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New Statistical Breakouts Created to Administer Additional Tariff on Certain IT Products

21 Sept 2018

The USITC has created effective from 24 September two ten-digit statistical reporting numbers (HTSUS 8517.62.0020 and 8517.62.0090) to administer the recently-announced Section 301 tariff on certain m...Read More


Updated Security Criteria for CTPAT to be Phased in Starting in 2019

21 Sept 2018

CBP is currently circulating within the trade community draft modifications to the minimum security criteria associated with the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. CBP is gathering input on ...Read More


No Additional Mainland Chinese Products Included in Forced/Child Labour List

21 Sept 2018

No mainland Chinese products were added to or removed from the most recent list of goods that the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of International Labor Affairs has reason to believe are produced by...Read More


U.S. and Mongolia Seek to Strengthen Economic Relationship

21 Sept 2018

The U.S. and Mongolia declared on the occasion of the official visit of Mongolian Prime Minister Khurelsukh to Washington that their bi-lateral relationship has reached a new level of expanded compreh...Read More


Certain Solar Products Excluded from Import Safeguard

19 Sept 2018

After reviewing 48 product exclusion requests and 213 comments responding to those requests, USTR has determined to exclude effective from 19 September a range of products from the safeguard on crysta...Read More


Bill in Final Stages of Legislative Process Would Impact Mail Shipments to the United States

19 Sept 2018

Both chambers of Congress have passed a legislative package aimed at combatting the opioid epidemic in the United States. The legislation includes provisions designed to help prevent the shipment of s...Read More


U.S. Launches New AD Probe on Mattresses

19 Sept 2018

The United States on 18 September initiated an AD duty investigation of mattresses from mainland China. As of this writing, the USITC had yet not announced a schedule for this proceeding....Read More


Mainland China Could Continue to Export Siluriformes Fish to the United States under New Proposal

18 Sept 2018

Interested parties may submit input by 19 October on a FSIS proposal to amend its fish inspection regulations to list mainland China as a country eligible to export Siluriformes fish and fish products...Read More


Chief U.S. Agriculture Negotiator Discusses Trade Issues on Capitol Hill

18 Sept 2018

Gregg Doud, chief agriculture negotiator at USTR, testified on 13 September before the Senate Agriculture Committee. The hearing covered many agricultural trade issues, including a number of concerns ...Read More


CPSC Recalls Certain Day Beds Made in Mainland China

18 Sept 2018

The CPSC has announced a recall of certain day beds made in mainland China....Read More


Fruit and Vegetable Import Approval Process Revised

17 Sept 2018

APHIS has issued a final rule that effective 15 October will amend its regulations to provide for the approval of all new fruits and vegetables for importation into the United States using a notice-ba...Read More


CBP Preparing to Implement New Requirements for Imports of Shrimp and Abalone

17 Sept 2018

CBP has issued an update on the forthcoming implementation of the reporting, recordkeeping and permitting requirements of the Seafood Import Monitoring Program for shrimp and abalone species originati...Read More


Imports of 28 Chemical Substances to Require Advance Notice

17 Sept 2018

The EPA has issued a direct final rule that will require persons who intend to manufacture (including import) or process any of 28 specified chemical substances for an activity designated as a signifi...Read More


U.S. Industry Groups Join Forces in Fight Against Tariffs

13 Sept 2018

Two recently formed organisations – Farmers for Free Trade and Americans for Free Trade – have joined forces in an attempt to amplify “the diverse and powerful voices of the families, farmers, factory...Read More


California Approves Legislation to Reduce HFC Emissions

13 Sept 2018

The California legislature recently approved a bill preserving targets for reducing harmful super-polluting hydrofluorocarbons in new refrigerators, air conditioners and other products that were adopt...Read More


Court Finds Holiday-Themed Items Not Necessarily Classified as Festive Articles

13 Sept 2018

The U.S. Court of International Trade has ruled that certain items are classifiable as toys under HTSUS heading 9503 rather than as festive articles under heading 9505 because despite incorporating ho...Read More


Steel Trade Monitoring Tool to Aid Enforcement and Policy Efforts

13 Sept 2018

The DOC has released a new interactive Global Steel Trade Monitor that will provide extensive and timely steel trade data for the top 20 importing and exporting countries. U.S. Commerce Secretary Ross...Read More


Input Sought on Possible Standards for Pool Pump Motors

13 Sept 2018

The DOE is seeking input by 26 October on a petition submitted by a variety of entities requesting the adoption of mandatory energy conservation standards for dedicated-purpose pool pump motors....Read More


CPSC Recalls Various Products Made in Mainland China

13 Sept 2018

The CPSC has announced the following recalls of products made in mainland China. Products: Dehumidifiers and Barstools....Read More


Legislation Introduced or Passed in the 115th U.S. Congress

13 Sept 2018

From 3 through 9 September 2018, members of the U.S. Congress introduced and/or approved the following international trade-related bills that may have an impact on Hong Kong or mainland China....Read More

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