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Miscellaneous Canadian and Latin American AD/CV and Safeguard Actions on Chinese Products

Chile Launches Safeguard Probe of Steel Nails, Wire and Mesh. Chile recently initiated a safeguard investigation of steel nails, wire and mesh classified under HTSCL 7317.0010, 7317.0090, 7326.2000, 7326.9000, 7210.3000, 7217.1000, 7217.2000, 7217.3000, 7217.9000, 7229.9000, 7312.1010, 7313.0000, 7314.1900, 7314.3100, 7314.3900, 7314.4110, 7314.4190, 7314.4200 and 7314.4900.

Brazil Begins AD Investigations on Agricultural Tyres and Certain Steel Flat Bars. The Brazilian government on 21 December 2015 initiated separate AD investigations of mainland Chinese (1) new rubber tyres of diagonal construction for agricultural or forestry vehicles, implements, harvesters and machinery classified under NCM 4011.61.00, 4011.69.90, 4011.92.10, 4011.92.90, 4011.99.10, 4011.62.00, 4011.63.90 and 4011.93.00; and (2) certain alloy steel flat bars, other than of high-speed steel, of a thickness of at least 4.5 mm but not more than 60 mm and a width of at least 50 mm but not more than 150 mm, classified under NCM 7228.30.00. Brazilian authorities will send questionnaires to any known producers and exporters, which will have 30 days to complete and return them.

Mexico Begins AD Investigation on Certain Corrosion-Resistant Steel Products. Mexico’s Ministry of Economy has initiated an AD investigation of certain mainland Chinese flat-rolled corrosion-resistant steel products classified under HTSMX 7210.30.01, 7210.30.99, 7210.41.01, 7210.41.99, 7210.49.01, 7210.49.02, 7210.49.03, 7210.49.04, 7210.49.99, 7210.61.01, 7210.70.01, 7210.70.99, 7212.20.01, 7212.20.02, 7212.20.99, 7212.30.01, 7212.30.02, 7212.30.99, 7212.40.03, 7212.40.99, 7225.91.01, 7225.92.01, 7226.99.01 and 7226.99.02. These products may also be entered under special tariff lines 9802.00.01, 9802.00.02, 9802.00.03, 9802.00.04, 9802.00.06, 9802.00.07, 9802.00.10, 9802.00.13, 9802.00.15 and 9802.00.19. Certain producers, importers, exporters and the mainland Chinese government will have 23 working days counted five days from the date the applicable notice of investigation is sent to them to submit the official form for this investigation and any arguments thereof. All other interested parties may submit the official form for this investigation no later than 23 working days from 22 December.

Mexico Issues AD Duty Orders on Children’s Bikes, Hot-Rolled Steel Coils, Certain Handles. The Ministry of Economy has established a definitive dumping duty of US$13.12 per unit in its AD investigation of mainland Chinese children’s bicycles classified under HTSMX 8712.00.02. The ministry has also set the following definitive dumping duties in its AD probe of mainland Chinese hot-rolled steel products in coils classified under HTSMX 7208.36.01, 7208.37.01, 7208.38.01, 7208.39.01, 7225.30.02, 7225.30.03 and 7225.30.99. These products are commonly known in the international market as “hot rolled coils,” “hot rolled plate coil,” “hot rolled steel,” “sheet coil” or “hot rolled band.”

  • US$335.60 per metric tonne for imports from Tangshan Iron and Steel Group Co. Ltd.
  • US$354.92 per metric tonne for imports from all other companies

Finally, mainland Chinese steel and zamac handles classified under HTSMX 8302.42.99 and 8302.49.99 will be subject to an AD duty of US$10.21/kg.

Mexico Issues Preliminary Determination in AD Probe of Aluminium Cooking Ware. The Ministry of Economy has established a provisional AD measure of US$4.10/kg (US$3.74/kg for imports from Zhejiang Sanhe Kitchenware Co. Ltd.) on mainland Chinese aluminium cooking ware classified under HTSMX 7615.10.99.

