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Going Global Via Cross-Border Intellectual Property Services in Greater Bay Area

15 Oct 2019

Mainland firms in Greater Bay Area have been actively expanding their overseas business. But many are prone to getting embroiled in commercial deals that result in IPR or other disputes. With good IPR...Read More


Hong Kong Companies in the GBA (9): From OEM to OBM

10 Oct 2019

From its early days as a conglomerate of small factories in Taiwan, it set foot in Hong Kong, relocated production to the mainland, before developing into a world-renowned OEM manufacturer and buildin...Read More


Food and Beverage Logistics in the UAE: A Hong Kong Success Story

8 Oct 2019

In the UAE, fast-growing population and a growing internationalisation and sophistication in consumer preferences has driven a rise in demand for fresh produce. With consumers demanding healthier, mor...Read More


Accessing the ASEAN Consumer Market: Electronic Accessories (Market Entry Strategies)

30 Sept 2019

The routes to the ASEAN market are becoming more diverse and competitive for imported electronic accessories and gadgets. Selecting a distribution channel is an important aspect of building a competit...Read More


Developments in Western Guangdong and Opportunities for Hong Kong

26 Sept 2019

Of the three prefectural-level cities in Western Guangdong, Zhanjiang and Maoming are relatively well-developed, with an emphasis on heavy and chemical industries, between them contributing 80% of the...Read More


Hong Kong Companies in the GBA (8): The Hong Kong-Shenzhen Synergy in R&D and Application

25 Sept 2019

One of the main issues encountered in dealing with diabetes is how to measure sufferers’ blood sugar level safely, painlessly and efficiently. In order to overcome these problems, the glucose testing ...Read More


Uzbekistan: On the Reform Path

25 Sept 2019

The new Uzbek government has adopted since September 2016 a number of economic liberalisation measures to restore internal and external confidence in Uzbekistan, transforming the double-landlocked Cen...Read More


2019 Export Forecast Review: Heightened Trade Tensions and Challenging Operating Environment Will See Hong Kong Exports Drop 4% in 2019

23 Sept 2019

Amid lingering China-US trade tensions, softening global economic growth and a challenging operating environment, Hong Kong exports continue to lose momentum and are likely to suffer a full-year decli...Read More


Practical Tips for Manufacturing in Bangladesh

23 Sept 2019

Given its large pool of low-cost labour and its status as a major beneficiary of GSP schemes, Bangladesh is an ideal location for Hong Kong manufacturers - especially those in labour-intensive industr...Read More


China Senior Market Case Studies: On Track for High-End Rail Tour Success

12 Sept 2019

According to a HKTDC consumer survey, over 80% of mainland seniors interviewed had travelled in the past year. New-generation elders enjoy visiting new places and are taking after the young by going o...Read More


Accessing the ASEAN Consumer Market: Electronic Accessories (Online Sales Channels)

9 Sept 2019

Online sales channels, including B2C marketplaces and social media, have become a new force in the electronics accessories markets in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Given the young and tech-savvy c...Read More


China’s Cross-Border E-Commerce Sector: The Emerging Business Models

4 Sept 2019

As China’s cross-border e-commerce (CBEC) has been expanding in recent years, a mature market and a developed industry chain have been formed, with Hong Kong playing an important role in the developme...Read More


Hong Kong: The Key Facilitator for US and European Firms Venturing into the Greater Bay Area

3 Sept 2019

HKTDC conducted a joint survey with AmCham HK and EuroCham HK in April-May 2019 on US- and Europe-domiciled companies in Hong Kong to better understand their commercial view of the Greater Bay Area in...Read More


India’s New FDI E-commerce Regulations: The Implications for Hong Kong Businesses

2 Sept 2019

Last year, India modified its foreign direct investment (FDI) regulations relating to its burgeoning e-commerce sector, potentially changing the dynamics of the Indian e-commerce space. Businesses kee...Read More


Hong Kong Companies in the GBA (7): The Branding and e-Commerce Services Provider

29 Aug 2019

Many mainland consumers are buying imported brands through cross-border e-commerce platforms. Founded in Hong Kong, with branches in Shenzhen and Shunde, MY Super eCommerce Co Ltd specialises in brand...Read More


Accessing the ASEAN Consumer Market: Electronic Accessories (Distribution Channels)

26 Aug 2019

The distribution channels for electronic accessories in ASEAN are diverse; each has its own characteristics and is suitable for different product categories. Hong Kong manufacturers and exporters eyei...Read More


China Senior Market Case Studies: Soaring Demand for Elderly Products

22 Aug 2019

As the health condition of most elders is generally good, senior consumption in China is gradually expanding from rehabilitation products to encompass all kinds of goods designed with a senior element...Read More


China Senior Market Case Studies: Opportunities for Innovative Rehabilitation Devices

15 Aug 2019

The health condition of China’s senior population has improved in general. Yet as they age, their physical capabilities inevitably deteriorate. Coupled with the rapidly ageing population, a pent-up de...Read More


Selling to Mainland Consumers through Cross-Border E-Commerce

8 Aug 2019

China’s retail market offers enormous potential, with the boom in e-commerce particularly notable. Given the special characteristics of mainland retail, overseas businesses wishing to tap the market o...Read More


Eye on UAE: Thriving Start-ups and Emerging Opportunities

5 Aug 2019

The UAE not only boasts a healthy economy, but the Emirates also has strong infrastructure and extensive government support for entrepreneurs, offering a host of new possibilities for Hong Kong start-...Read More

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