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Ecodesign Plans Obliging Manufacturers to Make Products Easily Repairable Are Opposed by Some Member States

11 Oct 2018

A European Commission consultation, which closed on 4 June 2018, brought to light that the “take-make-use-throw away” ideology coupled with “built-in obsolescence”, an allegedly widespread practice by...Read More


UK Government Publishes Technical Notice Concerning the Regulation of Chemicals Under REACH

4 Oct 2018

The purpose of the UK government’s Notices is to set out relevant information in order to allow businesses and citizens to understand what would need to be done in a “no deal” scenario, so they can ma...Read More


Denmark Investigates Carcinogenic PAHs in Consumer Products, Including in Footwear and Toys

2 Oct 2018

PAHs are organic compounds containing two or more fused aromatic rings, which, in processed articles, may exist in the following: creosote, medicines, dyes, plastics, rubbers, pesticides, lubricants, ...Read More


UK Makes Plans for Stand-alone Compliance of Products Regime; Publishes Technical Notice

27 Sept 2018

The purpose of the UK government’s Notices is to set out relevant information in order to allow businesses and citizens understand what they would need to do in a “no deal” scenario. However, it recog...Read More


New EU Directive on Copyright: Adoption Imminent

26 Sept 2018

The European Commission’s Proposal for a Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market (the proposed Copyright Directive) is designed to modernise existing copyright laws for the digital age. Am...Read More


Turkey’s Super Incentives Scheme: Large Package of Benefits Tailored to the Needs of Desired Investments

24 Sept 2018

Turkey’s project-based incentive scheme, which came into force on 26 November 2016 pursuant to the Decree on Project-Based State Support for Investments, is a specific scheme providing possibilities g...Read More


Highest EU Court Rules on Parallel Imports: De-branding and Re-branding of Imported Products Constitutes a Trademark Infringement

20 Sept 2018

The dispute arose after Duma and GSI, two affiliated companies active in the forklift trucks sector (one having as its main activity the purchase and sale of forklift trucks and the other one speciali...Read More


Future EU Law on Single Use Plastics to Be Voted on by European Parliament, but Criticism of Its Key Provisions Abound

18 Sept 2018

On 28 May 2018, the European Commission published its proposal for a Directive on single-use plastics (SUPs). This draft law envisages banning a number of frequently used products – such as plastic st...Read More


Unfair Trade Practices: European Parliament Holds Debate on Future Law, with Suppliers and Retailers of Foodstuffs to Be Affected

17 Sept 2018

Freedom of contract has long underpinned business to business (B2B) relationships, as distinguished from business to consumer (B2C) relationships which are heavily regulated in the EU. In B2B scenario...Read More


EU Finance Ministers Debate Digital Services Tax

13 Sept 2018

In March this year, the Commission had suggested a two-step approach: a common EU solution for digital activities in the long run, and the introduction of an interim tax of 3% on digital services in t...Read More


EU Customs-related Regulations Published Classifying a Type of Footwear, Among Others

12 Sept 2018

On 30 August 2018, the Official Journal published Regulations 2018/1207, 2018/1208 and 2018/1209, which each classifies the articles described below. Hong Kong traders or their agents importing these ...Read More


Significance of a No-deal Brexit on Rules Governing Product Safety; UK Publishes Product Standards Strategy

10 Sept 2018

Under WTO-only rules, Hong Kong companies with their business hubs in the UK that wish to circulate their goods elsewhere in Europe would have to prove they meet all of the EU’s product standards and ...Read More


Halogen Lamps to Be Phased out As New EU Ecodesign Rules Enter into Force

5 Sept 2018

On 1 September 2018, the EU’s plan to phase out halogen lightbulbs entered into force. The new rules, which were adopted under the EU’s framework Ecodesign Directive, will see a gradual ban on new hal...Read More


Jubilation Among Importers as Notices are Published Officially Ending Hefty Duties on Solar Panels

4 Sept 2018

The Commission additionally confirmed the expiry on its website. It stated that “after considering the needs of both producers and those using or importing solar panels the Commission decided it was i...Read More


EU Decides to Reject Calls Made by EU Solar Panel Manufacturers for Extension of Trade Defence Measures

29 Aug 2018

Hong Kong businesses involved with the export of solar panels from mainland China to the EU will have been holding their breath over whether the European Commission would give in to the EU industry’s ...Read More


The EU’s New Circular Economy Package May Have Consequences for Hong Kong’s Textile Sellers

23 Aug 2018

The new EU circular economy package, which entered into force on 4 July 2018, lays down recycling targets and strict rules on waste management. By 2025, EU countries will have to recycle 55% of their ...Read More


Updated List of EU Harmonised Toy Safety Standards Published, Showing Two ‘First Publications’ Which will be of Interest to Hong Kong’s Toy Sellers

17 Aug 2018

The toy safety Directive sets out the essential safety requirements with regard to toys. These include the particular safety requirements regarding physical and mechanical properties, flammability, ch...Read More


EU Progresses with Anti-dumping and Anti-subsidy Probes Against Imports of E-bikes from Mainland China, with Definitive Duties Now Expected in January 2019

16 Aug 2018

It was reported on 9 August 2018 that the anti-dumping investigation with regard to imports of e-bikes from mainland China will be concluded, at the latest, by 18 January 2019. Besides deciding on the...Read More


UK Government Sets Out Proposal for New Free Trade Area Ensuring Frictionless Trade and Continued Regulatory Alignment

10 Aug 2018

On 12 July 2018, the UK government published a White Paper setting out its plans for a future relationship with the EU. Two areas will be of special interest to Hong Kong businesses: the UK’s proposal...Read More


Commission Imposes Provisional Safeguard Measures on Steel Products

27 July 2018

On 18 July 2018, Commission Implementing Regulation 2018/1013 imposing provisional safeguard measures with regard to imports of certain steel products was published in the Official Journal of the EU. ...Read More

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