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Analysis on the Capital Gains Article under the Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty Related Measures to Prevent BEPS

4 Dec 2018

This article examines the structure of the multilateral instrument (the MLI), the interaction between the operative clauses and the compatibility clauses, and the application of different types of opt...Read More


The Application of the Articles in the Multilateral Convention to HK’s Tax Treaties

13 Sept 2018

The purpose for a contracting jurisdiction (i.e. Hong Kong) to make notification to the OECD Depositary is twofold: to ensure clarity and transparency about the application of the MLI; and acquire the...Read More


Comparison Between the Old and the Amended PRC VAT Rules

19 March 2018

On 1st Dec 2017, the State Council issued a decree signed by Premier Li Keqiang, publicizing the content of a circular amending the previous interim VAT regulations and abolishing the business tax, ef...Read More


Reporting by Trust companies and Trust under the HK CRS Rules

3 Oct 2017

Hong Kong’s Common reporting rules became effective June 30, 2016. This article compares Hong Kong’s common reporting standard with other versions and raises some questions that the authorities should...Read More


Comments on HK’s AEOI legal framework

27 July 2017

A jurisdiction that commits itself to the Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Information in Tax Matters (the CRS) may sign the Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in ...Read More


The Highlight of Significant Controllers in the Companies Amendment Bill 2017

11 July 2017

The Highlight of Significant Controllers in the Companies Amendment Bill 2017...Read More


An Update on Hong Kong’s Commitment to Automatic Exchange of Information in Tax Matters

11 Oct 2016

The Inland Revenue (Amendment) (No. 3) Ordinance became effective on 30th June 2016, with the objective to the implementation of Automatic Exchange of Information ('AEOI') that is in compliance with t...Read More


Why the RMB is depreciating?

7 Jan 2016

Only three trading days into the year of 2016, the dollar in the offshore market has already appreciated against the yuan by 2.35%, exceeding the interest earned from 2-year RMB time deposit...Read More


Administrative Measure for Managing the Treaty Treatments Claimed by Non-resident Taxpayers under Tax Treaties

7 Dec 2015

With a view to implementation of the double tax agreements (including the double tax arrangement concluded with the governments of the Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR, called “the double tax treaties” her...Read More


Tax Opinion on Gain Arising From Indirect Transfer of PRC Landed Property

25 Nov 2015

In respect of the intended disposal of shares in the HK Company owning the properties located in Shanghai, we take pleasure in providing your client (a Hong Kong company) with the tax opinion, as set ...Read More


What is a DTA and how does it work?

24 Feb 2015

DTA is short for double tax agreement. It is also called double tax treaty (DTT). Countries or states sign DTA’s in order to achieve the following major objectives: avoidance of double taxation, alloc...Read More


The Financial Year and Its Related Legal Concept under the Companies Ordinance

9 Jan 2015

The Company’s financial year, as defined under section 367 of the Companies Ordinance (Cap 622), is the key to understand Part 9 (Accounts and Audits) of the Companies Ordinance (the CO), which includ...Read More


A Summary on the conditions for the Reporting Exemption under the 2014 HK Companies Ordinance (Part 2)

21 Oct 2014

The new Companies Ordinance (Cap 622) came into operation on 3rd March 2014. Section 359 of the new Companies Ordinance (the new CO) provides that 7 categories of companies that satisfy general and sp...Read More


A Summary on the conditions for the Reporting Exemption under the 2014 HK Companies Ordinance (Part 1)

11 Oct 2014

The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap 622) took effect on 3rd March 2014. The requirement under Part 9 relating to the financial statements will come into operation for the accounting year beginning ...Read More


What is the fuss about FATCA?

10 Sept 2014

FATCA is one of the news topics recently. It is a piece of legislation signed by US President Obama on 2010, and is short for “Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act”, translated in Chinese as “海外账户税收合规法案...Read More


Major amendments for the IIT law and regulations in 2011

23 April 2014

On 2011, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and the State Council amended the PRC Individual Income Tax Law (the IIT law) and the Implementation Regulations of the PRC Individual...Read More

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