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China’s Wine Market Consumer Preferences (2): Purchase Channels, Consideration Factors and Preferred Production Region

15 March 2018

The mainland wine market is growing rapidly because consumers have developed the habit of drinking wine at home and at gatherings with friends and relatives. HKTDC Research conducted a survey on China...Read More


Likely Developments in Sino-US Trade Relations in the Midterm Elections Year: Potential Backlash to US Trade Remedy Actions

9 March 2018

Tensions between the US and mainland China reached a new high recently. While Trump readies a full trade arsenal, backlash to US trade remedy actions could range from targeted retaliatory actions to f...Read More


Likely Developments in Sino-US Trade Relations in the Midterm Elections Year: Trump's Trade Arsenal

8 March 2018

The Trump administration’s focus in the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections will likely continue to hinge on “fair” trade. In the coming months, in addition to the conventional trade remedies that ar...Read More


Likely Developments in Sino-US Trade Relations in the Midterm Elections Year: Investigations and Altercations

7 March 2018

The persistent adoption of provocative tactics and the use of confrontational language on the part of the Trump administration – together with the recent punitive tariffs introduced for imported washi...Read More


China’s Wine Market Consumer Preferences (1): Wine Category, Drinking Occasion and Price

5 March 2018

The demand for wine has been steadily growing in China, with increases registered in both the value and volume of wine imports. HKTDC Research conducted a survey on China’s wine market, in order to un...Read More


The Development of the Macau One Platform Strategy

28 Feb 2018

Under the Macau SAR Five-Year Development Plan, Macau is set to take its role as a service platform for commercial and trade co-operation between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries (PSCs) to ...Read More


China’s Social Media Marketing (2): New Strategies for Brands

14 Feb 2018

Traditionally, products pass through a chain of manufacturers, distributors and retailers before they reach consumers. Today, the mobile internet has led to huge changes in the way many industries sel...Read More


Hong Kong Services Support Mainland Enterprises in Going Global

9 Feb 2018

Hong Kong as the world’s freest economy is renowned for its straightforward business environment. Its low tax regime and free flows of capital and information all combine to effectively lower overall...Read More


China’s Social Media Marketing (1): Assistance of Professional Teams in Sales

7 Feb 2018

An increasing numbers of businesses realised the importance of the mobile Internet and social media and wanted to make use of these channels in brand marketing on the mainland. The emergence of KOL an...Read More


Hong Kong Helps Mainland Enterprises Control ODI Risks

1 Feb 2018

Chinese enterprises are devoting greater efforts to developing their business worldwide. Notably, some are seeking investment opportunities in Asian and African countries under the Belt and Road Initi...Read More


Hong Kong as a Platform Facilitating Infrastructure Investment and Financing

25 Jan 2018

OECD said about US$6.9 trillion is needed annually to invest in infrastructure around the globe during 2016-2030 to support sustainable economic development. Indeed, there is marked increase in mainla...Read More


Building a Hong Kong Skincare Brand

24 Jan 2018

JaneClare, a brand created by Laboratory JaneClare, not only makes its skincare products in Hong Kong, but has also based its laboratory and its R&D team in the city. Overall, the full range of the co...Read More


Uncorking Opportunities in China’s Wine Market

18 Jan 2018

Because of his love for wine, Simon Cheung had been keeping a close eye on the wine market. When the opportunity presented itself, he entered the mainland wine market. During his interview with HKTDC ...Read More


Shanghai Company Optimises Financing Structure via Shanghai and Hong Kong Platforms

17 Jan 2018

Hong Kong is the third biggest financial centre according to The Global Financial Centres Index 22. Although Shanghai ranks sixth on this list and has no shortage of financing channels, many Shanghai ...Read More


US Tax Reform and Its Likely Impacts on HK-US Trade and Investment

12 Jan 2018

US President Trump signed the biggest overhaul of the US tax system in more than 30 years into law on 22 December 2017. It’s estimated that the newly-enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will give the bulk o...Read More


China’s Green Shoppers: Purchasing Behaviour

11 Jan 2018

The demand for green products among mainland consumers has been rising in recent years. According to a series of focus group discussions, while more consumers are turning to online sources for the inf...Read More


China’s Green Shoppers: Preferences and Satisfaction Levels podcast

4 Jan 2018

Consumer focus group discussions conducted by HKTDC Research show that mainland consumers’ consumption of all kinds of eco-friendly products is growing. The green items they buy most frequently are fo...Read More


A Warm Christmas for Retailers

29 Dec 2017

The level of Christmas or year-end sales in Hong Kong’s exports markets serves as a barometer of the economic health of individual countries. With 2017 having seen a continued recovery in the global e...Read More


China’s Green Shoppers: Attitudes and Beliefs podcast

21 Dec 2017

As China’s living standards have improved and awareness of issues such as pollution and food safety has grown, Chinese consumers have become more environmentally conscious and more willing to buy gree...Read More


Hong Kong Export Outlook for 2018: Continued World Recovery Supports a Favourable Environment for Exports podcast

18 Dec 2017

Although the world economy may experience some challenges in the coming year, its recovery is expected to stay on course. The HKTDC Export Index survey indicated that the underlying positive export tr...Read More

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