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Temporary General Licence for Exports to Huawei and Affiliates Extended

20 Aug 2019

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security has issued a final rule extending for an additional 90 days, from 20 August through 18 November, the temporary general licence authori...Read More


Temporary General Licence for Transactions with Huawei Set to Expire

19 Aug 2019

The 90-day temporary general licence issued on 20 May by the U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security for transactions with Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. and 68 of its non-U.S. affili...Read More


U.S. Apparel Industry Counters Administration’s Claim that Tariff Delay Will Help Holiday Season Shoppers

19 Aug 2019

The American Apparel & Footwear Association is trying to dispel the notion that the Trump administration’s decision to delay until 15 December the imposition of an additional 10 percent tariff on a ra...Read More


First Self-Initiation of AD/CV Anti-Circumvention Inquiries Targets Corrosion-Resistant Steel

19 Aug 2019

The U.S. Department of Commerce has self-initiated new inquiries to determine whether imports of corrosion-resistant steel products (CORE) completed in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Malaysia, South Africa an...Read More


Export Restrictions Imposed on Four Mainland Chinese Entities, One Hong Kong Entity

14 Aug 2019

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security has issued a final rule that, effective 14 August, adds 17 foreign entities under a total of 19 entries to the Entity List, which list...Read More


U.S. to Impose 10 Percent Tariff on List 4 Products in Two Stages; Certain Goods Exempted

14 Aug 2019

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative has announced that the additional 10 percent tariff that the United States had been expected to impose as of 1 September on virtually all of the remaining U...Read More


New Rule Banning Huawei, Other Firms from U.S. Government Contracts Announced

12 Aug 2019

The U.S. government announced on 7 August the forthcoming publication of a rule to implement a ban on federal purchases of telecommunications equipment from mainland Chinese firms Huawei Technologies ...Read More


Treasury Designates Mainland China as a Currency Manipulator

7 Aug 2019

At the direction of President Trump, the U.S. Treasury Department on 5 August designated mainland China as a currency manipulator just over two months after determining in a report to Congress that Be...Read More


First Batch of List 3 Goods from Mainland China Excluded from Section 301 Tariffs

6 Aug 2019

USTR has announced the first batch of products that will be excluded from the additional 25 percent duty imposed under Section 301 on some US$200 billion worth of imports from mainland China (List 3 g...Read More


U.S. to Impose 10 Percent Additional Tariff on All Remaining Imports from Mainland China on 1 September

5 Aug 2019

President Trump has announced that beginning on 1 September he will impose a 10 percent additional tariff on virtually all of the remaining US$300 billion worth of goods imported from mainland China t...Read More


Increase in Tariff Enforcement Actions Highlights Importance of Compliance

1 Aug 2019

U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports that there was a significant increase in its efforts to enforce trade remedies and other laws in 2018, highlighting some of the risk factors importers need t...Read More


U.S. Seeks to End WTO Flexibilities for Some Countries Claiming Developing Status

1 Aug 2019

A new Trump administration policy seeks to prevent countries that meet certain economic and other indicators from utilising flexibilities for developing countries in World Trade Organisation rules and...Read More


First Batch of List 2 Goods from Mainland China Excluded from Section 301 Tariffs

30 July 2019

USTR has announced the first batch of products that will be excluded from the additional 25 percent duty imposed on 23 August 2018 under Section 301 on some $16 billion worth of imports from mainland ...Read More


WTO Rules on CV Duties Imposed by U.S. on Various Mainland Chinese Products

23 July 2019

The World Trade Organisation Appellate Body ruled in a 104-page decision issued on 16 July that the United States has violated certain multi-lateral subsidy rules and, as a result, it could face retal...Read More


Efforts to Tighten Buy American Requirements in U.S. Government Procurement Continue

19 July 2019

On 15 July, in conjunction with a White House Made in America Product Showcase, President Trump signed his third Buy American executive order proposing new rules to raise the domestic content requirem...Read More


More Tariffs a Possibility Amid Uncertain Prospects for Trade Deal with Mainland China

19 July 2019

The Trump administration’s willingness to strike a trade deal with mainland China is being seen by some observers as increasingly tied to how doing so may affect the president’s chances of winning the...Read More


No Section 232 Import Restrictions on Uranium

16 July 2019

President Trump has declined to impose import restrictions on uranium despite a DOC determination that imports are threatening to impair national security....Read More


Commerce Secretary Comments on Changes to U.S. Export Control Restrictions Aimed at Huawei

16 July 2019

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced on 9 July at the Bureau of Industry and Security’s Annual Conference on Export Controls and Security certain changes to his department’s policy toward mai...Read More


U.S. and Mainland China Agree of End-of-December Deadline to Implement WTO Ruling on Agricultural TRQs

11 July 2019

Mainland China and the United States have agreed that the recommendations of a WTO dispute settlement panel regarding mainland China’s tariff-rate quotas on grain imports will be implemented by the en...Read More


U.S. Government Agencies Outline Expected Regulatory Actions for the Next Six Months

11 July 2019

The various agencies that make up the U.S. federal government recently issued their respective semi-annual regulatory agendas, which include a number of actions of potential interest to Hong Kong and ...Read More

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