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Domestic and Overseas Exhibitors Revel in Upbeat Las Vegas Market

11 April 2019

With all talk of tariffs seemingly shunted to the sidelines, the sentiment at the Winter 2019 Las Vegas Market was notably on the positive side, with the 50,000 gathered furniture, home decor and gift...Read More


Automated Systems Suppliers Struggling to Meet Booming US Demand

1 April 2019

Staff shortages, rapid reshoring and the expansion of the US economy have all combined to spur a surge in demand for enhanced automated systems in many North American industries, according to exhibito...Read More


3D Printing Technology Boldly Going Beyond Prototyping Pigeonhole

28 March 2019

Industry now accepts that 3D printers are capable of more than churning out prototypes, according to exhibitors at the Minneapolis Design and Manufacturing Show, with the latest systems capable of del...Read More


High Demand for Branded Cannabis Items at US Promotional Gifts Expo

12 March 2019

With cannabis newly legalised in many US states, there was a rush to supply dispensaries with branded giveaways at the Promotional Products Association International Expo, while many less controversia...Read More


Tariff Talk Concerns Cast Shade Over Largest US Fashion Showcase

26 Feb 2019

While this year's Winter Magic event had lost none of its usual vibrancy, attendees remained preoccupied with the ongoing China-US trade talks, with many concerned as to just what "no deal" would mean...Read More


Mock-Meat Beats AI to be Most-Talked-About Innovation at CES 2019

22 Jan 2019

While AI-enabled smart speakers, walking rescue vehicles and heli-cars all jostled for attention at this year's CES, the world's biggest consumer technology expo, it was high-quality counterfeit cow-i...Read More


Vendors Left Uncomfortable by Slow Sales of Comfortable Clothing

11 Jan 2019

While consumers were clearly putting comfort wear at a premium at the Dallas-held Apparel & Accessories Market, many exhibitors were left distinctly ill-at-ease by the unwillingness to spend demonstra...Read More


US Businesses Hit Out as Trump Tariffs Impact Import-Reliant Sectors

18 Dec 2018

Far from bringing jobs back to the US, while adversely affecting overseas manufacturers, the ongoing US-China trade dispute is driving down exports from domestic manufacturers and challenging the viab...Read More


Brexit, Black Friday and Toys R Not Us: The Toy Fair Season Looms

7 Dec 2018

With the Big Four shows that constitute the 2019 Toy Fair Season already waiting in the wings, it's time to brush up on all those issues that are certain to dominate showroom chat and exhibition stand...Read More


Connectivity Is New Beacon of Hope for LED-Saturated Lighting Sector

5 Dec 2018

With LED power-saving technology now fairly ubiquitous, many lighting industry players at Chicago's LFI Lightfair were looking to connectivity as a way to deliver more value to customers as part of th...Read More


Can Shark Toothbrushes or Stay-On Socks Topple the Mighty Unicorn?

26 Nov 2018

Replacing the ubiquitous unicorn in the affections of the under-fives was the aim of many exhibitors at this year's ABC Kids Expo, but could the one-horned wonder still outshine all the cuddly lemurs ...Read More


Reinvention Turns the Tables at New York Contemporary Furniture Fair

21 Nov 2018

Amid the eclectic range of exhibits that constituted New York's International Contemporary Furniture Fair, recreating the familiar – whether that be in the form of tables, stepladders or showerheads –...Read More


Automation and Southern States Gain as US Production Goes Up a Gear

14 Nov 2018

With labour shortages becoming endemic in certain US manufacturing sectors, production is migrating to the country's less employed southern states and to all-new smart factories, where intelligent sys...Read More


Greeting-Cards Sector Looks to Woo the Young with Digital Delivery

7 Nov 2018

Disenfranchised from the snail mail-delivered conventional missives of old, could the incorporation of augmented reality, as well as digital sound and video links, see many ever-fickle millennials bro...Read More


Cost and System Incompatibility Sees Industry IoT Disconnect Continue

5 Nov 2018

The fear of losing data as legacy systems fail to properly integrate with Internet of Things networks, as well as lingering doubts over return on investment, are still proving bars to the widespread i...Read More


Smart Glasses Lose Out to Luxury Eyewear at Las Vegas Optical Expo

30 Oct 2018

Despite the best efforts of an all-new generation of intelligent eyewear, the spectre of Google Glass' failure is proving surprisingly hard to exorcise, with high-end spectacles still by far the bigge...Read More


'Making it Where It's Worn' Said to be Future of Fashion Production

25 Oct 2018

Could micro-factories – compact, sustainable, on-site production faculties – be the future face of fashion, as shortened-runs, re-shoring and ever-smarter apparel rewrite the industry rulebook for a v...Read More


Non-Glam Automatons and Duller Droids Conquer Californian Robo-Expo

15 Oct 2018

While it's the drones and the self-driving cars that have long-lolled in the limelight, it's the more discreet mechanoids that have made real headway into high-tech manufacturing, digital diagnostics ...Read More


Newly Cost-Conscious US Data Centres Embrace Energy-Saving

27 Sept 2018

With electricity costs a growing issue for the world's expanding number of data centres, better value for money cooling systems, refurbished hardware and processors that do the work of multiple inferi...Read More


Lack of Government Support Not Big Blow for US Wind-Power Industry

26 Sept 2018

While the Trump administration is rolling back state backing for renewable energy, and cutting the restrictions on fossil fuels, many are confident the US wind-power sector has sufficient momentum to ...Read More

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