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The U.S. Bull Market will Continue, and Investors should Remain at Their Target Allocations

6 Nov 2017

The ongoing uptrend in the U.S. stocks has only recently seemed to capture the hearts and minds of investors. The recent lack of volatility and “Teflon” nature of the stock market has boosted investor...Read More


The U.S. Bull Market Enters the Latter Innings But Possibility of a Pullback Exists

23 Oct 2017

U.S. stock indices have continued to push to record highs, with little apparently able to throw them off course. The grind higher has pushed through natural disasters, the Las Vegas tragedy, domestic ...Read More


Investors in the U.S. Market Should Stay Focused on the Longer-term

11 Sept 2017

A couple of weeks ago we wrote in this space how the odds of a melt-up were increasing, as nothing seemed to dent the upward trend in stocks. What a difference a couple of weeks can make....Read More


The Long Running Bull Market in the U.S. Continues to Show Remarkable Resiliency

14 Aug 2017

Are risks growing or will the bull market continue? We believe the answer to both is yes. Political bumbling, monetary policy shifts, and geopolitical tensions have all escalated, but the bull continu...Read More


Investors Should Be on Alert for a Summer Pullback in the U.S. Market

17 July 2017

Summer is a time when some investors may put their portfolios on the back burner and head out on the sailing boat for some fun in the sun. Conditions for U.S. stocks appear to be relatively smooth, il...Read More


U.S. Economic Confusion may be Contributing to Investor Skepticism

3 July 2017

A bit of volatility returned to Wall Street, with indexes pulling back from record highs and the leading sector performer to this point in the year, technology, experiencing a decent-sized pullback. M...Read More


The U.S. Bull Market Has Legs, But Investors Should Be Aware That Risks Are Elevated

19 June 2017

The summer doldrums may have come early this year, with stocks quietly moving higher and volatility hovering near historic lows. And why not? Goldilocks appears to have arrived—low interest rates, imp...Read More


Solid Economic and Earnings Growth Should Help the U.S. Bull Market to Continue

5 June 2017

Political instability is in play these days with regard to the markets, but there are times when they move front-and-center. That occurred recently as impeachment of President Trump was brought up on ...Read More


Investing Landscape in the U.S. Remains Healthy

22 May 2017

After some weakness in March and early April, due to slowing growth fears and political uncertainty both here and abroad, U.S. stock indexes are again trading at or near record highs. Growth concerns ...Read More


Investors should be Prepared for Bouts of Volatility in the US Market

27 March 2017

Nothing seems to be able to phase the stock market recently. Political infighting, Presidential tweets, North Korean missile launches, oil falling below $50, European political uncertainty, higher bon...Read More


Rising Investor Caution Should Help the US Bull Market Continue

27 Feb 2017

Since the Dow finally breached the 20k mark, equities have been largely range-bound. The enthusiasm seen in measures of investor sentiment following the election of Donald Trump has waned a bit as the...Read More


Continuation of the bull market in U.S. stocks is expected

13 Feb 2017

The stunning election ushered in a remarkable rally in stocks, but also, the U.S. dollar and Treasury yields. By mid-December, these rallies took a breather; with stocks moving sideways, and yields an...Read More


A Good Mix for Further Gains in U.S. Stocks

30 Jan 2017

The Trump rally. We’ve all heard that phrase to describe the sharp gains in equities seen in the immediate aftermath of the November U.S. election. But we believe that undersells what is really going ...Read More


Does Your Risk Tolerance Change Over Time?

24 Jan 2017

Risk tolerance is an essential consideration when determining how to construct and maintain your portfolio over time. For one thing, many people don’t consider the difference between risk tolerance an...Read More


Looking ahead with Optimism about the US Market in 2017

16 Jan 2017

Early in 2017 we will all start grappling with the connection (or possible lack thereof) between campaign promises and policy reality. President-elect Trump has elevated tax cuts/reform, increased fis...Read More


A Slightly More Hawkish Fed

10 Jan 2017

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) raised the federal funds rate by 25 basis points—to a range of 0.50-0.75%—for the first time in 2016; having raised rates initially a year ago at this same tim...Read More


The Best Way to Add Bonds to Your Portfolio

13 Dec 2016

The case for bonds is likely familiar to most investors. If a portfolio were a ship, bonds would be the ballast—providing a measure of stability...Read More


The secular bull market should live on to see its eighth birthday

5 Dec 2016

Since the pre-election low on November 4, the S&P 500 is up 4.7%, while the Russell 2000 (small caps) is up a whopping 13.8% as of November 21—rallies which have confounded many investors given the pr...Read More


The U.S. Presidential election is over but uncertainties remain

21 Nov 2016

The U.S. Presidential election is complete and despite the surprising result, stocks have staged an impressive rally...Read More


Investing Principles: The Fundamentals Investors Need for Investing Success

15 Nov 2016

Many investors may have their own principles of investing, and many of them have also reached their financial goals through their investing methods...Read More

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