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China Opens Draft Foreign Investment Law Up to Public Consultation

12 Feb 2019

The Foreign Investment Law of the People’s Republic of China (Draft) is open for public consultation until 24 February....Read More


China Unveils New Raft of Innovation-Supportive Initiatives

11 Feb 2019

The Circular on Promoting the Second Batch of Reform Initiatives in Support of Innovation, as recently issued by the General Office of the State Council, outlined a raft of new national initiatives de...Read More


Guangdong Looks to Enhance Employment Environment

8 Jan 2019

Guangdong-based businesses are to benefit from a number of new measures designed to boost employment throughout the province, including discounted loans for start-ups, unemployment insurance premium r...Read More


Separate Strategies Announced for Zhuhai and Dongguan E-Commerce Pilot Zones

4 Jan 2019

Guangdong’s Provincial Government has formalised distinct development strategies for the Zhuhai and Dongguan Cross-border E-commerce Pilot Zones, which will see both facilities build upon their existi...Read More


China Tightens Yangtze River Anti-Pollution Regime

27 Dec 2018

A number of measures have been introduced as part of an ongoing bid to improve agricultural and non-pointsource pollution in the rural areas surrounding the Yangtze River Economic Belt....Read More


Guangdong Puts Onus of Waste Pollution Control on Local Businesses

24 Dec 2018

Primary responsibility for reducing pollution within Guangdong will now rest with individual businesses, according to a new directive from the provincial government....Read More


China Announces Five-Year Rural Upgrade Strategy

20 Dec 2018

Increased agricultural output, the full paving of rural roads and the more extensive use of natural fertilisers are among the highlights of the recently-circulated Strategic Plan for Rural Revitalisat...Read More


China to Crackdown on IPR Infringements

19 Dec 2018

The mainland is set to strengthen intellectual property rights protection through increased penalties for infringement, with clarification of the burden on suspected infringers as regards discovery an...Read More


China Outlines Further FTZ Reforms and Innovations

17 Dec 2018

The State Council has recently announced 53 new measures designed to support further reform and innovation in the Pilot Free Trade Zones (FTZs)....Read More


Guangdong Prioritises High-Quality Development of Private Sector

7 Dec 2018

It will now be easier to start and develop private companies within Guangdong following the introduction of a number of new measures on the part of the municipal government....Read More


China Unveils Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incentive Package

29 Nov 2018

Innovative businesses are to be given something of a boost by the State Council, with red tape slashed, taxes cut and the process of recruiting high-end staff streamlined....Read More


Guangzhou Looks to Accelerate Development of Professional Services Sector

23 Nov 2018

High-end professional services companies in Guangzhou will receive a range of government cash bonuses as part of an initiative designed to drive growth in the sector....Read More


China Moves to Cut Business Costs and Promote Market Access

22 Nov 2018

Small businesses will have easier access to finance and pay less tax in line with a new directive from the General Office of the State Council....Read More


State Council Announces Plan to Optimise Business Environment at Checkpoints

9 Nov 2018

The State Council issued the Work Plan on Optimising Business Environment at Customs Checkpoints to Promote Cross-border Trade Facilitation on 19 October....Read More


Access to Mainland Market Set to be Streamlined for Foreign Investors

7 Nov 2018

In moves designed to optimise the overall business environment, while reducing restrictions on the use of funds from all quarters of society, the State Council has approved the following facilitatory ...Read More


China Raises Average Export Rebate Levels

23 Oct 2018

China has announced plans to raise export tax rebate levels as of 1 November....Read More


China to Introduce Further Tariff Cuts and Opening-up to Foreign Investors

8 Oct 2018

China is to cut tariffs on 1,585 imported items from 1 November 2018 onwards....Read More


10 New Tax Reform Measures Formally Adopted

4 Oct 2018

The State Administration of Taxation has announced 10 new measures intended to resolve a number of business-related tax concerns....Read More


Hainan Looks to Improve Judicial Services to Facilitate Opening-up

27 Aug 2018

As moves to facilitate Hainan’s opening-up, the Supreme People’s Court has recently issued its Opinions on Providing Judicial Services and Safeguards for the Comprehensive Deepening of Reform and Open...Read More


China Looks to Proactively Boost Level and Range of Imports

24 July 2018

As part of moves to readjust the country’s balance of foreign trade, the State Council has announced a series of measures designed to boost import levels....Read More

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