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Standard Chartered Reports on One Belt One Road Initiative March (March 2016)

15 March 2016

China’s onshore bond market is now the world’s third largest, and its credit market has become the second largest. We expect the market to more than double to CNY 100-105tn by end-2020 (from CNY 48tn ...Read More


SMEs Cautiously Optimistic amid Profit Squeeze for 2014 Q2

14 May 2014

The latest “Standard Chartered Hong Kong SME Leading Business Index” (Standard Chartered SME Index) reported a drop of 2.6 points to 50.8 after the Overall Index reached its record high in the last qu...Read More


SME Banking Thought Leadership : Banks Can Do More to Support SMEs

2 Aug 2011

Post financial crisis, governments the world over are grappling with how to get more bank financing to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), these days widely recognised as crucial drivers of gro...Read More


China – Another Step Offshore for the CNY

20 July 2010

There is every reason to celebrate the first anniversary of the Chinese yuan (CNY) trade settlement pilot scheme ("the scheme"). CNY settlement volumes have grown in leaps and bounds in recent months,...Read More


Outlook for H2-2010

6 July 2010

With confidence such a key factor in a recovery, any sign that the world economy is losing momentum may become self-fulfilling, dampening consumption and deterring investment...Read More


Deflate, Default, De-peg

4 May 2010

The EUR 110bn EU/IMF bailout package should prevent Greece from a default and keep it in the euro area, but it will also keep Greece in a debt trap and force its economy to deflate. But then, there wa...Read More


China – Where We Are with CNY Invoicing

12 April 2010

It ain't easy replacing the US dollar. Some see the Chinese yuan (CNY) as the imminent replacement of the US dollar (USD) as the world's dominant reserve currency. However, those involved in the CNY's...Read More


The Winning Ingredients

8 April 2010

A huge fundamental change is underway in the global economy. The shift in the balance of economic power from the West to the East will last for decades...Read More


No Easy Exit

2 March 2010

During the first two months of this year, I have travelled extensively. In addition to the World Economic Forum's event in Davos, covered in this column last month (the mood was pessimistic last year,...Read More


The Road to a Sustainable Recovery

2 Feb 2010

While the banking debate between the pragmatists and the populists may have stolen most of the headlines, issues like avoiding regulatory overkill and premature tightening also figured prominently at ...Read More


2010 – The Year Ahead

8 Dec 2009

Policy works. Recovery happens. But there is a price to be paid. That may turn out to be the message of 2010. The world economy in 2010 is likely to be shaped by a few big, underlying...Read More


Can you settle this invoice in RMB?

30 Nov 2009

The way in which companies respond to this question will prove increasingly critical to their bottom line. As sellers in China with bargaining power insist on settlement of their invoices in their loc...Read More


Light at the end of the tunnel

4 Nov 2009

The world economy has certainly been given a massive push in the right direction through sizeable, sustained, and what looks like successful policy stimulus. The questions now being asked are, how sus...Read More


A Flash of Lightning

6 Oct 2009

Despite increased optimism that a recovery is taking hold, we see a growing risk that the US recovery will look like a flash of lightning – a bolt out of the blue driven by short-term stimulus and res...Read More


Rebalancing the global economy

8 Sept 2009

A recovery is underway. It may appear strong in the next six months as policy feeds through, inventories are corrected, and confidence rises. But we should not be deceived by this V-shaped bounce. The...Read More


Beware of Public-sector Risks

9 July 2009

Although the current crisis has arguably already passed the worst point of panic, it is important to assess where the vulnerabilities still lie. The crisis was caused by three key factors: systemic fa...Read More


Growing Stronger from the Crisis

11 June 2009

A profound change is underway in the world economy. The balance of economic and financial power is shifting from the West to the East. This shift could usher in a super cycle of strong sustained growt...Read More


Winter is over, spring is yet to come

14 May 2009

There has been much talk of green shoots recently. In the West, it may be better to think of recent developments as the snow and ice melting, whereas in parts of Asia, there may be more genuine signs ...Read More


The Great Recession

9 April 2009

This is not a Great Depression. But it has been called a Great Recession. How great remains to be seen. It certainly is a deep crisis, the outcome of which will depend on the fundamentals, the policy ...Read More


All eyes on London Summit

12 March 2009

The London Summit at the beginning of April is already attracting attention as the world looks for leadership in pulling it out of the economic and financial crisis. In one respect, the fact that ther...Read More

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