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Current Affairs and Battery Life Prove the Talk of Detroit Showcase

24 Dec 2019

The challenges involved with contemporary storage cell development were just some of the many things laid bare at Detroit's recent Battery Show, although didn't stop some of the more evangelical exhib...Read More


US Parents Now Prioritising Quality and Sustainability Over Price

27 Nov 2019

When it comes to shopping for junior, many US parents are willing to pay something of a premium if it ensures that nothing non-sustainable or of an inferior quality enters the nursery, according to ex...Read More


Exclusive Fabric Prints Woo US Fashion Buyers But Not At Any Price

5 Nov 2019

While unique, showy prints were keenly sought out by buyers at the recent New York Texfusion fabrics and materials showcase, quality was far less of a major concern than price, at least according to m...Read More


US Ophthalmic Industry Eyes Sustainable Vision as its Future Focus

24 Oct 2019

The outlook for the US ophthalmic sector has a distinctly green tint, according to environmentally minded exhibitors and attendees at the recent Vision Expo West, one of the largest events for North A...Read More


Southern US States Stay Loyal to the Frontier Feel of Yesteryear

9 Oct 2019

From seaside to hearthside, nautical and rustic inspired goods proved to be strong sellers at the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market, while blue was clearly the colour for buyers fro...Read More


Virtual Production Chains and Digital Designerwear Now in Fashion

30 Sept 2019

Digital disruption is coming to the fashion sector, with apps set to upgrade the production chain and "wholly virtual" being the new normal for many couture creations, according to exhibitors at the r...Read More


Sustainable and High-Tech Textiles Set to Head 2020 US Fashion Scene

23 Sept 2019

Sustainability is increasingly important to US textile buyers, according to many exhibitors at this year's New York Premier Vision trade show, although demand also remains robust for high-performance,...Read More


Recommerce Now in Fashion at Rebranded One Magic Apparel Expo

17 Sept 2019

With the Summer Magic event all under one roof for the very first time, this year the focus was very much on shifting business models in order to meet the wholly different expectations of younger, mor...Read More


Lunar Landing Semi-Centenary Helps US Licensed Product Sales Rocket

12 Sept 2019

As well as 50-years of moon mission memorabilia, the recent Las Vegas Licensing Expo also saw new Star Wars merchandise out in Force, Snoopy riding high and the long-awaited Frozen 2 set to trigger a ...Read More


Off-the-Shoulder Look Makes Last Stand at New York Fashion Expo

8 Aug 2019

While the perennial cold-shoulder style was finally seen as heading for the exit door at this year's Project Womens event, florals remained as in demand as ever and there seemed to be something of a g...Read More


Unicorns and Mom-and-Me Outfits Dominate US Kids Clothing Expo

5 Aug 2019

Despite their best efforts, mermaids can't replace unicorns in the affections of young ladies across the US, while matching mum-and-daughter ensembles still outsell dad-and-lad combos, according to ex...Read More


Smart Home Tech and Smart Inventors Dominate US Hardware Expo

26 July 2019

With more gadgets than ever before now linkable into smart residential networks, this was a huge growth area at the National Hardware Show, although there was still space for the odd visionary to wow ...Read More


Real vs Synthetic Debate Reveals Deep Divide in US Diamond Industry

17 July 2019

With artificially-produced diamonds taking up more acreage than ever before at this year's prestigious JCK Las Vegas jewellery expo, opinions as to their merits compared to their conventional counterp...Read More


Bold Acquisitions Show Confidence Remains in High St Toy Retailers

4 June 2019

With both the Early Learning Centre toy retail chain and Hamleys, the UK's most iconic toy shop, having recently been acquired, the ambition and investment plans of their new owners suggests high stre...Read More


Quality and Local Ties Seen as Key to Success in US Franchise Market

20 May 2019

Whether operating escape rooms, home delivering pet food or making gardens easier to manage, maintaining quality control and winning over the local community are essential, according to exhibitors at ...Read More


Tech vs Tactile: Digital and Traditional Toys Slug It Out at NY Show

9 May 2019

While some exhibitors looked to appeal to parents by piquing their children's interests in science and coding, other companies attending this year's New York Toy Show hoped to capitalise on the disill...Read More


Slime, Squishy Corgis and Construction Toys Top US Impulse-Buy List

8 May 2019

Even amid the plethora of merchandise on show at this year's more extensive than ever Las Vegas-set ASD Market Week, certain items – noisy putty and pooch-motifed headrests – managed to achieve a surp...Read More


'Rich Experiences Delivered Simply' Proves Mantra for US Home Expo

29 April 2019

Bold colour combinations, AI-enabled gadgets, innovative solutions for male home aloners, digital care assistants for the elderly and a host of other sparkling innovations were all on offer at the 201...Read More


Domestic and Overseas Exhibitors Revel in Upbeat Las Vegas Market

11 April 2019

With all talk of tariffs seemingly shunted to the sidelines, the sentiment at the Winter 2019 Las Vegas Market was notably on the positive side, with the 50,000 gathered furniture, home decor and gift...Read More


Automated Systems Suppliers Struggling to Meet Booming US Demand

1 April 2019

Staff shortages, rapid reshoring and the expansion of the US economy have all combined to spur a surge in demand for enhanced automated systems in many North American industries, according to exhibito...Read More

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