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Miscellaneous Canadian and Latin American AD/CV Actions on Mainland Chinese Products

Argentina Begins AD Probe of Cotton Denim Fabric
Argentina recently initiated an AD duty investigation of certain cotton denim fabric classified under NCM 5208.43.00, 5209.42.10, 5209.42.90, 5209.49.00, 5210.49.10, 5211.42.10, 5211.42.90 and 5211.49.00 from mainland China. Argentinean Customs will begin requiring certificates of origin for subject merchandise from 22 May.

Argentina Rescinds AD Duty Order on Suits and Jackets
Argentina has issued a final negative determination in its sunset and changed circumstances review of the AD duty order on certain mainland Chinese finished or semi-finished men’s and boys’ woven suits, ensembles and suit-type jackets and blazers, excluding ensembles used for medical purposes, classified under NCM 6203.11.00, 6203.12.00, 6203.19.00, 6203.22.00, 6203.23.00, 6203.29.10, 6203.29.90, 6203.31.00, 6203.32.00, 6203.33.00 and 6203.39.00. As a result, this order has been rescinded. Imports of subject merchandise had been subject to a minimum FOB price of US$81.50 per unit since January 2012.

Argentina Issues AD Duty Order on Ceramic Flags and Paving
Argentina has issued an AD duty order on certain ceramic flags and paving classified under NCM 6907.21.00 from mainland China. As a result, subject merchandise will face a 27.7 percent AD duty for a period of five years. Argentinean authorities have also accepted a price undertaking from Foshan Junjing Industrial Co. Ltd. that will require subject merchandise from that company to have a minimum FOB export price of US$11.30 per unit or US$13.80 per unit, depending on the product.

Canada Makes Final Affirmative AD/CV Determinations on PET Resin
The Canada Border Services Agency on 14 February made final affirmative determinations in its AD and CV investigations of certain mainland Chinese polyethylene terephthalate resin classified under HTSCA 3907.61.0000, 3907.69.0010 and 3907.69.0090. If the Canadian International Trade Tribunal issues a final injury determination, the CBSA will assess an AD duty of 30.6 percent as well as a CV duty of 8.7 percent (537 renminbi per metric tonne) on imports of subject merchandise.

Canada Renews AD/CV Duty Orders on Steel Sinks
The CITT has issued a final affirmative injury determination in its expiry review of the AD and CV duty orders on mainland Chinese stainless steel sinks with a single drawn bowl having a volume between 1,600 and 5,000 cubic inches (26,219.30 and 81,935.32 cubic centimetres), or with multiple drawn bowls having a combined volume between 2,200 and 6,800 cubic inches (36,051.54 and 111,432.04 cubic centimetres), excluding sinks fabricated by hand. As a result, these orders will be renewed for an additional five years.

Brazil Amends Terms of Price Agreement for Imported Citric Acid and Certain Citrate Salts
Brazil recently amended the terms of the price agreement for imports of mainland Chinese citric acid and certain citrate salts classified under NCM 2918.14.00 and 2918.15.00 from certain companies. Specifically, the new minimum CIF price under this price agreement has been set at US$1,230.38 per tonne effective 4 March.

Argentina Issues Findings in AD Anti-Circumvention Probes of Tableware and Fasteners
Argentinean authorities have determined that imports of certain porcelain tableware, kitchenware and other articles classified under NCM 6911.10.90 and 6911.90.00 that are exported to Argentina by Thailand’s Royal Porcelain Public Company Limited are not circumventing the AD duty order on subject merchandise from mainland China. A separate determination found that certain slide fasteners and parts thereof classified under NCM 9607.19.00 and 9607.20.00 that are exported to Argentina by Taiwan’s Yueh Shun Industrial Co. Ltd. are not circumventing the AD duty order on subject merchandise from mainland China.

Colombia Considers Price Undertaking in AD Probe of Cotton Woven Fabrics
Colombia is considering a price undertaking offer from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles (CCCT) in the on-going AD duty investigation of mainland Chinese cotton woven denim fabrics and certain other cotton woven fabrics classified under HTSCO 5209.42.0000, 5209.49.0000, 5211.42.0000 and 5211.49.0000. The minimum CIF price under this price agreement would be set at US$4.30/kg.

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