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Anglo-Involvement Steers Russia's Toy Giant in New Retail Directions

15 Jan 2020

With Detksy Mir now 50% UK-owned, new formats, expansion plans and a fresh e-commerce focus have been unveiled....Read More


Non-Contemporary Gaming Console Sales Soar in Retro-Minded Russia

6 Jan 2020

Nostalgia for 1990's Nintendo clones drives purchases of gaming units that predate fall of the Soviet Union....Read More


Russian E-tailers Step Up Exports Throughout the Former Soviet Bloc

23 Dec 2019

While traditionally seen as an e-commerce destination, Russia is now well on the way to online exporting success....Read More


Smaller and Smarter Healthcare Tech Now Fits in the Palm of the Hand

18 Dec 2019

The world of healthcare is rapidly changing due to IoT, 5G and AI, with the latest innovations on display at the Medica show in Düsseldorf proving no exception to the new golden rule that size, or lac...Read More


While Brexit Still Baffles, UK Entrepreneurs Remain Remarkably Upbeat

17 Dec 2019

With the UK due to exit the EU at the end of January, attendees at a North of England innovation event proved confident about the future, despite confessing they had little idea what the post-Brexit r...Read More


People and Culture Prove Biggest Obstacles to Digital Transformation

5 Dec 2019

Although the technology may prove daunting, it's usually unwilling or poorly trained personnel or an intransient corporate culture that undermine an organisation's attempt to negotiate its way through...Read More


Russia's Goldrush Ends as Costume Jewellery Becomes National Norm

4 Dec 2019

With Russian's love of chunky jewellery on the wane, demand for synthetic gems and imitations pieces has soared....Read More


Future of Cannes Hong Kong Film Week Uncertain After Muted Launch

26 Nov 2019

After coming close to cancelling the event at the last minute, the question is – can Cannes make a go of it in Asia?...Read More


Chances to Climb the Properties' Ladder Abound at UK Licensing Expo

25 Nov 2019

The boom in digital media has seen an explosion in the number of licensed properties, with online-characters competing with cinema and TV icons for T-shirt acreage and plush placements, according to e...Read More


4% Set to Be New Annual Growth Normal for Russia's Electronics Market

19 Nov 2019

Russia's sale of consumer-electronic goods seen as finally entering more stable phase after years of fluctuations....Read More


Cybersecurity and Mobile Purchases Top Bill at UK E-commerce Show

18 Nov 2019

While the UK may be quitting the European Union, it's not yet giving up on the wider world of online sales, with exhibitors and attendees at the recent London eCommerce Expo all keen to burnish their ...Read More


Craft Gins and Crafty Kitchen Tips Beguile BBC Food Show Visitors

11 Nov 2019

Birmingham was the setting for the summer 2019 iteration of the ever-popular BBC Good Food Show, the non-virtual version of one of the veteran British broadcaster's most enduring eating, drinking and ...Read More


Businesses Now Virtually Convinced of Real-World AR and VR Benefits

7 Nov 2019

This year's London-hosted AR & VR World Summit saw augmented reality and virtual reality ditch the 'emerging technology' tag, with attendees convinced they could make a contribution to the bottom line...Read More


Fresh OEM Opportunities as Russian Sportswear Giant Annexes Poland

6 Nov 2019

With Sportmaster acquiring Go Sport's Polish retail network, suppliers expect to see orders soar over the near-term....Read More


Russia Emerges as Europe's Unlikely Card Transaction Frontrunner

29 Oct 2019

Despite being almost card-free 30 years ago, Russians are now among the world's keenest users of payment cards....Read More


E-commerce Set to Dominate Russia's Electronics and Jewellery Sales

22 Oct 2019

With dedicated portals and soaring orders, Hong Kong companies would do well to befriend the new O2O behemoths....Read More


Chinese-Russian Joint Venture Looks to Milk Potential of Far East

14 Oct 2019

As well as tourism and logistics, there are other ways to cream off profits from Russia's Far East region…...Read More


Budapest and Beijing Agree to Fast-track BRI Rail-link Investment

10 Oct 2019

Settling finance package for 150km Budapest-Belgrade track upgrade now designated as high-level priority....Read More


Russia's Digital Education Upgrade Set to Benefit Hong Kong Suppliers

8 Oct 2019

Imported electronics items set to be at a premium as Russia looks to develop the next generation's IT skills....Read More


Record Growth Sees Russian E-Commerce Enter More Mature Phase

2 Oct 2019

With online sales surging 44% year-on-year in the first six months of 2019, confidence in the sector is soaring....Read More

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