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MYANMAR: Collateral Requirement Waived to Ease Access to Credit for SMEs

16 Oct 2017

Local banks in Myanmar will now be allowed to offer loans without the need for their potential borrowers to first pledge their assets as collateral....Read More


THAILAND: Maximum Clearance Time Cut to 30 Days in Customs Law Shakeup

16 Oct 2017

The maximum time for Thai customs to approve the export / import of goods is to be cut from 90 days to just 30 days under the terms of the incoming Thai Customs Law....Read More


BANGLADESH: Single Window Online Customs Clearance Service Set for Final Approval

10 Oct 2017

Import and export procedures in Bangladesh are set to be streamlined following the looming introduction of a one-stop online trade portal....Read More


MYANMAR: Online Guide Sets Out to Detail Local Labour Legislation

3 Oct 2017

The ILO Guide to Myanmar Labour Law 2017, newly-available from the International Labour Organisation (ILO), sets out to provide a comprehensive outline of the country’s employment regulations....Read More


LAOS: Licences Now Mandatory for Import / Export of Ozone-Depleting Substances

3 Oct 2017

All businesses involved in the export / import of Ozone-Depleting Substances (ODS) or products containing ODS must now secure a licence prior to trading, transporting or distributing such items in Lao...Read More


VIETNAM: Franchise Registration Set to be Abolished as Government Cuts 675 Investment Requirements

28 Sept 2017

Overseas companies will no longer be required to register their franchising operations with Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) prior to granting franchising rights to Vietnamese franchise...Read More


INDIA: Company Subsidiaries Capped at Two Layers to Crack Down on Illicit Fund Flow

28 Sept 2017

A company incorporated in India will now be permitted to hold not more than two layers of subsidiaries. While the regulation will apply to all companies registered in India on or after 20 September 20...Read More


INDONESIA: UNECE Standard Set to be Adopted as National Standard for Several Automotive Parts

27 Sept 2017

The Indonesian National Standard (Standardisasi Nasional Indonesia – SNI) is set to be harmonised with the international UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) standard for several automotive parts...Read More


PHILIPPINES: New Single Window Customs Service to Integrate with Intra-ASEAN Clearance System

27 Sept 2017

The Philippines’ newly introduced one-stop online trade portal, TradeNet, is now set to also serve as the country’s National Single Window (NSW) system for greater trade facilitation purposes....Read More


THAILAND: Government Approval of EEC Law Confirms Incentives for Coastal Corridor Investors

25 Sept 2017

Incentives stipulated as part of Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) development plan has now been confirmed, with the Thai cabinet approving the EEC Law on 19 September....Read More


VIETNAM: Customs Procedures Set to be Streamlined with Launch of Online Tax Payment System from November

25 Sept 2017

Businesses in Vietnam will soon be able to pay export and import duties online through an Electronic Customs Payment Portal, which is being piloted by the country’s General Department of Customs from ...Read More


SRI LANKA: Withholding Tax on Dividends Increased from 10% to 14% for Non-Residents

15 Sept 2017

The withholding tax (WHT) rate on dividends paid to non-resident shareholders in Sri Lanka has been increased from 10% to 14%. In addition, the WHT rate on profits repatriated from the country has als...Read More


BANGLADESH: Go-ahead Given for Domestic Mobile Phone Manufacturing/Assembly

15 Sept 2017

Mobile phone handsets are to be manufactured and assembled in the country for the first time under a new government initiative designed to boost domestic businesses and limit the number of imported mo...Read More


MYANMAR: Amendments to Condominium Law Look to Limit Rights of Overseas Owners

14 Sept 2017

Overseas buyers will be allowed to own only up to 25% of all units in any given condominium project in Myanmar under the proposed changes to the 2016 Condominium Law. The amended legislation will end ...Read More


PHILIPPINES: Import Permit Processing Time Set to Be Slashed by Online Approval System

13 Sept 2017

The processing time for import/export permits in the Philippines is set to be cut from several months to just a few days when TradeNet, the country’s new one-stop online trade portal, goes live in Dec...Read More


VIETNAM: Toys and Home Appliances Among 114 Products Freed from Pre-Import Quality Inspection

8 Sept 2017

In a bid to reduce custom clearance time for 114 imported products, the Vietnamese government announced to free them from undergoing pre-import quality inspection....Read More


INDONESIA: New Economic Policy Package Set to Streamline Investment Procedures

7 Sept 2017

A one-stop shop for all of the business licences and permits, along with greater transparency with regards to costs and processing time, as well as an expedited service, are all said to form part of t...Read More


LAOS: Online Trading Platform Looks to Boost SMEs and Drive Investment

7 Sept 2017

In a bid to promote e-commerce in the country, the Laos government has launched an online trading portal dedicated to meeting the needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The portal, www.plaosme....Read More


MYANMAR: 15-day Limit for Regional Approval of FDI Proposals Announced

31 Aug 2017

FDI proposals requiring approval from one of the 15 regional/state branches of the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) will now be processed within 15 business days, with the concerned authorities hav...Read More


VIETNAM: PM Ponders Options on Duty Cuts to Imported Auto Parts

30 Aug 2017

Import duties on certain automotive parts are to be cut as of 1 January 2018, thus levelling the playing field between imported automobiles (completely built units – CBUs) and those assembled locally ...Read More

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