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Miscellaneous Canadian and Latin American Safeguard and AD Actions on Chinese Products

Colombia Imposes Safeguard Measure on Vinyl Chloride Profiles
Colombia has established a safeguard measure in the form of an additional 10 percent duty on vinyl chloride polymer profiles classified under HTSCO 3916.20.0010 from all sources, with the exception of goods entered under a free trade agreement or goods imported under the special Plan Vallejo programme. The safeguard measure will be in place through 9 August 2017.

Argentina Begins AD Probe of Certain Porcelain Flags and Tiles
Argentina recently initiated an AD investigation of certain mainland Chinese glazed porcelain flags and tiles, varnished or enamelled (including polished), for paving or tiling, classified under NCM 6908.90.00. Argentinean Customs will begin requiring certificates of origin for subject merchandise from 11 November.

Mexico Rescinds AD Duty Order on Hydraulic Bottle Jacks
Mexico has issued a final negative determination in its sunset review of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese hydraulic bottle jacks classified under HTSMX 8425.42.02 because it did not find sufficient evidence that the elimination of this measure would result in continued dumping and/or injury to a domestic industry. As a result, the order on subject merchandise has been rescinded.

Canada Renews AD Duty Orders on Steel Sheet and Strip
The Canadian International Trade Tribunal has issued a final affirmative injury determination in its expiry review of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese flat hot-rolled carbon and alloy steel sheet and strip, including secondary or non-prime material, in various widths from 0.75 inches (19 mm) and wider, and (i) for product in coil form, in thicknesses from 0.054 inches to 0.625 inches (1.37 mm to 15.875 mm) inclusive, and (ii) for product that is cut to length, in thicknesses from 0.054 inches up to but not including 0.187 inches (1.37 mm up to but not including 4.75 mm), excluding (i) flat-rolled stainless steel sheet and strip and (ii) flat hot-rolled, cut-to-length alloy steel products containing no less than 11.5 percent manganese, in thicknesses from 0.12 inches to 0.19 inches (3 mm to 4.75 mm). As a result, this order will be renewed for an additional five years. Subject merchandise is classified under HTSCA 7208.25.0010, 7208.25.0020, 7208.25.0030, 7208.25.0040, 7208.26.0010, 7208.26.0020, 7208.26.0030, 7208.26.0040, 7208.27.0010, 7208.27.0020, 7208.27.0030, 7208.27.0040, 7208.36.0010, 7208.36.0020, 7208.36.0030, 7208.36.0040, 7208.37.0010, 7208.37.0020, 7208.37.0030, 7208.37.0040, 7208.38.0010, 7208.38.0020, 7208.38.0030, 7208.38.0040, 7208.39.0010, 7208.39.0020, 7208.39.0030, 7208.39.0040, 7208.53.0010, 7208.53.0020, 7208.53.0030, 7208.53.0040, 7208.54.0010, 7208.54.0020, 7208.54.0030, 7208.54.0040, 7208.90.0000, 7211.13.0000, 7211.14.0090, 7211.19.0010, 7211.19.0090, 7211.90.0090, 7225.99.0000, 7226.20.0000, 7226.91.0010 and 7226.91.0090.

Brazil Launches Anti-Circumvention Probe of Certain Steel Flat-Rolled Products
Brazilian authorities have initiated a proceeding to determine whether certain steel flat-rolled products containing a minimum of 0.05 percent of titanium classified under NCM 7225.40.90 from mainland China are circumventing the AD duty order on certain mainland Chinese iron or non-alloy steel flat-rolled products made using conventional lamination or controlled heat treatment classified under NCM 7208.51.00 and 7208.52.00.

Brazil Amends Terms of Price Agreement for Imported Citric Acid and Certain Citrate Salts
Brazil recently amended the terms of the price agreement for imports of mainland Chinese citric acid and certain citrate salts classified under NCM 2918.14.00 and 2918.15.00 from certain companies. Specifically, the minimum CIF price under this price agreement was set at US$1,361.97/tonne effective 7 September.

Brazil Announces Schedule for AD Probe of Automotive Safety Glass
Brazilian authorities recently announced the schedule for the final phase of the AD investigation of mainland Chinese tempered and laminated automotive safety glass classified under NCM 7007.11.00, 7007.19.00, 7007.21.00, 7007.29.00 and 8708.29.99. The next steps in this proceeding are as follows: closure of evidential phase of investigation (10 November), deadline for data and information contained in the file (30 November), issuance of technical note with essential facts under analysis to be considered in the final determination (12 December), deadline for presentation of final submissions by interested parties and end of instruction phase (2 January 2017), and issuance by DECOM of final determination (12 January 2017).

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