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Miscellaneous Canadian and Latin American AD/CV and Safeguard Actions on Chinese Products

Chile Provisionally Applies Safeguard Duty on Steel Wire Rod
Chile recently initiated a safeguard investigation of steel wire rod classified under HTSCL 7213.20.00, 7213.91.10, 7213.91.20, 7213.91.90, 7227.10.00, 7227.20.00 and 7227.90.00. Chile has also established a provisional safeguard duty of 37.8 percent on imports of subject merchandise from all sources, with the exception of imports from developing countries (in accordance with Article 9.1 of the WTO Agreement on Safeguards) as well as imports from Canada, Mexico and Peru. The provisional duty will be in place for a period no longer than 200 days from 6 October.

Brazil Issues Final Negative Determination in AD Probe of Cuticle Pliers
Brazil has issued a final negative determination in its AD investigation of mainland Chinese cuticle pliers classified under NCM 8214.20.00. According to Brazilian authorities, there was not enough evidence to conclude that imports of subject merchandise sold in Brazil at dumped prices injured or threatened to injure a domestic industry.

Brazil Begins Sunset Review on Magnesium Granules
MDIC has initiated a sunset review of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese magnesium granules classified under NCM 8104.30.00 and 8104.90.00. Imports of subject merchandise have been subject to an AD duty of US$0.99/kg since October 2004.

Brazil Begins Scope Review of AD Duty Order on Footwear
Brazilian authorities have initiated a review to determine whether 47 models of sandals fall within the scope of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese footwear classified under headings 6402 through 6405, with the exception of footwear classified under NCM 6402.12.00, 6402.20.00, 6403.12.00 and A final decision could be issued as early as mid-December.

Brazil Issues Preliminary Affirmative Determination in AD Probe of PET Resin
SECEX has issued a preliminary affirmative determination in its AD probe of PET resin classified under NCM 3907.60.00 from mainland China. SECEX is not recommending the establishment of provisional measures on subject merchandise, however.

Brazil Issues Results of Anti-Circumvention Investigations of Ceramic Tableware
MDIC recently issued final determinations in two additional anti-circumvention investigations of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese ceramic tableware classified under NCM 6911.10.10, 6911.10.90, 6911.90.00 and 6912.00.00. The agency has determined that import licences should not be issued to imports of subject tableware claiming to be produced in Malaysia by Raja Porcelain Co. Ltd. but should be issued to imports of subject tableware claiming to be produced in Bangladesh by FARR Ceramics Ltd.

Argentina Issues AD Duty Order on Electric Ironing Presses
Argentina’s Ministry of Economy and Public Finance has issued an AD duty order on mainland Chinese electric ironing presses weighing no more than 51 kilogrammes classified under NCM 8451.30.99 and 8451.30.91. As a result, imports of subject merchandise will be subject to an AD duty of US$505.21 per unit for a period of five years.

Argentina Renews AD Duty Order on Pipe Fittings
Argentina has renewed for an additional five years the AD duty order on certain carbon steel butt-welded pipe fittings, specifically elbows and tees, classified under NCM 7307.19.20 and 7307.93.00 from mainland China. Argentina has also amended from US$3.94/kg to US$4.67/kg the minimum FOB export price in place on subject merchandise. While imports of lower-valued items are allowed, importers are required to guarantee payment of the difference in each of those circumstances.

Canada Considers Sunset Review of AD Duty Order on Steel Sheet and Strip
The Canadian International Trade Tribunal is seeking comments from interested parties by 13 November on whether it should initiate an expiry review of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese flat hot-rolled carbon and alloy steel sheet and strip, including secondary or non-prime material, in various widths from 0.75 inches (19 mm) and wider, and (i) for product in coil form, in thicknesses from 0.054 inches to 0.625 inches (1.37 mm to 15.875 mm) inclusive, and (ii) for product that is cut to length, in thicknesses from 0.054 inches up to but not including 0.187 inches (1.37 mm up to but not including 4.75 mm), excluding (i) flat-rolled stainless steel sheet and strip and (ii) flat hot-rolled, cut‑to‑length alloy steel products containing no less than 11.5 percent manganese, in thicknesses from 0.12 inches to 0.19 inches (3 mm to 4.75 mm). Subject merchandise is classified under HTSCA 7208.25.0010, 7208.25.0020, 7208.25.0030, 7208.25.0040, 7208.26.0010, 7208.26.0020, 7208.26.0030, 7208.26.0040, 7208.27.0010, 7208.27.0020, 7208.27.0030, 7208.27.0040, 7208.36.0010, 7208.36.0020, 7208.36.0030, 7208.36.0040, 7208.37.0010, 7208.37.0020, 7208.37.0030, 7208.37.0040, 7208.38.0010, 7208.38.0020, 7208.38.0030, 7208.38.0040, 7208.39.0010, 7208.39.0020, 7208.39.0030, 7208.39.0040, 7208.53.0010, 7208.53.0020, 7208.53.0030, 7208.53.0040, 7208.54.0010, 7208.54.0020, 7208.54.0030, 7208.54.0040, 7208.90.0000, 7211.13.0000, 7211.14.0090, 7211.19.0010, 7211.19.0090, 7211.90.0090, 7225.99.0000, 7226.20.0000, 7226.91.0010 and 7226.91.0090.

