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Miscellaneous Latin American AD Actions on Mainland Chinese Products

Brazil Issues AD Duty Order on Agricultural Tyres
Brazil’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Services (MDIC) has issued a final affirmative determination in its AD investigation of mainland Chinese agricultural tyres classified under NCM 4011.61.00, 4011.69.90, 4011.92.10, 4011.92.90, 4011.99.10, 4011.62.00, 4011.63.90 and 4011.93.00. As a result, MDIC has established for a period of five years the AD measures shown in the table below. Excluded from this measure are tyres of radial construction for passenger vehicles, lorries, golf carts, Gator vehicles and mining equipment.

Producer / ExporterAverage-Weighted Dumping Margin
Guizhou Tyre Co. Ltd./ Guizhou Tyre Import and Export Co. Ltd.US$858.34/tonne
Qingdao Aonuo Tire Co. Ltd.US$2,028.06/tonne
Qingdao Qihang Tyre Co. Ltd.US$307.09/tonne
Zhongce Rubber Group Co. Ltd.US$1,446.61/tonne
Aeolus Tyres Co. Ltd., Carlisle (Meizhou) Rubber Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Cheng Shin Rubber (Xiamen) Ind. Ltd., Chonche Auto Double Happiness Tyre Corp Ltd., Daytona International Limited, Gaomi Kaixuan Tyre Co. Limited, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Hongqi Friction Material Co. Ltd., Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co. Ltd., Hf Industrial Limited, L-Guard Tires Corporation, Qingdao Au-Shine Group Co. Limited, Qingdao Golden Pegasus Industrial Trading Co. Limited, Qingdao Honesty Best Goods Co. Limited, Qingdao Honghua Tyre Factory, Qingdao Koowai Tyre Co. Ltd., Qingdao Marcher Rubber Co. Ltd., Qingdao Odyking Tyre Co. Ltd., Qingdao Power Peak Tyre Co. Ltd., Qingdao Qizhou Rubber Co. Ltd., Qingdao Taihao Tyre Co. Ltd., Qingdao Touran Co. Ltd., Qingdao Wangyu Rubber Co. Ltd., Shandong Deruibao Tire Co. Ltd., Shandong Hawk International Rubber Industry Co. Ltd., Shandong Huifeng Tyre Make Co. Ltd., Shandong Linglong Tyre Co. Ltd., Shandong Luhe Group Co. Ltd., Shandong Taishan Tyre Co. Ltd., Shandong Xindga Tyre Co. Ltd., Shandong Zhentai Group Co. Ltd., Simerx China Limited, Sunset S.A. Comercial Industrial y de Servicios, Taian Wecan Machinery Co. Ltd., Tianjin United Tire & Rubber Intl Co. Ltd., Trelleborg Wheel Systems (Xingtai) Co., Triangle Tyre Co. Ltd., Weifang Jintongda Tyre Co. Ltd., Weihai Zhongwei Rubber Co. Limited, Xin Bei International Co. Ltd., Xuzhou Xugong Tyres Co. Ltd., Yantai Wanlei Rubber Tyre Co. Ltd.US$624.32/tonne

Brazil Issues AD Duty Order on Automotive Safety Glass

MDIC has issued a final affirmative determination in its AD investigation of mainland Chinese tempered and laminated automotive safety glass classified under NCM 7007.11.00, 7007.19.00, 7007.21.00, 7007.29.00 and 8708.29.99. As a result, MDIC has established for a period of five years the AD measures shown in the table below. Excluded from the scope of this investigation are: (i) armoured glass; (ii) tempered and laminated glass for motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, tricycles, tractors and certain other vehicles; and (iii) electric sunroofs for automobiles and light-duty commercial vehicles.

Producer / ExporterAverage-Weighted Dumping Margin
BSG Auto Glass Co. Ltd.US$1,948.50/tonne
Fuyao (Fujian) Bus Glass Co. Ltd., Fuyao Fujian Glass Encapsulation Co., Fuyao Glass (Chongqing) Fittings Co. Ltd., Fuyao Glass (Hubei) Co. Ltd., Fuyao Group Beijing Futong Safety Glass Co. Ltd., Fuyao Group Changchun Ltd., Fuyao Group Shanghai Automobile Glass Co. Ltd., Fuyao Group (Shenyang) Automotive Glass Co. Ltd., Fujian Wanda Automobile Glass Industry Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Fuyao Glass Co. Ltd., Shanghai Fuyao Bus Glass Co. Ltd. and Zhengzhou Fuyao Glass Co. Ltd.US$475.15/tonne
Dongguang Benson Automobile Glass Co. Ltd., Xinyi Automobile Glass (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. and Shenzen Benson Automobile Glass Co. Ltd.US$2,593.76/tonne
Saint Gobain Hanglas Sekurit (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.US$2,761.35/tonne
Companies identified in Annex II of CAMEX Resolution 5/2017US$1,601.07/tonne

Brazil Renews AD Duty Order on Knitted Fabric of Viscose Fibres

Brazil has extended for an additional five years the AD duty order in place on mainland Chinese knitted fabric of viscose fibres, whether or not incorporating elastane, classified under NCM 6004.10.41, 6004.10.42, 6004.10.43, 6004.10.44, 6004.90.40, 6006.41.00, 6006.42.00, 6006.43.00 and 6006.44.00. Accordingly, imports of subject merchandise will continue to face an AD duty of US$4.10/kg.

Brazil Issues Results of Anti-Circumvention Probe of Certain Steel Flat-Rolled Products
Brazilian authorities recently issued a final determination in an anti-circumvention probe of certain mainland Chinese iron or non-alloy steel flat-rolled products made using conventional lamination or controlled heat treatment classified under NCM 7208.51.00 and 7208.52.00. MDIC determined that imports of certain steel flat-rolled products containing a minimum of 0.05 percent of titanium classified under NCM 7225.40.90 from mainland China are circumventing the AD duty order on subject merchandise and has imposed an AD duty of US$211.56 per tonne on these products.

Brazil Denies Appeal in AD Probe of PET Resin
Brazilian authorities have rejected a motion by two Brazilian companies for CAMEX to reconsider its November 2016 final affirmative determination in the AD probe of polyethylene terephthalate resin with an intrinsic viscosity between 0.7 and 0.88 dl/g, classified under NCM 3907.60.00 from mainland China and three other sources.

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