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MYANMAR: Business Registration Fee Cut by 50% and Set to Go Online

20 March 2018

As of 1 April 2018, the fee for the registration of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Myanmar will be cut from Kyat 500,000 (US$371) to Kyat 250,000....Read More


VIETNAM: Construction Permit Approval Time Cut from 166 Days to 120

20 March 2018

The maximum time for construction permit approval is cut from 166 days to 120 with immediate effect. The move is in line with recent calls from the prime minister to streamline the approval process....Read More


INDONESIA: Corporate Income Tax Rate Cut from 1% to 0.5% for SMEs

14 March 2018

The annual preferential corporate income tax (CIT) rate for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia has been cut from 1% to 0.5%....Read More


INDIA: E-Waybill Clarifications and Amendments Issued Prior to 1 April Implementation

12 March 2018

With the proposed movement of any goods valued at INR50,000 (US$776) or above over a distance of 10km or more having to be pre-registered online, a number of clarifications have been issued regarding ...Read More


LAOS: Vientiane Businesses Set to Lose Licences if Back Taxes Not Cleared by 30 April

2 March 2018

Businesses based in Vientiane, the national capital, have until 30 April to pay any overdue taxes, with those that fail to meet this deadline likely to have their business licences revoked....Read More


INDIA: In-Person Tax Assessments Abolished in Favour of Online Processing

1 March 2018

Taxpayers (or their appointed representatives) will no longer be required to attend the offices of the country’s Income Tax Department for tax assessment or verification purposes....Read More


SAUDI ARABIA: Kingdom Approves its First Ever Bankruptcy Legislation

28 Feb 2018

The country’s recently-approved Bankruptcy Law, the first such legislation to be adopted by the kingdom, contains provisions related to three key areas – preventive settlements, financial restructurin...Read More


CAMBODIA: 1 April Electricity Charge Cut Set to Benefit Business and Residential Users

26 Feb 2018

Electricity charges for both commercial and residential users are set to be cut from 1 April this year across many of the country’s cities and provinces....Read More


CAMBODIA: Mandatory On-Site Inspections Introduced for Employers of Overseas Staff

22 Feb 2018

All businesses employing overseas workers are to be subject to on-site inspections by officials from the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of the Interior. As part of these mandatory inspections, em...Read More


MYANMAR: Withholding Tax Set to be Abolished from 1 April 2018

15 Feb 2018

All forms of withholding tax in Myanmar are set to be abolished from 1 April 2018. At present, tax is required to be withheld at the rate of 15% for all royalty and interest payable to non-residents....Read More


PHILIPPINES: All Field Audits and Ongoing Tax Investigations Suspended

7 Feb 2018

All ongoing cases of tax investigation in the Philippines have now been suspended, with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) withdrawing all mission orders (MOs) issued to tax officials for conducting...Read More


CAMBODIA: Mandatory Online Business Registration Deadline Extended Through December 2018

2 Feb 2018

The deadline for companies in Cambodia to complete their mandatory online registration has been extended yet again. This latest extension to 31 December 2018 follows several extension announcements in...Read More


INDIA: Customs Duty Raised on Phones, Auto Parts, Jewellery, Sunglasses and Toys

2 Feb 2018

The Indian government has raised the Basic Customs Duty (BCD) on a range of imported products, including mobile phones, toys, watches, footwear, imitation jewellery as well as certain specified precio...Read More


VIETNAM: Manufacturing and Agricultural Businesses Now Lending Priorities

29 Jan 2018

Lending to export-oriented manufacturers and agricultural businesses is to be prioritised over extending credit to the securities or real estate sector following a new directive from The State Bank of...Read More


CAMBODIA: Child Labour Down in Apparel Sector, but Health and Safety Concerns Remain

25 Jan 2018

While incidences of child labour in Cambodia are down, concerns remain with regard to a number of health and safety issues affecting workers in the garment sector, according to a new report by Better ...Read More


PHILIPPINES: One-Stop Five-Day Processing Introduced for Construction Permits

22 Jan 2018

Local government bodies across the country are now obliged to process construction permit applications relating to specified project types within five working days....Read More


CAMBODIA: Employers’ Social Security Contribution Increased to 3.4% of Workers’ Salaries

15 Jan 2018

All companies operating in Cambodia are now required to pay 3.4% of their respective employees’ average monthly salary as a contribution to the National Social Security Fund with the monthly contribut...Read More


SAUDI ARABIA: 5% VAT Now Payable on Goods and Services

4 Jan 2018

VAT of 5% is now payable on all goods/services in Saudi Arabia, except some specified exemptions. Among the products/services deemed to be exempt (or zero-rated) are medicines and certain high-purity ...Read More


INDIA: New e-Waybill Requirement Waived for Transportation of Overseas Cargo Prior to Customs Clearance

20 Dec 2017

The newly mandated rule requiring goods to be registered online prior to their transportation within India will be given a waiver if the overseas cargo is moved between an international port of entry ...Read More


PHILIPPINES: Personal Tax Allowances Increased in 2018 alongside New Product Levies

19 Dec 2017

People earning up to a maximum of P250,000 (US$4,934) per annum in the Philippines will be exempted from paying personal income tax (PIT) from 1 January 2018....Read More

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