The CITT will only initiate a review if it determines that there is sufficient information for such a review to be performed. If a review is not initiated, the order will be allowed to expire as scheduled on 14 August 2016. Submissions may address such issues as the likelihood of continued or resumed dumping of the goods, the likely volume and price ranges of dumped imports if dumping were to continue or resume, the domestic industry’s recent performance, including trends in production, sales, market share, domestic prices, costs and profits, and the likelihood of injury to the domestic industry if the order were allowed to expire. The CITT will issue a decision on 8 December on whether an expiry review is warranted.

Canada Issues Preliminary Determination in AD/CV Investigations of Steel Line Pipe
The CITT on 27 October issued a preliminary injury determination in its AD and CV investigations of mainland Chinese carbon and alloy steel line pipe, welded or seamless, having an outside diameter from 2.375 inches (60.3 mm) up to and including 24 inches (609.6 mm), including line pipe meeting or supplied to meet any one or several of API 5L, CSA Z245.1, ISO 3183, ASTM A333, ASTM A106, ASTM A53-B or their equivalents, in all grades, whether or not meeting specifications for other end uses (e.g. single-, dual- or multiple-certified, for use in oil and gas, piling pipe or other applications), and regardless of end finish (plain ends, bevelled ends, threaded ends, or threaded and coupled ends), surface finish (coated or uncoated), wall thickness or length, excluding galvanised line pipe and stainless steel line pipe (containing 10.5 percent or more by weight of chromium), classified under HTSCA 7304.19.0011, 7304.19.0012, 7304.19.0021, 7304.19.0022, 7305.11.0011, 7305.11.0019, 7305.12.0011, 7305.12.0019, 7305.19.0011, 7305.19.0019, 7306.19.0010 and 7306.19.0090. The Canada Border Services Agency is expected to issue its preliminary determination by 26 November.

Canada Completes Review of AD Duty Order on Alloy Steel Sheet and Strip
The CBSA recently concluded its re-investigation of the normal values and export prices of certain mainland Chinese flat hot-rolled carbon and alloy steel sheet and strip classified under HTSCA 208.25.0010, 7208.26.0010, 7208.27.0010, 7208.36.0010, 7208.37.0010, 7208.38.0010, 7208.39.0010, 7208.53.0010, 7208.54.0010, 7208.90.0000, 7211.19.0090, 7226.91.0010, 7208.25.0020, 7208.26.0020, 7208.27.0020, 7208.36.0020, 7208.37.0020, 7208.38.0020, 7208.39.0020, 7208.53.0020, 7208.54.0020, 7211.13.0000, 7211.90.0090, 7226.91.0090, 7208.25.0030, 7208.26.0030, 7208.27.0030, 7208.36.0030, 7208.37.0030, 7208.38.0030, 7208.39.0030, 7208.53.0030, 7208.54.0030, 7211.14.0090, 7225.99.0000, 7208.25.0040, 7208.26.0040, 7208.27.0040, 7208.36.0040, 7208.37.0040, 7208.38.0040, 7208.39.0040, 7208.53.0040, 7208.54.0040, 7211.19.0010 and 7226.20.0000. The agency notes that neither the mainland Chinese steel industry nor the mainland Chinese government co-operated in this investigation. Accordingly, normal values will be determined by advancing the export price of the goods by 77 percent, pursuant to a ministerial specification. Normal values will be effective for the subject goods released from the CBSA on or after 28 October.

Colombia Renews AD Duty Order on Hoes, Pickaxes and Bars
Colombia has renewed for an additional three years the AD duty order on mainland Chinese hoes, pickaxes and bars classified under HTSCO 8201.30.0000. Colombia has also amended the AD measure in place on subject merchandise from a minimum FOB price of US$1.32/kg to a minimum FOB price of US$2.04/kg. While imports of lower-valued items are allowed, importers are required to guarantee payment of the difference in each of those circumstances.

Colombia Confirms AD Duties on Flexible PVC Film and Aluminium Profiles
Colombia recently issued the results of its administrative reviews of the AD duty orders on mainland Chinese (1) flexible PVC film classified under HTSCO 3920.43.00 and 3920.49.00; and (2) extruded aluminium profiles classified under HTSCO 7604.21.00, 7604.29.10, 7604.29.20, 7608.10.90 and 7608.20.00. Colombian authorities have decided not to amend minimum FOB price of US$3.21/kg in place on film containing by weight not less than six percent of plasticizers classified under HTSCO 3920.43.00 or the minimum FOB price of US$3.29/kg in place on film other than that containing by weight not less than six percent of plasticizers classified under HTSCO 3920.49.00. Similarly, the minimum FOB price of US$3.60/kg on mainland Chinese extruded aluminium profiles has been maintained.

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