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“Lame Duck” Legislative Session Begins in Washington

15 Nov 2018

Members of Congress will consider a number of important issues during the “lame duck” legislative session that began on 13 November. The most critical matter facing lawmakers is that only five of the ...Read More


USTR Possibly Considering Labour-Based Section 301 Action Against Mainland China

13 Nov 2018

Early press reports indicate that USTR is considering the possibility of launching a labour-based Section 301 case against mainland China. If these press reports are accurate, USTR could choose to sel...Read More


CBP Issues Guidance on Submitting Imports of Goods Excluded from Steel/Aluminium Tariffs

13 Nov 2018

CBP has provided certain information of potential interest on submitting imports of products excluded from the Section 232 additional tariffs on steel (25 percent) and aluminium (10 percent) products....Read More


USDA Soybeans Report Highlights Falling Exports to Mainland China

13 Nov 2018

USDA’s November 2018 “Oilseeds” report indicates that the small quantities that were shipped after the imposition by Beijing of retaliatory duties have either been diverted to other markets (Vietnam, ...Read More


Democrats Retake House, Republicans Keep Senate in Mid-term Elections

9 Nov 2018

The Democratic Party made considerable gains in the mid-term elections held on 6 November and will control the House of Representatives until at least 31 December 2020, as well as seven or more additi...Read More


Import Measures Imposed on Sawblades Alleged to Evade AD Duties

9 Nov 2018

CBP has determined that there is a reasonable suspicion that an importer is evading the AD duty order on diamond sawblades from mainland China by misclassifying and transshipping covered goods through...Read More


USITC to Study Economic Effects of U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement

9 Nov 2018

The USITC will hold a public hearing on 6 December and will accept input from interested parties by 13 December in connection with a newly initiated investigation into the probable economic effect of ...Read More


Tariff Exclusion Request Process to be Audited by DOC

7 Nov 2018

The processes and procedures used to review and adjudicate requests to exclude specific products from the Section 232 additional tariffs on imported steel and aluminium will be subject to an audit by ...Read More


U.S. Lashes Trading Partners for Challenging Steel and Aluminium Tariffs

5 Nov 2018

The United States rejected this week efforts by several trading partners to pursue litigation at the World Trade Organisation against the additional tariffs it imposed earlier this year on imported st...Read More


Chile Completes Congressional Consideration of Protocol to Modernise Trade Deal with Mainland China

5 Nov 2018

The Chilean Senate approved on 24 October the protocol to modernise the current bi-lateral free trade agreement with mainland China. The deal will next be submitted to the executive branch for its pro...Read More


Mainland Chinese Company Indicted for Economic Espionage

5 Nov 2018

The U.S. Department of Justice announced on 1 November that a federal grand jury has indicted a mainland Chinese state-owned enterprise, as well as a Taiwan-based company and three individuals, for cr...Read More


Brazil Implements Customs Co-operation Agreement with Mainland China

5 Nov 2018

Brazil has implemented the bi-lateral customs co-operation agreement that it signed with mainland China in 2012....Read More


No Exclusions Yet Granted from Additional Tariffs on Mainland Chinese Goods

5 Nov 2018

The Trump administration has received thousands of requests for exclusions from the additional tariffs it has imposed on imports from mainland China but has not yet approved any, according to informat...Read More


Safeguard Petition on Bicycles Reportedly Withdrawn

30 Oct 2018

A U.S. press report indicates that the global safeguard petition filed on 18 October with the USITC against imports of assembled bicycles valued under US$400 from all sources has been withdrawn follow...Read More


Export Restrictions Added for Mainland Chinese Entity

30 Oct 2018

BIS has added one entity in mainland China to the Entity List, which lists entities restricted from receiving U.S. exports of goods controlled under the EAR....Read More


More Open Trade Regime, Bi-lateral Deals Expected in Brazil under Newly Elected President

30 Oct 2018

Brazilian politician and retired military officer Jair Bolsonaro of the Social Liberal Party prevailed in Brazil’s 28 October run-off presidential election with an estimated 55.1 percent of the vote, ...Read More


Prospects for Resolution of Trade Dispute with Mainland China Remain in Doubt as Industry Associations Warn About Negative Impact of Tariffs

29 Oct 2018

Prospects for significant progress in the months ahead to resolve the U.S. trade dispute with mainland China remain very much in doubt despite a recent announcement that Presidents Trump and Xi will m...Read More


Input Sought on Negotiating Objectives for Trade Agreement with Japan

29 Oct 2018

USTR is seeking input by 26 November on the proposed U.S. trade agreement with Japan, including U.S. interests and priorities, in order to develop U.S. negotiating positions....Read More


Think Tank Study Blames U.S. Job Losses on Trade Deficit with Mainland China

25 Oct 2018

The Washington, D.C.-based Economic Policy Institute on 23 October issued a report on the employment effect of the U.S. manufactured goods trade deficit with mainland China. This think tank contends t...Read More


Import/Export Modernisation, Improved Enforcement Among CBP’s Near-Term Priorities

25 Oct 2018

Further enhancing supply chain security, modernising import and export processes, improving trade intelligence and maximising efficiencies are the four major areas CBP will focus on over the next two ...Read More

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