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Canada Proposes New Energy Efficiency Standards for Various Products

11 Dec 2018

The Canadian government is proposing to update or establish new minimum energy performance standards and testing standards and reporting requirements to improve the energy efficiency of nine residenti...Read More


Miscellaneous Latin American AD Actions on Mainland Chinese Products

11 Dec 2018

Topics: Brazil Continues to Suspend AD Measures on Steel Flat-Rolled Products and Brazil Extends Deadline to Conclude AD Probe on Cast Iron Pipe....Read More


Canada Considering Restrictions on Talc-Containing Products

7 Dec 2018

Canadian authorities are considering measures that would prohibit or restrict the use of talc in a limited number of product types, such as certain cosmetics, natural health products and non-prescript...Read More


Miscellaneous Latin American AD Actions on Mainland Chinese Products

7 Dec 2018

Topics: Miscellaneous Latin American AD Actions on Mainland Chinese Products; Colombia Amends AD Measure on Cotton Woven Fabrics; Brazil Does Not Find Circumvention of AD Duty Order on Pens;...Read More


Miscellaneous Latin American AD Actions on Mainland Chinese Products

4 Dec 2018

Topics: Mexico’s AD Probe of Polyester Staple Fibre Moves Forward; Brazil Begins Sunset Review on Loudspeakers;...Read More


Argentina Seeks to Unify Customs Verification Procedures, Amends Requirements for Goods Subject to Criterion Values

29 Nov 2018

Argentina has issued a new protocol that aims to unify criteria and define the actions customs agents should follow during the merchandise verification process in order to achieve greater overall cont...Read More


Brazil Announces New Electronic Certification Process for Beverages Trade

29 Nov 2018

Brazil recently announced that the existing certification requirements for imports and exports of beverages will soon be fulfilled electronically, resulting in faster approval times and decreased bure...Read More


Miscellaneous Latin American AD Actions on Mainland Chinese Products

29 Nov 2018

Topics: Colombia Issues AD Duty Order on Steel Wire and Cable; Colombia Amends Preliminary AD Determination on Steel Tube; Argentina Renews AD Duty Order on Unglazed Ceramic Flags and Paving; Argentin...Read More


Brazil Seeks Input on Duty Reductions for 305 Chemical Substances

27 Nov 2018

Brazil is seeking input from interested parties by 21 December on a proposal to lower to two percent the Mercosur common external tariff on 305 chemical substances of HS Chapters 28 and 29. These prod...Read More


Mexico Adopts New Standards for Water Heaters

27 Nov 2018

The Mexican government has adopted new mandatory standards for household and commercial water heaters fuelled by liquified petroleum gas or natural gas with a thermal load no greater than 108 kW....Read More


Miscellaneous Latin American AD Actions on Mainland Chinese Products

27 Nov 2018

Topics: Brazil Begins Sunset Review on Hair Brushes; Brazil Extends Deadline to Conclude AD Probe of Rolling Mill Rolls;...Read More


Canada Carries Out Successful Trade Mission to Mainland China

23 Nov 2018

Canadian federal ministers and premiers for the Atlantic provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador led a multi-sectoral trade and investment mission ...Read More


Miscellaneous Canadian and Latin American AD/CV Actions on Mainland Chinese Products

23 Nov 2018

Topics: Canada Begins Sunset Review of AD/CV Duty Orders on Copper Tube; Mexico Begins Sunset Review on Steel Pipe;...Read More


Canada Makes Final Affirmative AD/CV Determinations on Sucker Rods

21 Nov 2018

The Canada Border Services Agency has made final affirmative determinations in its AD and CV duty investigations of mainland Chinese sucker rods. If the Canadian International Trade Tribunal issues a ...Read More


Canada to Allow Relabelling of Medical Devices after Importation

19 Nov 2018

Canada has amended its regulations for medical devices to permit relabelling of devices after importation and clarify establishment licencing requirements for Class I medical device manufacturers and ...Read More


Canada Adopts New Energy Efficiency Standards for Various Products

15 Nov 2018

The Canadian government has adopted a number of changes to its energy efficiency and labelling regulations in order to further improve the efficiency standards of various products, take further action...Read More


Brazil Lowers Duties on Additional Products

15 Nov 2018

Brazilian authorities have announced the addition of 197 items to a list of foreign capital goods and information technology and telecommunications goods that benefit from duty-free treatment under th...Read More


Argentina Reduces Duties on Coffee Machines, Certain Mixtures

15 Nov 2018

Argentina has incorporated into its domestic legal regime two Mercosur regulations lowering its import duties on certain espresso machines as well as certain mixtures based on odoriferous substances....Read More


Brazil Begins AD Sunset Review on Padlocks

15 Nov 2018

Brazil has initiated a sunset review of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese padlocks classified under NCM 8301.10.00....Read More


Brazil Implements New Mandatory Requirements for Imported Motor Vehicles

13 Nov 2018

Brazil has issued regulations implementing the new mandatory requirements for the importation and sale of new motor vehicles classified in headings 8701 through 8706 that were issued last July....Read More

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