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China Steps Up Safety Supervision of Children’s Goods

12 Dec 2018

The General Office of the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) has recently announced a series of measures – contained in The Circular on Further Strengthening the Quality and Safety Supe...Read More


China Adopts Unified First-Time Import Procedure for Non-Special-Use Cosmetics

6 Dec 2018

The import procedure for all non-special-use cosmetics being imported to the mainland for the first time was unified as of 10 November....Read More


Smart City Compliancy Among 23 Newly-Published National Standards

27 Nov 2018

A set of 23 new and revised national standards – including The Smart City Guide for Information Technology Operation – has been jointly published by the State Administration for Market Regulation and ...Read More


China to Restructure Bulk Cargo Handling Logistics by 2020

26 Nov 2018

Rail and water transport are set to carry a larger proportion of bulk cargo by 2020, in line with a new directive from the General Office of the State Council....Read More


Guangdong’s Medical Device Registration System Gets State Assent

20 Nov 2018

Guangdong’s new medical device registration system has now been given official approval. In line with this, enterprises will be permitted to register, manufacture, market and sell such devices without...Read More


China Issues Clarification on Taxable Pollutants Regime

15 Nov 2018

The level of Environmental Protection Tax payable with regard to particulate matter in combustion exhausts will be calculated using the same methodology currently applied to soot particles....Read More


China Announces 2019 Fertiliser Import Tariff Quotas

13 Nov 2018

The total quantity of import tariff quotas on fertilisers for 2019 has been set at 13.65 million tons, including 3.3 million tons for urea, 6.9 million tons for diammonium phosphate and 3.45 million t...Read More


Guangdong Looks to Boost E-Commerce Express Delivery Capacity

6 Nov 2018

Guangdong has announced plans to expand its local express delivery capacity, with the aim of being able to handle up to 17 billion parcels per annum by 2020, with the sector then expected to generate ...Read More


China Announces 2019 Grain and Cotton Import Tariff Quotas

5 Nov 2018

Full details of the application process for the 2019 import tariff quotas for grain and cotton have been released by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)....Read More


China Unveils Blueprint for FTZ Transformation of Hainan Island

31 Oct 2018

Further details of plans to transform the whole of Hainan Island into China’s newest Free Trade Zone (FTZ) have been released by the State Council....Read More


Shanghai Signs up to Trial Hong Kong/Macau Legal Partnership Programme

30 Oct 2018

Shanghai is to participate in a pilot programme designed to establish the viability of formal partnerships between mainland legal firms and their Hong Kong/Macau counterparts. To date, Guangdong is th...Read More


China Cuts Reserve Requirement Ratio to Boost Liquidity

25 Oct 2018

The reserve requirement ratio (RRR) for renminbi deposits across the mainland has been cut by 1% in line with a directive from The People’s Bank of China (PBOC), the country’s central bank....Read More


Shanghai Embraces New AI Priority Development Regime

22 Oct 2018

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and resources has been designated as a priority by the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission. To this end, in association...Read More


Guangdong Announces Priority Approval Criteria for Class II Medical Devices

16 Oct 2018

The Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration has announced that Class II medical devices conforming to any of the following requirements will qualify for priority approval when applying for f...Read More


Streamlined Cosmetics Import Procedures Trialled in Qianhai-Shekou Area

15 Oct 2018

The Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration recently announced that, with immediate effect, non-special-use cosmetics entering the country via the Shenzhen Qianhai-Shekou Area of the Guangdo...Read More


Shanghai Clarifies Applicability of Cross-Border Trade in Services’ Negative List

15 Oct 2018

Shanghai recently issued two policy documents intended to clarify the role of the Negative List with regard to the cross-border trade in services, with a particular focus on its implications for the o...Read More


China Sets End of Year Deadline for Adoption of 99 New/Updated Medical Device Standards

11 Oct 2018

A total of 99 “mandatory” or “recommended” industry standards relating to medical devices are to be adopted or updated before the end of the year, according to a recently issued circular on the part o...Read More


10-Point Guangdong Plan Set to Woo Foreign Investors

5 Oct 2018

Guangdong has announced 10 new policies designed to boost foreign direct investment in the province....Read More


Guangdong Scraps Approvals for Cross-Location Drug Advertising and Radiopharmaceutical Use

26 Sept 2018

The Food and Drug Administration of Guangdong Province will no longer be accepting applications relating to either the cross-location filing of drug advertisements or licences for the use of radiophar...Read More


Guangdong Sets Out Bay Area Innovation Development Strategy

24 Sept 2018

New measures, intended to optimise the local entrepreneurship and innovation environment, have been introduced by the Guangdong Provincial Government....Read More

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