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Colombia Welcomes WTO Determination on Apparel and Footwear Duties

18 Oct 2018

The Colombian government on 5 October welcomed a determination by a WTO panel that Colombia’s revised duties on apparel, footwear and made-up textile products comply with the country’s multi-lateral o...Read More


Brazil Further Facilitates Imports of Regulated Food and Health Products

18 Oct 2018

The Brazilian Health Agency (ANVISA) has adopted a number of measures in recent weeks and months aimed at facilitating the importation of products subject to sanitary oversight. Among other actions, A...Read More


Brazil Modifies Duties on Additional Products

18 Oct 2018

Brazilian authorities have announced the addition of 236 items to a list of foreign capital goods and IT and telecom goods that benefit from duty-free treatment, down from 14 or 16 percent. Many of th...Read More


Argentina Bans Imports of Carbofuran Products

18 Oct 2018

Argentina has banned effective from 9 October 2019 the production and importation of the active substances carbofuran, carbosulfan, diazinon, aldicarb and dicofol, as well as their formulated products...Read More


Mexico Adopts Maximum Mercury and Cadmium Limits in Batteries, New Standards for Tyres

16 Oct 2018

Mexico has established maximum mercury and cadmium limits in batteries and battery packs and will also require batteries to include specific information and to comply with certain other requirements, ...Read More


Canada Imposes Provisional 25 Percent Tariff on Certain Steel Products

15 Oct 2018

Canada has imposed a provisional 25 percent tariff on seven classes of steel products – energy tubular, heavy plate, hot-rolled sheet, pre-painted steel, concrete rebar, wire rod and stainless steel w...Read More


Miscellaneous Latin American AD Actions on Mainland Chinese Products

15 Oct 2018

Topics: Argentina Moves Forward with AD Probe of Cotton Denim Fabric; Brazil Issues Results of Anti-Circumvention Probe of Tableware; Brazil Announces Schedule for AD Sunset Review on Table Fans;...Read More


Miscellaneous Latin American AD Actions on Mainland Chinese Products

11 Oct 2018

Topics: Argentina Preliminarily Finds Dumping on Shock Absorbers for Motorcycles; Brazil Moves Forward with AD Probe of Rolling Mill Rolls;...Read More


Argentina Unveils New Standards for Cement

9 Oct 2018

Shortly after announcing framework technical requirements setting forth minimum standards for construction products sold in the country, Argentinean authorities have unveiled specific quality and safe...Read More


Miscellaneous Canadian and Latin American AD/CV Actions on Mainland Chinese Products

9 Oct 2018

Topics: Mexico Issues AD Duty Order on Micro-Wire for Welding; Mexico Renews AD Duty Order on Coaxial Cable; Argentina Terminates AD Probe of Ceramic Sanitary Ware; Brazil Begins Sunset Reviews on Gar...Read More


Canada Amends Safety Requirements for Playpens

4 Oct 2018

Canada has modified effective 3 April 2019 its mandatory safety standards for playpens by including additional performance requirements and test methods to address unintentional folding or collapse of...Read More


Argentina Updates List of IT Goods Benefitting from Duty-Free Treatment

4 Oct 2018

Argentina recently updated its list of information technology and telecommunications goods, as well as integrated systems containing such products, that may receive duty-free treatment through at leas...Read More


Brazil Will Eliminate Duty on Certain Insecticide Imports

4 Oct 2018

Brazilian authorities recently greenlighted the elimination of the eight percent duty currently in place on insecticides formulated from certain specific active ingredients....Read More


Brazil Further Simplifies Import and Export Procedures

4 Oct 2018

Brazil recently issued a regulation aimed at simplifying and improving the efficiency and agility of import and export procedures....Read More


Brazil Modifies Customs Clearance Process

2 Oct 2018

Brazil has modified its customs clearance process as well as certain aspects of its AEO programme. Average import clearance times are expected to drop from 17 to 10 days after the new customs clearanc...Read More


Argentina Issues Results of Anti-circumvention Reviews of Glass Plates, Tableware/Kitchenware

2 Oct 2018

Argentina has determined that certain glass plates imported from Malaysia are circumventing the AD duty order on subject merchandise from mainland China, but that certain porcelain tableware and kitch...Read More


Canada Makes Preliminary Affirmative AD Injury Determination on Steel Sheet

2 Oct 2018

Canada has made a preliminary affirmative injury determination in its AD investigation of mainland Chinese corrosion-resistant flat-rolled carbon steel sheet products. As a result of this decision, th...Read More


Mexico Begins Sunset Review of AD Duty Order on Ferrosilicomanganese

27 Sept 2018

Mexico has initiated a sunset review of the AD duty order on mainland Chinese high-carbon ferrosilicomanganese classified under HTSMX 7202.11.01....Read More


Argentina Updates List of Capital Goods Benefitting from Preferential Duty Treatment

26 Sept 2018

Argentina recently updated the list of capital goods and IT/telecom goods benefiting from a reduced two percent duty, down from 12 percent or 14 percent. According to press reports, more than 100 tari...Read More


Argentina Sets Criterion Values for Certain Plastic Plates and Sheets

26 Sept 2018

Argentina recently established new criterion values for certain non-cellular plastic plates, sheets, film, foil and strip. Imports with a declared value lower than the criterion value require payment ...Read More

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