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China Business Tax Completely Scrapped Under Extended VAT Regime

12 Dec 2017

As of 1 December this year, companies in the service sector are no longer obliged to pay business tax. Instead, however, all such businesses are now liable under an extended VAT regime, which covers a...Read More


Guangdong Issues Updated Product Quality and Safety Standards Directory

11 Dec 2017

A revised directory of the updated quality and safety standards consisting of 912 specific requirements across 28 product standards has been issued by the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Indus...Read More


5G Frequency Allocations and Operating Provisos Announced

4 Dec 2017

In order to promote the implementation of the fifth-generation wireless system (5G), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has made the following notification in accordance with t...Read More


Mechanical and Electrical Product Pre-Shipment Inspection Agencies Granted Extended Powers

30 Nov 2017

All record-filing, risk management and fiduciary management procedures relating to the pre-shipment inspection of imported used mechanical and electrical products will now be the responsibility of the...Read More


China’s Average Consumer Import Tariff Set to Fall From 17.3% to 7.7%

28 Nov 2017

China’s average import tariff rate on consumer goods is set for a dramatic drop from 17.3% to just 7.7% from 1 December this year....Read More


VAT Exemption for Small Businesses Extended Until December 2020

28 Nov 2017

The current VAT exemption enjoyed by businesses with monthly turnover of between RMB20,000 and RMB30,000 has been extended until 31 December 2020....Read More


China Looks to Incentivise Lending to Small Businesses

27 Nov 2017

Small and micro enterprises are set to find it easier to secure funding following the announcement of a joint initiative by the Ministry of Finance and the General Administration of Taxation....Read More


Shenzhen Customs Issues Revised E-Commerce Import/Export Requirements

20 Nov 2017

New regulations relating to the supervision of cross-border retail e-commerce import / export procedures have been issued by Shenzhen Customs....Read More


China Abolishes Imported Timber Quantity Inspection Requirement

17 Nov 2017

Imported timber is no longer liable to quantity checks by the relevant inspection and quarantine bodies....Read More


Revised Inspection and Quarantine Protocols Introduced for Imported Goods

16 Nov 2017

Revised regulations with regards to the frequency of on-site and laboratory inspections relating to imported goods, as well as any accompanying quarantine requirements, were introduced as of 1 Novembe...Read More


Inspection and Quarantine Procedures Revised for Industrial and Tobacco Imports/Exports

15 Nov 2017

A number of changes to the Catalogue of Entry-Exit Commodities Subject to Inspection and Quarantine by the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Authorities came into effect as of 1 November this year....Read More


Imported Drug Registration Procedures Set to be Streamlined

13 Nov 2017

The procedures for registering imported drugs have been revised by the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA)....Read More


Guangdong Cuts Tax on Commercial Vehicles by 80%

10 Nov 2017

Guangdong is to cut the vehicle and vessel tax payable on certain commercial vehicles by more than 80%. Among those categories covered by the reduction are trucks, trailers, utility vehicles and any o...Read More


Further Details Announced of Xiongan New Area Development Plan

6 Nov 2017

The State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) has published 11 recommendations relating to the development of the Xiongan New Area, a key element in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economic tria...Read More


New Guidelines for Evaluating Consistent Quality and Efficacy of Generic Drugs

27 Oct 2017

The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has issued guidelines relating to the evaluation of consistent quality and efficacy of generic drugs. The guidelines apply to domestically-produced and im...Read More


Energy and Water Conservation Tax Incentive Application Procedure Updated

26 Oct 2017

In the case of businesses looking to secure the preferential income tax benefits accruing from their use of specifically-approved environmentally-friendly energy and water conservation systems, the ov...Read More


Limited National Tax Processing Facilities Approved for Multi-province Businesses

25 Oct 2017

Businesses with operations that straddle several provinces will soon be entitled to conduct a number of their tax affairs throughout the country following a change of policy on the part of the State A...Read More


Medical and Financial Advertising Comes Under Renewed Scrutiny

16 Oct 2017

New guidelines designed to protect consumers from misleading and illegal advertising have been jointly issued by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and nine other government department...Read More


New Plan Prioritises IPR Protection for Foreign-Invested Enterprises

11 Oct 2017

A new IPR Protection Plan for Foreign-Invested Enterprises (FIEs) has been jointly issued by 12 government departments, including the Office of the National Leading Group on the Fight Against IPR Infr...Read More


State Council Outlines Cross-Border E-Commerce Development Priorities

9 Oct 2017

A number of cross-border e-commerce pilot zones are to be established as China looks to boost foreign trade and increase its own competitiveness....Read More

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