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Certification: The Key to Accessing ASEAN’s Halal Market video

15 Nov 2016

Today, the term "halal" refers to far more than just food that Muslims can consume in strict accordance with Islamic law. It also represents a substantial global business sector. With the global Musli...Read More


Receivable Management in ASEAN Markets video

9 Nov 2016

Companies have shown an increased interest in ASEAN markets in recent years but have to face the risk of bad debts. In order not to forego the chance of opening up ASEAN markets because of the entaili...Read More


Protecting Trademarks and Patents Across the ASEAN Bloc video

31 Oct 2016

The establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community has ushered in the dawn of a single 630-million strong consumer market. However, this will also bring unprecedented levels of competition. All busines...Read More


Hanjin Shipping Bankruptcy Case: The Lessons to be Learnt by Traders

12 Oct 2016

The Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy case has caused billions of dollars’ worth of goods stranded at sea or at port terminals. The chaos to date will possibly be resolved in due course, but the case has ex...Read More


Kazakhstan Welcomes China’s Belt and Road Initiative podcast

20 April 2016

Professor Rafis Abazov from Kazakhstan believes China’s Belt and Road Initiative will reshape regional collaboration in Central Asia. In view of the current economic and political situation in Central...Read More


Clockenflap: Building the Dream and Exporting the Brand podcast

26 Feb 2016

Eight years ago, Clockenflap was a small gathering of music and art lovers. Now the festival is one of the major events on the Hong Kong cultural calendar. Martin Haigh, Chief Sales Officer of Magneti...Read More


Clockenflap: Turning Cultural Collateral into an International Event podcast

2 Feb 2016

Eight years ago, Clockenflap was a small gathering of music and art lovers. Now the festival is one of the major events on the Hong Kong cultural calendar, with plans to export the formula abroad. Mar...Read More


The Rewards and Challenges of the Southeast Asia E-Commerce Market video

29 Dec 2015

Although vast, the Southeast Asia e-commerce market has distinct logistics and payment challenges. Aimone Ripa di Meana, Lazada Crossborder's Chief Executive, outlines his company's initiatives in thi...Read More


Sustainability in the Wood and Paper Supply Chain podcast

9 Dec 2015

In the face of ever more frequent and severe extreme weather events around the world, businesses and consumers have become increasingly aware of green issues. As environmentally-friendly consumerism g...Read More


What Can Lazada Deliver for Hong Kong Suppliers?

2 Dec 2015

Lazada sees itself as the online gateway to Southeast Asia, but what exactly does this entail for businesses in Hong Kong? Aimone Ripa di Meana, Lazada Crossborder's Chief Executive, explains the comp...Read More


Internet of Things to Revolutionise the Lighting Market

20 Nov 2015

One of the most important developments to the industry is that the cities of the future would become smarter on the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is a technology to connect different d...Read More


“The Belt and Road” and Hong Kong’s Economic Transformation and Challenges video

5 Aug 2015

To Hong Kong, the Belt and Road initiative is in one way a cause for joy, but in another, a matter of concern. The reason for rejoicing is that business opportunities brought about by the initiative m...Read More


The Belt and Road and the Reshaping and Adjustment of World Economic Order video

28 July 2015

In the wake of the financial crisis, “de-globalisation” sentiments have spread worldwide and protectionism is on the rise. Not only are import controls proliferating, but highly exclusionary and non-t...Read More


The Belt and Road Initiative and the Opening Up and Sustained Development of the Chinese Economy video

21 July 2015

If the “reform and opening up” in the past 30-plus years have transformed China from a semi-industrialised, closed and centrally planned economy to the world’s top trading country and processing facto...Read More


Guangdong-Hong Kong Cooperation to Scale New Heights podcast

16 June 2015

Under China's “One Belt, One Road” initiative, the building of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Big Bay Area will bring about significant advances in Guangdong-Hong Kong cooperation. Hong Kong, as the on...Read More


Smart Home Becomes the Reality

4 May 2015

The future home will be far smarter thanks to the wider uptake of Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications. Industry players at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair pinpointed a considerable range of business ...Read More


Consumer Market Embraces Wearable Electronics

29 April 2015

Wearable electronics have emerged as desirable items, particularly in the wake of the launch of the Apple Watch and other similar smart timepieces. There are also a variety of other potential opportun...Read More


Crossover Licensing: A Win-Win Online/Offline Opportunity for Retailers video

10 March 2015

With traditional retailers facing increased competition from online vendors and the growing phenomenon of ‘showrooming’, a number of companies have looked to establishing crossover promotion projects ...Read More


Are you ready to license your brand? video

3 March 2015

Are you really ready to be a licensor? What are the key questions you need to ask before committing your brand and your business to the process?...Read More


IoT Helps Tackle Business Upgrade and Online Retail Challenges

4 Feb 2015

Internet of Things (IoT) has come into the limelight in the Consumer Electronics Show recently held in the United States. IoT focuses on connecting all objects embedded with smart sensors and identifi...Read More

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