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Selling to Chinese Consumers

19 March 2019

It might seem paradoxical that, while China’s slowing economy makes headlines, many selling to China continue to experience and project double digit growth. With consumption accounting for 3/4 of GDP ...Read More


Is China's Door Closing?

24 Aug 2018

This year marks the 40th anniversary since Deng Xiaoping’s “Open Door Policy” kickstarted China’s opening up to the world. President Xi Jinping has promised that the country’s doors will continue to o...Read More


China's Green Shift: Is Your Business Ready?

27 Feb 2018

Reconciling economic development with environmental protection is the struggle of our times. Growth and sustainability have proven, in most cases, to be inversely related. And few countries epitomise ...Read More


China’s Electric Vehicle Market In Figures

19 July 2017

For years, electric vehicles (EVs) have lagged behind their surrounding hype in terms of technology and penetration. But, with much of the pivotal force coming from China, the global EV market is fina...Read More


E-mobility Winners and Losers

19 July 2017

Though still at an early stage, e-mobility is already affecting players all along the automotive supply chain. Those at the forefront are developing and launching breakthrough technologies....Read More


Timing Your Entry into China's Electric Vehicle Market

19 July 2017

In the shift from conventional to electric cars, battery makers play a key role in pushing the energy efficiency of vehicles up and their cost down. Heitkamp & Thumann (H&T) is part of this technologi...Read More


Regulatory Highlights in China's Electric Vehicle Market

19 July 2017

E-mobility optimists and sceptics agree on one thing: an emission-free future is largely in the hands of policy makers. In Norway, the country with the highest number of EVs per capita, and China alik...Read More


Business 20 Years after Hong Kong’s Handover

9 July 2017

20 years ago people saw Hong Kong’s return to China with mixed feelings. Would the city boom as a gateway to China? Or would its West-meets-East appeal fade?...Read More


China’s Toy Industry 2017: Beating the Odds

2 Feb 2017

Against the odds, China’s toy-making industry keeps going strong. While China’s overall exports fell in 2016 from a year earlier, total toy exports grew by over 18 percent – only one sign of how the s...Read More


China’s Toys Market 2017: A Positive Outlook

17 Jan 2017

China has been the world’s second largest market for traditional toys and games since 2012. Despite the country’s recent economic slowdown, international toys companies, including Fiducia’s clients in...Read More


Staying Ahead: the Freudenberg Approach to Employee Satisfaction

1 March 2016

Retaining talent is no longer just a salary and titles game in China. Local employees are increasingly looking for chances to develop their careers and grow professionally...Read More


HR in 2016: What You Need to Know

1 March 2016

China is no longer a source of cheap labour, as it was in previous decades: double digit salary growth rates over the last ten years were commonplace, especially in urban centres...Read More


There’s No Holy Grail in HR - Stick to the Simple Things

1 March 2016

China has entered the era of the ‘New Normal’: higher labour costs and slowing growth rates will have an impact on how we recruit and retain employees in 2016...Read More


Operating in China’s Healthcare Market

20 Nov 2015

China is rapidly developing into the biggest medical devices market in the world. While international companies have historically entered the market with highly advanced products targeted at the top-t...Read More


A New Era in Compliance

4 Aug 2015

Due to the Chinese government’s recent efforts to strengthen transparency, compliance is becoming an increasingly important topic for international companies operating in China. China Focus interviews...Read More


Made in China: Sourcing in the “New Normal”

21 April 2015

VF is a USD 12 billion apparel and footwear powerhouse, with an incredibly diverse, international portfolio of brands and products, including The North Face, Nautica, Timberland, Vans, and more...Read More


Update on the Hong Kong-Germany Double Taxation Agreement

6 March 2015

We were recently invited to a high level discussion on the planned Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) between Hong Kong and Germany, an important topic for many of our readers...Read More


The Future of Industrial Automation

27 Nov 2014

Mark Poensgen is in charge of International Group Development at igus, a leading worldwide manufacturer of bearings, linear guides, cable carriers and flex cables...Read More


Growing in a Healthy Market: Medical Devices

5 Sept 2014

When expanding your business into new regions, it is always important to consider cultural differences above all. Before we made a move into China, we had to familiarise ourselves with the processes a...Read More


Unlocking Third Tier Cities

16 June 2014

Since our business requires us to work with food producers, we spend more time in second, third, and fourth tier cities because this is where the food plants are located – in the remote areas of China...Read More

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