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USITC Notices

New AD/CV Probes of Quartz Surface Products
The USITC has initiated the preliminary phase of AD and CV injury investigations of quartz surface products classified under HTSUS 6810.99.0010, 6802.91, 6802.93, 6810.11.0010, 6810.11.0070, 6810.19.1200, 6810.19.1400, 6810.19.5000, 6810.91.0000, 6810.99.0080, 6815.91.0070, 2506.10.0010, 2506.10.0050, 2506.10.2000, 2506.20.0010, 2506.20.0080, 2506.20.9000, 2515.11.0000, 2516.12.0000, 2515.12.1000, 2515.12.2000, 2515.12.9000, 2516.11.0000, 2516.12.0000, 2516.20.1000, 2517.41.0000 and 2529.10.0000 from mainland China. Return questionnaires are due to the USITC by 1 May, a conference will be held on 8 May, post-conference briefs may be submitted by 11 May, and the USITC’s preliminary determination vote has been scheduled for 31 May.

Final Affirmative AD Injury Determination on Carton-Closing Staples
The USITC has issued a final affirmative injury determination in its AD investigation of carton-closing staples classified under HTSUS 7317.00.6560 and 8305.20.0000 from mainland China. As a result, the DOC will issue an AD duty order on imports of subject merchandise.

Full Sunset Review of AD/CV Duty Orders on Wind Towers
The USITC has decided to conduct a full sunset review of the AD and CV duty orders on utility scale wind towers from mainland China. The review will seek to determine whether revocation of these orders would be likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of material injury to a domestic industry within a reasonably foreseeable time.

New Section 337 Investigation on Jump Rope Systems
The USITC has instituted an investigation to determine whether imports of certain jump rope systems from mainland China are violating Section 337 of the 1930 Tariff Act by reason of patent infringement. The products at issue in the investigation are jump ropes with handles that contain a bearing element that permits a shaft to more easily rotate. The complainants request that after this investigation the USITC issue a limited exclusion order as well as a cease and desist order.

Remedies Announced in Section 337 Probe of Arrowheads
In its Section 337 investigation of certain arrowheads from mainland China, the USITC has issued a general exclusion order prohibiting the unlicenced importation of arrowheads with arcuate blades and components thereof covered by one of the patents at issue. Infringing goods may enter the United States under a 100 percent bond during the 60-day period the president has to review this remedy.

Section 337 Probe of Steel Products Terminated
The USITC has terminated in its entirety a Section 337 investigation of carbon and alloy steel products from mainland China. The complainant had alleged section 337 violations with respect to (i) a conspiracy to fix prices and control output and export volumes, (ii) misappropriation and use of trade secrets, and (iii) false designation of origin or manufacturer.

Section 337 Investigation of Stevia-Based Flavours Terminated
The USITC instituted on 27 November 2017 a Section 337 investigation of certain glucosylated steviol glycosides and products containing the same from mainland China. On 1 March, the complainant and the respondents filed a joint motion to terminate this investigation in its entirety based on a settlement agreement. The administrative law judge assigned to this case subsequently granted the motion and the USITC has decided not to review this decision.

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