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VIETNAM: Tax Office Calls for All E-commerce Payments to be Made Via State-run Channels

16 Nov 2017

Under proposed moves, all future cross-border e-commerce transactions may have to be electronically cleared and settled through the National Payment Corporation of Vietnam, the State Bank of Vietnam’s...Read More


INDIA: GST Rate Cut Announced for Watches, Electrical Goods and 176 Other Products

15 Nov 2017

Electrical goods/components, watches and optical products are among the 178 product categories to have their Goods and Services Tax (GST) liability cut from 28% to 18%....Read More


MYANMAR: Online Tax Payment System Set to be Launched from February 2018

9 Nov 2017

Businesses in Myanmar will be able to make all tax payments online through any of the participating banks of the Myanmar Payment Union (MPU) payment processing system from February 2018. The scheme wi...Read More


MALAYSIA: Relaxation of Regulatory Regime Said to Offer Easier Access to Bond Markets

8 Nov 2017

The regulations governing the issue of bonds in Malaysia are to be relaxed as of early 2018, with more liberal disclosure requirements set to be introduced at the same time. The changes, introduced by...Read More


THAILAND: 23-Day Tax Break Announced In Bid to Boost Festive Sales

8 Nov 2017

In a bid to give an extra boost to consumer spending over the holiday period, the Thai government has announced that its annual tax deduction scheme will run for an extended period from 11 November to...Read More


INDIA: Comprehensive Details of Food Regulations Consolidated Online

6 Nov 2017

All of the regulations relating to the country’s food sector have now been consolidated into one state-run website – the Food Regulatory Portal. Overseen by the Food Safety and Standards Authority, th...Read More


INDIA: Government-Certified Hallmark Set to Become Mandatory for Gold Jewellery

6 Nov 2017

As of January 2018, all jewellery in the 14 carat, 18 carat and 22 carat grades sold in India will have to bear an official Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)-certified hallmark, in order that the purit...Read More


THAILAND: Extended Tax Break Expected In Bid to Boost Festive Sales

3 Nov 2017

In a bid to give an extra boost to consumer spending over the holiday period, the Thai government is planning to extend the duration of its annual tax deduction scheme, an end of year initiative that ...Read More


VIETNAM: Deadline for Ending Company-Generated Invoices Extended Until 2019

1 Nov 2017

Companies will continue to be allowed to print their own invoices in Vietnam until 1 July 2019. The country’s General Department of Taxation had previously announced that the practice would be banned ...Read More


INDIA: Companies Behind Misleading Ads Face Jail Terms and Substantial Fines

30 Oct 2017

Producers and distributors of misleading advertising could now face fines of up to INR 5 million (US$76,768), while any manufacturers resorting to such practices may also run the risk of imprisonment....Read More


VIETNAM: Online Platform Looks to Promote Emerging Start-Up Ecosystem

13 Oct 2017

In a bid to nurture Vietnam’s emerging start-up ecosystem, Hanoi’s municipal government has launched an online portal dedicated to meeting the needs of the country’s new science and technology busines...Read More


MYANMAR: Imported Automotive Parts Subject to Immediate Tax Hike

12 Oct 2017

The import tax on a range of automotive parts is to be raised with immediate effect. Among the components affected are parts for commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses and vans with more than ni...Read More


PHILIPPINES: Overseas Capital Requirement Cut to US$200,000 for Retail Start-ups

11 Oct 2017

The minimum paid-up capital required for an overseas company to establish a retail business in the Philippines is to be lowered from US$2.5 million to US$200,000 under a proposed amendment to the coun...Read More


MYANMAR: Country’s First Socio-Economic Atlas Available for Free Download

11 Oct 2017

A free-to-download Socio-Economic Atlas of Myanmar has been jointly-produced by the country’s Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) and the German Corporation for International C...Read More


INDONESIA: Domestic and Overseas E-Commerce Transactions Set for New Tax

10 Oct 2017

All of the country’s e-commerce transactions, including those conducted via overseas digital service providers, are set to be taxed under new Finance Ministry regulations....Read More


INDIA: GST Rate Cut to 12% for Man-Made Yarn

10 Oct 2017

The tax rate under the terms of India’s newly introduced Goods and Services Tax has now been cut to 12% for select man-made or synthetic yarn....Read More


CAMBODIA: Monthly Minimum Wage in the Garment Sector to Increase to US$170 from 1 January 2018

9 Oct 2017

The monthly minimum wage in Cambodia’s garment and footwear sectors will increase from US$153 to US$170 as of 1 January 2018....Read More


VIETNAM: Online Work Permit Approval System Introduced for Foreign Employees

6 Oct 2017

Work permits for overseas workers can now be directly applied via http://dvc.vieclamvietnam.gov.vn/. All such online applications should be submitted at least 20 days prior to the overseas worker’s du...Read More


THAILAND: Tax to be Levied on All E-Commerce Transactions Deemed to be Within Thai Jurisdiction

3 Oct 2017

All digital transactions deemed to have been conducted within Thai jurisdiction are set to become taxable under a proposed amendment to the country’s e-Transactions Law....Read More


INDONESIA: Renewed Tax Scrutiny Looms for Assets Not Declared During Nine-Month Amnesty

27 Sept 2017

The Indonesian government is planning to resume its crackdown on the country’s tax evaders by investigating and taxing assets, which were either not reported or misreported during Indonesia’s nine-mon...Read More

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