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U.S. Stocks Resumed Uptrend but Risk of a Pullback Appears Elevated

8 April 2019

U.S. stocks have continued their sporadic move higher, after a short-lived dip associated with the inversion of the yield curve; recovering much of their fourth quarter 2018 losses. Positive macro sup...Read More


Rising U.S. Recession Concerns

25 March 2019

The market environment can change quickly. Volatility surged (before quickly retreating) over growth concerns in the United States and much of the rest of the world. Pessimism as per the American Asso...Read More


Is the U.S. Market Overcorrecting the Correction?

11 March 2019

With the stock market’s gains, alongside a deteriorating corporate earnings outlook, the valuation recovery suggests equities are priced for a stream of good news—a deal with China. The recent market ...Read More


Be Careful What You Wish for in the U.S. Market

25 Feb 2019

U.S. economic growth, while remaining in positive territory, has definitely slowed courtesy of tighter financial conditions last year, weak global growth, the trade-related denting of “animal spirits,...Read More


Risk Remains and Volatility is Likely to Persist in the U.S. Stocks

11 Feb 2019

There have been some positive developments in the China/U.S. trade dispute but a deal remains elusive; the Federal Reserve has backed off some of the more hawkish rhetoric, but the risk of a monetary ...Read More


Key Indicators for Investing in U.S. Markets

31 Dec 2018

Given that U.S. market is the world’s largest and most liquid market, it is a good opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolio by investing in the U.S. Rather than focusing too much on indi...Read More


Market Expects Higher Volatility and More Violent Moves with 2019 Approaching

17 Dec 2018

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently downgraded its view of U.S. economic growth, with a projected 2.9% growth rate in 2018 decelerating to 2.5% in 2019; while the Bloomberg consensus has gr...Read More


Musings from Asia on the U.S. Market Investment

4 Dec 2018

Since September 20 S&P 500 high, the only three sectors which are up this year are utilities, consumer staples and REITs—clearly a shift away from growth and momentum to value and defensiveness. But t...Read More


As Unresolved Issues Remain, U.S. Market Volatility are Unlikely to Dissipate

19 Nov 2018

U.S. stocks have been on a wild ride lately, with major indexes hitting correction territory in October. The major issues which contributed to the correction—the trade dispute with China, geopolitical...Read More


The U.S. Market Has Entered a Volatile Phase

5 Nov 2018

The last several weeks have brought a distinct change in U.S. market behavior and character; with elevated volatility, triple digit moves in the Dow back in vogue, and the NASDAQ and Russell 2000 (sma...Read More


U.S. Stock Market Illustrates Investors Should Always Be Prepared

22 Oct 2018

There were several contributors to this early October’s rout; not least being U.S. Treasury yields breaking out to multi-year highs, causing consternation among equity investors and contributing to th...Read More


U.S. Stocks Uptrend should Continue, but Risks have Risen

8 Oct 2018

Trade disputes don’t seem to be having a significant impact on the U.S. economy as of yet, although the boost in tariffs on Chinese goods just occurred and aren’t yet reflected in the data. Business c...Read More


Investor skepticism helps keep the U.S. bull market going

24 Sept 2018

Near-term sentiment according to the Ned Davis Crowd Sentiment Poll—a contrarian indicator at extremes—has become modestly elevated in the optimistic zone, which could signal a near-term pullback. But...Read More


Risks are Rising Along With U.S. Stocks

10 Sept 2018

The U.S. bull market continues but there are warning signs that near-term pullbacks are becoming more likely. Although U.S. stocks recently hit an all-time high, leadership groups have continued to be...Read More


Are U.S. Market Risks Bubbling Below the Surface?

27 Aug 2018

In terms of the stock market, over the past three months, the defensive sectors of health care, utilities, telecom and consumer staples have outperformed according to the S&P 500 sector breakdown, ind...Read More


Secular bull market in the U.S. remains intact, but pullbacks are likely

15 Aug 2018

After searching for direction, it appears stocks have found some balance, at least for now. Major U.S. indexes have moved out toward the high end their recent ranges; with the NASDAQ recently hitting ...Read More


Summer Doldrums in U.S. Markets Have Yet Arrived, but Risks Remain

30 July 2018

The traditional summer doldrums have yet to hit as the news flow continues to be heavy; however, significant up or down daily moves in U.S. stocks have been in a descending pattern since the February ...Read More


More Violent Moves in the U.S. Equities due to the Increasing Market Noise

16 July 2018

Stocks have pulled back from the top of the range, and volatility has increased. Risks of a damaging trade war have risen. If the confidence of consumers or businesses is shaken, the potential for spe...Read More


The U.S. Stocks are searching for balance

3 July 2018

U.S. stock market indexes have been able to keep moving, remaining near the top of the recent range despite rising trade concerns. There appears to be at least a temporary balance between positive dev...Read More


Bouts of U.S. Stock Market Volatility are Unlikely to Diminish This Summer

19 June 2018

Investors in U.S. stocks may have felt like being on a boat where passengers are running to one side, then deciding all of a sudden to rush to the other side. It can be stomach churning, but risks are...Read More

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