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EU Re-imposes Definitive Anti-dumping Duties on A Number of Shoe Exporters

17 Nov 2017

On 31 October 2017, the EU re-imposed definitive anti-dumping duties on shoe imports from Vietnam and mainland China for four company groups, for the period 2006-2011. These duties had been annulled b...Read More


RoHS Law Amendment Published, Exempting Cadmium-based Quantum Dots for Use in Display Lighting Applications, but for Limited Period Only

17 Nov 2017

On 31 October 2017, a new law which amends Directive 2011/65/EU, more commonly known as the “RoHS 2” Directive, was published in the EU’s Official Journal. Hong Kong sellers of electrical and electron...Read More


France Introduces Colour Coded Food Labelling System

17 Nov 2017

On 31 October 2017, France introduced a voluntary labelling scheme for food products. ‘Nutri-Score’, as it is called, ranks the overall nutritional quality of all food except single-ingredient foodstu...Read More


German NGO Denounces Inadequate WEEE Collection Systems and Insufficient Market Surveillance Concerning Energy Labelling

17 Nov 2017

Environmental Action Germany (Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. – DUH), a non-governmental environmental and consumer protection organisation, has investigated recovery systems for waste electrical and electr...Read More


UK Government Publishes Brexit Policy Paper on Trade and Customs Arrangements

3 Nov 2017

On 9 October 2017, the UK government published a policy paper on its trade and customs arrangements leading up to and after Brexit. Notably, the government announced that it will develop its own trade...Read More


EU Pushes Forward with Future Anti-dumping Rules, While Mainland China Claims that Rules Still Breach EU’s WTO Obligations

3 Nov 2017

Subsequent to the informal agreement on the EU’s new anti-dumping methodology which was struck between negotiators from the European Parliament and EU ministers on 3 October 2017, mainland China claim...Read More


French Association Fighting Against Built-in Obsolescence Lodges Complaint Against Several Printer Manufacturers

3 Nov 2017

A French association whose mission is to fight against built-in obsolescence (Halte à l’obsolescence programmée) lodged a complaint against a number of printer manufacturers on the grounds that they h...Read More


European Commission Introduces New Mandatory Car Emissions Tests

3 Nov 2017

On 31 August 2017, the European Commission announced that, as of 1 September 2017, new car models must pass a set of new and allegedly more reliable emissions tests before they can be released on Euro...Read More


European E-bicycle Market Continues to Boom: Sharp Increase in EU Imports of E-bicycles Will Likely Lead to Anti-dumping and Anti-subsidy Investigations Against Mainland China

20 Oct 2017

Over the last five years, imports of electric bicycles (e-bicycles) into the EU have risen sharply, underlining the growing popularity of such bicycles. This conclusion was reached on the basis of the...Read More


European Commission Launches New “Trade Helpdesk” Which Hong Kong Businesses Can Use for Exports to the EU

20 Oct 2017

On 26 September 2017, the European Commission launched the new “Trade Helpdesk”, aimed at helping businesses looking to export their products to the EU market. The updated platform would thus be a “on...Read More


Chemicals Agency Launches Webpage Offering Information on the Implications of the UK’s Withdrawal from the EU, On the EU’s Regulatory Regimes and Chemicals Legislation

20 Oct 2017

On 25 September 2017, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) published a new section on its website, providing information on the impact of the withdrawal of the UK from the EU, as well as advice to bus...Read More


Online Sellers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment Become Focus of WEEE Workshop, with Recommendations for Future Obligations to Avoid “Free-riding”

20 Oct 2017

On 13 September 2017, a workshop gathering more than 80 delegates from 12 different countries evaluated the impact of the waste electrical and electronic (WEEE) legislative framework on the compliance...Read More


European Commission Mulls over Proposal for Withholding Tax on Online Sales in Framework of the ‘Digital Economy’

6 Oct 2017

On 21 September 2017, the European Commission launched a new agenda on the taxation of the digital economy. A key concern is to ensure that companies with a significant digital presence pay an effecti...Read More


EU Reform of Energy Labelling of Products Enters into Force

6 Oct 2017

The EU’s reform of the energy labelling rules for energy-related products has entered into force, with the requirements for Hong Kong and other manufacturers and suppliers to be ushered in over a stag...Read More


European Commission Opens Public Consultation on Further Defining Nanomaterials for Application in Future Laws to Regulate Them

6 Oct 2017

With a view to preparing a revised Recommendation which it intends to adopt, the European Commission called for public feedback on the EU’s existing Recommendation on the Definition of Nanomaterial on...Read More


Member States Launch SVHC Project “Ask REACH” to Raise Consumer Awareness of Hazardous Chemicals in Consumer Products

6 Oct 2017

The German Federal Environment Agency (the UBA), in cooperation with 19 other entities in 12 EU Member States, intends to raise awareness on Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) in consumer article...Read More


European Commission Puts Forward New Compromise Proposal on Anti-dumping Rules, Specifically Addressing Concerns on Burden of Proof

22 Sept 2017

As the trilogue talks (negotiations between the European Commission, Parliament and Member States) on the new EU anti-dumping rules continue, the final reform of the EU’s anti-dumping legislation is a...Read More


Solar Panels: EU Member States Back New and Reduced MIP, While Commission Removes Two Chinese Solar Producers from Price Undertaking

22 Sept 2017

On 7 September 2017, the EU Member States’ trade representatives voted on the European Commission’s proposal to reduce the minimum import price (MIP) at which exporting producers from mainland China a...Read More


Stricter Ecodesign Requirements and Energy Labelling Rules for Vacuum Cleaners Enter into Force

22 Sept 2017

As from 1 September 2017, Hong Kong traders selling electrical appliances within the EU must comply with stricter ecodesign requirements in the case of vacuum cleaners, and ensure that they use the up...Read More


Timetable for Lead Exemptions in Car Parts Nears Adoption

22 Sept 2017

Hong Kong sellers of car parts may like to know that the presence of lead in certain vehicle parts will be permitted in the EU over the next two to seven years under European Commission proposals, whi...Read More

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