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Miscellaneous Canadian and Latin American AD/CV Actions on Mainland Chinese Products

Brazil Renews AD Duty Order on Motorcycle Tyres. Brazil has renewed its AD duty order on mainland Chinese motorcycle tyres classified under NCM 4011.40.00. As a result, imports of subject merchandise will face an AD duty of US$2.18 per kilogramme for the next five years.

Brazil Begins Sunset Reviews on Porcelanate and Float Glass. Brazil has initiated separate sunset reviews of the AD duty orders on mainland Chinese (1) technical porcelanate classified under NCM 6907.21.00, and (2) float glass of a thickness between two and 19 millimetres classified under NCM 7005.29.00. Imports of subject porcelanate are currently subject to an AD measure ranging from US$3.34 to US$6.42 per square metre (certain companies are covered by a price undertaking arrangement), while imports of subject float glass currently face an AD duty ranging from US$179.46 to US$392.55 per tonne.

Canada Considers Sunset Review of AD/CV Duty Orders on OCTG. The Canadian International Trade Tribunal is seeking comments from interested parties by 2 January on whether it should initiate an expiry review of the AD and CV duty orders on mainland Chinese oil country tubular goods classified under HTSCA 7304.29.0031, 7304.29.0039, 7304.29.0041, 7304.29.0049, 7304.29.0051, 7304.29.0059, 7304.29.0061, 7304.29.0069, 7304.29.0071, 7304.29.0079, 7304.39.0060, 7304.59.0050, 7306.29.0011, 7306.29.0019, 7306.29.0021, 7306.29.0029, 7306.29.0031, 7306.29.0039, 7306.29.0061 and 7306.29.0069.

The CITT will only initiate a review if it determines that there is sufficient information for such a review to be performed. If a review is not initiated, the order will be allowed to expire as scheduled on 1 March. Submissions may address such issues as the likelihood of continued or resumed dumping and subsidising of the goods, the likely volume and price ranges of dumped and subsidised imports if dumping and subsidising were to continue or resume, the domestic industry’s recent performance, including trends in production, sales, market share and profits, and the likelihood of injury to the domestic industry if the orders were allowed to expire. The CITT will issue a decision by 5 February on whether an expiry review is warranted.

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