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MYANMAR: Online Import and Export Licence Approval Extended to All Product Categories

15 Aug 2018

All import and export licence applications can now be submitted online, with approval also being granted digitally....Read More


INDIA: Import Duty Doubled to 20% on an Additional 328 Textile Categories

10 Aug 2018

Import duty is set to double to 20% on an additional 328 textile product categories. This follows an earlier announcement that just 50 such categories would be liable for the surcharge....Read More


UAE: Dubai Airport Freezone Cuts FDI Fees in Bid to Boost Competitiveness

7 Aug 2018

The fee for registering a FDI-backed business within the Dubai Airport Freezone has been cut by 65%, while the costs of acquiring the required licenses and visas for employees have been reduced by 33%...Read More


MYANMAR: Overseas Investors Cleared to Trade Across 24 Product Categories

6 Aug 2018

FDI-backed businesses have been approved to trade in 24 different product categories on both a retail and a wholesale basis....Read More


VIETNAM: Commercial Radio and TV Services Set to be Opened-Up to Overseas Investment

3 Aug 2018

Overseas investors are to be permitted to invest in commercial radio and television stations serving Vietnam for the first time under proposals put forward by the Ministry of Information and Communica...Read More


INDIA: New Solar Cell Import Levy Set to Boost Prospects of Domestic Manufacturers

2 Aug 2018

In a bid to protect domestic manufacturers, all solar cells imported from China, Malaysia and any of the more developed nations will be subject to a gradually decreasing surcharge over the next two ye...Read More


SRI LANKA: One Stop Import/Export Procedures Online Database Goes Live

30 July 2018

Full details of the country’s export and import procedures can now be found on the Sri Lanka Trade Information Portal (www.srilankatradeportal.gov.lk), an online resource managed by the Ministry of I...Read More


INDIA: Textile Import Duty Doubled to 20% in Bid to Boost Domestic Production

27 July 2018

The import duty on more than 50 textile products has been doubled to 20% as part of a government bid to boost domestic production in line with the aims of the Make in India initiative....Read More


VIETNAM: Maximum FDI Stake in Domestically-Based Airline Operator Raised to 49%

25 July 2018

The maximum permissible stake overseas investors are allowed to hold in a domestically-based air services operator is to be raised from 30% to 49%....Read More


LAOS: 16-Year Tax Exemptions on Offer to Special Economic Zone Investors

24 July 2018

Tax exemptions of up to 16 years are now on offer to investors who back projects in any of the country’s 12 Special Economic Zones (SEZs)....Read More


BANGLADESH: Overseas Stake in E-Commerce Businesses Capped at 49%

23 July 2018

Overseas investors are now restricted to having a maximum stake of 49% in any e-commerce business active in the country, a change introduced as part of the country’s newly-adopted National Digital Com...Read More


PHILIPPINES: Zero Levies Re-instated for Approved FDI Imports

20 July 2018

FDI-backed businesses can once again import certain approved capital goods on a duty-free basis. The move sees the revival of an incentive scheme that originally expired in May this year, with eligibl...Read More


BANGLADESH: Approved Businesses to be Exempt from Customs Checks

19 July 2018

All goods imported/exported by companies that have been approved by the country’s new Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) scheme will be exempt from statutory customs checks....Read More


THAILAND: Infrastructure-Proximate Land and Property Owners Face Windfall Tax

17 July 2018

Landowners – whether individual or corporate – are to be taxed on the rise in the value of any of their properties occasioned by being 5km or less from a major transport infrastructure project....Read More


SAUDI ARABIA: Real Estate Ownership Potentially Opening-Up to Overseas Investors

13 July 2018

Overseas investors are to be entitled to wholly-own property under the terms of the country’s proposed Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Law....Read More


MYANMAR: Trading on Yangon Stock Exchange to be Opened-Up to Non-Locals

12 July 2018

As of 1 August this year, non-local residents are to be permitted to buy and sell shares on the Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX)....Read More


INDIA: India Cuts Import Duty on China-Origin Goods as US-Sparked Trade War Intensifies

11 July 2018

Duty concessions are now in place with regard to the import of 3,142 categories of products from China, Bangladesh, Laos, South Korea, and Sri Lanka....Read More


INDONESIA: Clampdown on Child-Targetted Condensed Milk Products Announced

9 July 2018

It is now illegal to promote sweetened condensed milk (and its derivatives) as nutritional dairy substitutes for children or infants....Read More


BANGLADESH: Purchase of Older Vessels to be VAT-Exempt in Bid to Boost Local Shipping Sector

5 July 2018

The purchase of ships that are up to 22-years old is now to be VAT-exempt. Previously, VAT was payable whenever a ship built more than 15 years ago was acquired....Read More


INDIA: FDI-backed Retailers Obliged to Maintain Separate Food and Non-Food Accounts

4 July 2018

FDI-backed retail companies must maintain separate accounts for their food and non-food businesses although they are to be permitted to use the same warehousing facilities – duly divided – for both el...Read More

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