a period of six months from 9 October.

Brazil Renews AD Duty Order on Citric Acid
Brazil has renewed the AD duty order on citric acid and certain citrate salts classified under NCM 2918.14.00 and 2918.15.00 from mainland China, setting dumping margins of US$835.32 or US$861.50 per tonne. In addition, a price undertaking will continue to apply with respect subject merchandise produced by COFCO Biochemical (Anhui), COFCO Biochemical (Maanshan) Co. Ltd. and RZBC (Juxian) Co. Ltd. and exported by these companies or RZBC Import & Export.

Colombia Renews AD Duty Order on Aluminium Profiles
Colombia has renewed for a period of three years its AD duty order on extruded aluminium profiles classified under HTSCO 7604.21.00.00, 7604.29.10.00, 7604.29.20.00, 7608.10.90.00, and 7608.20.00.00 from mainland China, except for PE – AL – PE and PEX –AL – PEX tubes classified under HTSCO 7608.10.9000 for use in the hydraulic and gas grids. As a result, imports of subject merchandise will be subject to a minimum FOB price of US$3.60/kg.

Canada Issues Preliminary Determination in AD/CV Investigations of PET Resin
On 17 October, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal issued a preliminary injury determination in its AD and CV investigations of mainland Chinese polyethylene terephthalate resin having an intrinsic viscosity of at least 0.70 decilitres per gram but not more than 0.88 decilitres per gram, including PET resin that contains various additives introduced in the manufacturing process, as well as blends of virgin PET resin and recycled PET containing 50 percent or more virgin PET resin content by weight, classified under HTSCA 3907.61.0000, 3907.69.0010 and 3907.69.0090. The Canada Border Services Agency is expected to issue its preliminary determination by 16 November.

Colombia Extends Deadlines for Preliminary AD Determinations on Denim Fabric and Iron and Steel Profiles
Colombia has extended until 9 November and 16 November, respectively, the deadlines to issue preliminary determinations in the on-going AD probes of mainland Chinese (1) iron and steel profiles, whether or not alloyed, in L and U sections, hot-rolled or extruded, classified under HTSCO 7216.21.0000, 7216.10.0000 and 7228.70.0000; and (2) cotton woven denim fabrics and certain other cotton woven fabrics classified under HTSCO 5209.42.0000, 5209.49.0000, 5211.42.0000 and 5211.49.0000.

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