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China Outlines New Fire Safety Regime for Public and Business Premises

16 Aug 2019

In a bid to clarify fire prevention obligations and to implement a national protocol for reducing incidents of conflagration and properly managing any such eventualities, the Central Government has is...Read More


Hainan Unveils Free Trade Zone Facilitation Measures

13 Aug 2019

The Action Plan of Hainan Province for Optimising the Business Environment (2019-2020) has now been issued by the Hainan Provincial People’s Government. This new policy document outlines a number of m...Read More


Guangdong Issues Directory of Administrative Charges in Force

9 Aug 2019

The Directory Listing of National Administrative Charges in Guangdong and the Directory Listing of Enterprise-Related Administrative Charges in Guangdong have recently been published by the Guangdong ...Read More


Guangdong Introduces Raft of Anti-Soil Pollution Measures

8 Aug 2019

Guangdong has designated a number of priorities as key to reducing soil pollution across the province......Read More


China Announces New Supportive Measures for Visa and Work Permit Applications

7 Aug 2019

The Immigration and entry / exit procedures, as well as a number of new visa arrangements, trialled in the country’s Pilot Free Trade Zones have now been implemented on a national basis....Read More


China Enhances Intellectual Property Protection Regime

6 Aug 2019

China has announced a number of measures designed to enhance the protection of intellectual property rights. This will see steps taken to strengthen intellectual property protection at source and to i...Read More


Shenzhen Revises Tax Deductions and Exemptions Schedule

5 Aug 2019

Shenzhen has revised its policy with regard to tax deductions and exemptions. The changes, announced by the Shenzhen Tax Service, took effect as of 1 June 2019....Read More


China Unveils New Funding Arrangements for Small, Private Sector Businesses

2 Aug 2019

The Ministry of Finance has announced a range of measures designed to boost the development of small and micro firms in the private sector, particularly with regard to funding and access to financial ...Read More


China Announces Changes to Port-of-Exit Duty-Free Operations

2 Aug 2019

The geographic and category restrictions governing port-of-exit duty-free shops are to be relaxed. This will see any business with a five-year track record of successfully operating port-of-exit / dow...Read More


China Ends Official Permit Requirement for Opening Corporate Bank Accounts

31 July 2019

The move to allow companies to open bank accounts anywhere on the mainland without first securing a government permit has been fully initiated on a national basis some five months ahead of the origina...Read More


Guangdong Looks to Streamline SME Financing Procedures

26 July 2019

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) are to have improved access to finance, thanks to a range of measures introduced by the Guangdong Prov...Read More


Guangzhou Switches to Online Customs Brokerage Power of Attorney System

23 July 2019

As of 1 August, Guangzhou Customs will cease to accept printed versions of the Customs Brokerage Power of Attorney (Agreement), with all such procedures henceforward to be conducted online....Read More


China Announces Liberalised Entry-Exit Regime for Hainan Free Trade Zone

23 July 2019

Details of the new immigration, entry-exit and transport management procedures that will apply to Hainan as it evolves into a Free Trade Zone (Port) have been released by the Ministry of Public Securi...Read More


China Looks to Improve Port Business Environment and Accelerate Customs Reform

22 July 2019

The General Administration of Customs (GAC), acting on behalf of the State Council, has announced a number of measures designed to both optimise the business environment of mainland ports and to accel...Read More


China Updates Tax Incentive Guidelines for Entrepreneurs

19 July 2019

A revised version of the Guidelines on Tax Incentives for Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation has been issued by the State Administration of Taxation. Released to coincide with last month’s National ...Read More


China Embraces Paperless Customs Declaration Regime

18 July 2019

The receipt, payment certification, processing trade verification and write-off pages of the Customs Declaration Form were taken out of service as of 1 June this year....Read More


China Cuts Foreign Investment Restrictions

17 July 2019

The number of sectors where foreign investment is restricted has been reduced from 48 to 40 on a national basis and from 45 to 37 in the case of businesses operating within one of the mainland’s Pilot...Read More


China Looks to Increase Foreign Investment in Manufacturing and the Services Sector

17 July 2019

The 2019 edition of the Catalogue of Encouraged Industries for Foreign Investment, as jointly- published by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce on 30 June, has ...Read More


China Looks to Enhance Judicial Oversight of Environmental Malpractice

16 July 2019

In a bid to improve the judicial oversight of environmental transgressions, the General Office of the Ministry of Justice has issued a Circular on Improving the Oversight of the Management of Judicial...Read More


Zhuhai Updates Income Tax Assessment Procedures

12 July 2019

Zhuhai has issued updated guidelines for the assessment of individual income tax liabilities....Read More

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