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Miscellaneous Canadian and Latin American AD/CV Actions on Mainland Chinese Products

Argentina Begins AD Probe of Pliers
Argentina recently initiated an AD duty investigation of hand-held pliers made from common metals classified under NCM 8203.20.90 from mainland China. Argentinean Customs will begin requiring certificates of origin for subject merchandise from 1 June.

Mexico Issues AD Duty Order on Certain Steel Tubes
Mexico has issued an AD duty order on certain mainland Chinese carbon steel and alloy steel tubes of circular, square and rectangular cross section classified under HTSMX 7306.19.99, 7306.30.01, 7306.30.99 and 7306.61.01. Accordingly, imports of subject merchandise will be subject to the following measures for the next five years.

Company AD Duty
Huludao City Steel Pipe Industrial Co. Ltd. US$0.356/kg
Tianjin Huilitong Steel Tube Co. Ltd. US$0.506/kg
Tianjin United Steel Pipe Co. Ltd. US$0.537/kg
All other companies US$0.618/kg

Mexico Preliminarily Finds Dumping on Micro Welding Wire

Mexico recently established a preliminary AD duty of US$0.54/kg in its AD investigation of micro welding wire classified under HTSMX 7229.20.01, 7229.90.99 and 8311.90.01 from mainland China

Peru Issues AD Duty Order on Slide Fasteners
Peru has issued an AD duty order on slide fasteners and parts thereof classified under HTSPE 9607.11.0000, 9607.19.0000 and 9607.20.0000 from mainland China. As a result, subject merchandise will be subject to the following AD measures for a period of five years. Moreover, AD duties have been imposed retroactively for the period 1 June through 16 August 2017.

Product Company AD Duty Maximum Price
Metal Fasteners Ningbo MH Industry Co. Ltd. US$4.43/kg US$18.3/kg
Metal Fasteners All Other US$4.43/kg US$18.3/kg
Other Fasteners Ningbo MH Industry Co. Ltd. US$1.58/kg US$19.8/kg
Other Fasteners All Other US$1.58/kg US$19.8/kg
Parts of Fasteners Zhejiang Sunhe Zipper Co. Ltd. US$4.07/kg US$11.4/kg
Parts of Fasteners Ningbo MH Industry Co. Ltd. US$1.11/kg US$11.4/kg
Parts of Fasteners All Other US$4.07/kg US$11.4/kg

Canada Renews AD/CV Duty Orders on Steel Plate

The Canadian International Trade Tribunal has issued a final affirmative injury determination in its expiry review of the AD and CV duty orders on mainland Chinese hot-rolled carbon steel plate and high‑strength low-alloy plate not further manufactured than hot-rolled, heat-treated or not, in cut lengths, in widths from 24 inches (+/‑ 610 mm) to 152 inches (+/- 3,860 mm) inclusive, and thicknesses from 0.187 inches (+/‑ 4.75 mm) to 4.0 inches (+/- 101.6 mm) inclusive, but excluding plate for use in the manufacture of pipe and tube (also known as skelp), plate in coil form, plate having a rolled, raised figure at regular intervals on the surface (also known as floor plate), and plate produced to American Society for Testing and Materials specifications A515 and A516M/A516, grade 70 (also known as pressure vessel quality plate) in thicknesses greater than 3.125 inches (+/- 79.3 mm). Imports of subject merchandise are classified under HTSCA 7208.51.0010, 7208.51.0091, 7208.51.0092, 7208.51.0093, 7208.51.0094, 7208.51.0095, 7208.52.0010, 7208.52.0091, 7208.52.0092, 7208.52.0093 and 7208.52.0096. As a result, these orders will be renewed for an additional five years.

Brazil Modifies AD Duty Orders on Car, Bus and Lorry Tyres
Brazil has modified its AD duty orders on mainland Chinese (1) tyres of a kind used on motor cars classified under NCM 4011.10.00 and (2) tyres of a kind used on buses or lorries classified under NCM 4011.20.90 to reflect the change, from Cooper Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Company Ltd. to Prinx Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Company Ltd., in the corporate name of one of the producer/exporters of subject merchandise The dumping margins for this company remain at US$1.54/kg (car tyres) and US$1.42/kg (bus and lorry tyres).

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