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Miscellaneous Latin American AD Actions on Mainland Chinese Products

Mexico Issues AD Duty Order on Corrosion-Resistant Steel Products
Mexico’s Ministry of Economy has issued an AD duty order on certain mainland Chinese flat-rolled corrosion-resistant steel products classified under HTSMX 7210.30.01, 7210.30.99, 7210.41.01, 7210.41.99, 7210.49.01, 7210.49.02, 7210.49.03, 7210.49.04, 7210.49.99, 7210.61.01, 7210.70.01, 7210.70.99, 7212.20.01, 7212.20.02, 7212.20.99, 7212.30.01, 7212.30.02, 7212.30.99, 7212.40.03, 7212.40.99, 7225.91.01, 7225.92.01, 7226.99.01 and 7226.99.02. These products may also be entered under special tariff lines 9802.00.01, 9802.00.02, 9802.00.03, 9802.00.04, 9802.00.06, 9802.00.07, 9802.00.10, 9802.00.13, 9802.00.15 and 9802.00.19. Accordingly, imports of subject merchandise will be subject to the following AD duties for a period of five years.

CompanyAD Duty
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.22.22%
Beijing Shougang Cold Rolling Co. Ltd.22.26%
Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.22.26%
Tangshan Iron & Steel Group Co. Ltd.22.26%

Brazil Issues Preliminary Affirmative Determination in AD Sunset Review of Citric Acid

DECOM has preliminarily determined that the revocation of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese citric acid and certain citrate salts classified under NCM 2918.14.00 and 2918.15.00 would likely lead to continuation or recurrence of material injury to an industry in Brazil within a reasonably foreseeable time. Accordingly, DECOM has recommended that the sunset review on subject merchandise proceed to its final phase and that the current AD duties be maintained.

Argentina Begins Sunset and Changed Circumstances Review of AD Duty Order on Coated Paper
Argentina has initiated a sunset and changed circumstances review of the AD duty order on certain coated paper classified under NCM 4810.13.89, 4810.13.90, 4810.19.89 and 4810.19.90 from mainland China. Imports of subject merchandise have been subject to an AD duty of 39.59 percent since June 2012.

Argentina’s AD Probe of Aluminium Alloy Road Wheels Moves Forward
Argentina has decided to proceed to the final phase of its AD investigation of mainland Chinese aluminium alloy road wheels with a diameter between 355.6 mm (14 inches) and 457.2 mm (18 inches), without a tyre, of the kind used in motor vehicles of heading 8703, classified under NCM 8708.70.90. No preliminary measures have been imposed, however.

Brazil Extends Deadline for Final Determination in AD Sunset on Certain Steel Line Pipe
Brazilian authorities have extended for a period of up to two months, from 8 July to 8 September, the deadline to issue a final determination in their sunset review of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese seamless carbon steel line pipe of a kind used for oil or gas pipelines, having an outside diameter not exceeding five inches (141.3 millimetres), classified under NCM 7304.19.00.

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