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Miscellaneous Latin American AD Actions on Mainland Chinese Products

Argentina Begins AD Anti-Circumvention Review of Heating Apparatus. Argentina has initiated a proceeding to determine whether imports of certain electric heating apparatus for household use classified under NCM 8516.29.00 and declared as originating in Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Vietnam are circumventing the AD duty order on subject merchandise from mainland China.

Argentina Issues Results of AD Anti-Circumvention Review of Sunglasses. Argentina has determined that imports of certain sunglasses classified under NCM 9004.10.00 that are produced by Taiwan’s HWA Weei Optical Co. Ltd., exported to Argentina by Taiwan’s Hyperstar Enterprise Co. Ltd. and imported into Argentina by Shimano Latin America Rep. Com. Ltda. are not circumventing the AD duty order on subject merchandise from mainland China.

Argentina Issues Results of AD Anti-Circumvention Probe of Ceramic Tableware. Argentina has determined that imports of certain ceramic tableware classified under NCM 6911.10.10 that is produced and exported to Argentina by Indonesia’s Kedaung Oriental Porcelain Industry and imported into Argentina by Falabella S.A. is not circumventing the AD duty order on subject merchandise from mainland China.

Brazil Announces Scheduled Expiration of Various AD Duty Orders. Brazil recently announced that the AD duty orders on the following products from mainland China are scheduled to expire within the next year. Parties wishing to request a sunset review of any of these orders must submit such a request to Brazilian authorities at least four months prior to the scheduled expiration date. If a proper request is submitted by the required deadline, Brazil will launch a sunset review of the order in question, which may result in the renewal (in its current or an amended form) or termination of the order.

  • certain graphite electrodes classified under NCM 8545.11.00 and 3801.10.00 – 30 January 2020 expiration date
  • grooved copper tubes classified under NCM 7411.10.90 – 5 March 2020 expiration date
  • pre-sensitised offset aluminium printing plate classified under NCM 3701.30.21 and 3701.30.31 – 5 March 2020 expiration date
  • adipic acid classified under NCM 2917.12.10 – 1 April 2020 expiration date
  • plastic tubes for the collection of blood in a vacuum, classified under NCM 3822.00.90, 3926.90.40 and 9018.39.99 – 30 April 2020 expiration date
  • ring-shaped ferrite magnets classified under NCM 8505.19.10 – 4 May 2020 expiration date
  • certain tyres of a kind used on buses or lorries classified under NCM 4011.20.90 – 4 May 2020 expiration date
  • PET film classified under NCM 3920.62.19, 3920.62.91 and 3920.62.99 – 22 May 2020 expiration date
  • disposable and sterile hypodermic plastic syringes, with or without needles, of a volume ranging from one cubic centimetre to 60 cc, classified under NCM 9018.31.11 and 9018.31.19 – 22 June 2020 expiration date

Brazil Extends Deadline to Conclude AD Sunset Review on Nylon Yarn. Brazilian authorities recently extended for a period of up to two months, from 24 October, the deadline to issue final results in the on-going AD sunset review on mainland Chinese nylon filament yarn classified under NCM 5402.31.11, 5402.31.19 and 5402.45.20. The next steps in this proceeding are as follows: issuance by SDCOM of  preliminary determination (29 August), closure of evidential phase of investigation (19 September), deadline for data and information contained in the file (9 October), issuance of technical note with essential facts under analysis to be considered in the final determination (30 October), deadline for presentation of final submissions by interested parties and end of instruction phase (19 November), and issuance by SDCOM of final determination (4 December).

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