Argentina Renews AD Duty Orders on Footwear and Fasteners. Argentina has renewed for an additional five years the AD duty orders on mainland Chinese (1) footwear classified under NCM 6401.10.00, 6401.92.00, 6401.99.10, 6401.99.90, 6402.19.00, 6402.20.00, 6402.91.10, 6402.91.90, 6402.99.10, 6402.99.90, 6403.19.00, 6403.20.00, 6403.40.00, 6403.51.10, 6403.51.90, 6403.59.10, 6403.59.90, 6403.91.10, 6403.91.90, 6403.99.10, 6403.99.90, 6404.11.00, 6404.19.00, 6404.20.00, 6405.10.10, 6405.10.20, 6405.10.90, 6405.20.00 and 6405.90.00; and (2) zip fastener chains and slides classified under NCM 9607.11.00, 9607.19.00 and 9607.20.00. Imports of subject footwear will continue to be subject to an AD measure in the form of a minimum FOB export value of US$13.38 per pair, while subject fasteners will be subject to an amended AD duty of 257 percent.

Brazil Preliminarily Finds Dumping on Certain Carbon Steel Pipe. DECOM has issued a preliminary affirmative determination in its AD investigation of certain mainland Chinese seamless carbon steel pipe of circular cross section, with an outside diameter not exceeding 374 mm, classified under NCM 7304.31.10, 7304.31.90, 7304.39.10, 7304.39.20 and 7304.39.90. CAMEX will now determine whether to impose provisional measures on subject merchandise.

Certain Sandals Subject to Brazil’s AD Duty Order on Footwear. Brazil has determined that certain sandals made of plastic and other materials, including sandals made by means of an injection moulding process, whose assembly is conducted by assembling different parts, are covered by the AD duty order on mainland Chinese footwear classified under NCM 6402 to 6405, except subheadings 6402.20.00, 6402.12.00, 6403.12.00 and 6403.20.00.

Colombia Terminates AD Probe of Float Glass. Colombia has issued a final negative determination in its AD investigation of certain coloured float glass classified under HTSCO 7005.21.1100 and 7005.21.9000 from mainland China. As a result, this investigation has been terminated without the imposition of any measures.

Brazil Issues Results of Anti-Circumvention Probe of Ceramic Tableware. Brazilian authorities recently issued a final determination in yet another anti-circumvention probe of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese ceramic tableware classified under NCM 6911.10.10, 6911.10.90, 6911.90.00 and 6912.00.00. MDIC has determined that import licences should be issued to imports of subject tableware claiming to be produced in Indonesia by PT. Kedaung Oriental Porcelain Industry – KOPIN.

Brazil Extends Deadlines in AD Probes of Coated PVC and Footwear. MDIC has extended from 23 January to 23 September its deadline to issue a final determination in the AD investigation on mainland Chinese polyvinyl chloride with coated textile reinforcement on both sides classified under NCM 3921.90.19. MDIC has also extended from 2 January to 2 March its deadline for a final determination in the sunset review of the AD duty order on certain mainland Chinese footwear classified under headings 6402 through 6405.

Canada Concludes Review of AD/CV Duty Orders on Casing, Pup Joints and OCTG.
The Canada Border Services Agency has concluded its re-investigation of the normal values, export prices and amounts of subsidy of certain seamless carbon or alloy steel oil and gas well casing, certain oil country tubular goods and certain OCTG pup joints from mainland China. While the mainland Chinese government and exporters in the mainland were welcome to submit information in respect of the domestic steel industry, they did not co-operate in this investigation and only nine producers/exporters from the mainland were co-operative. These exporters have been provided specific normal values but all other exporters will be subject to a China-wide rate of 91 percent for certain seamless casing, 166 percent for certain OCTG and 144 percent for certain pup joints. A number of co-operative exporters also received specific amounts of subsidy but most exporters will be subject to a China-wide rate of 3,381 RMB/MT for certain seamless casing, 4,070 RMB/MT for certain OCTG and 9,126 RMB/MT for certain pup joints.

Argentina Announces Scheduled Expiration of AD Duty Orders on Two Products. Argentinean authorities recently announced the scheduled expiration of the AD duty orders on the following products from mainland China: electric heating apparatus classified under NCM 8516.29.00 (May 2016) and certain fans classified under NCM 8414.51.10, 8414.51.90 and 8414.59.90 (June 2016). Parties seeking a sunset review must submit a request at least three months prior to the date of expiration of the applicable AD duty order.

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