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Jewellery Industry Failing to Keep Up with Transformative Technology

18 April 2019

Four industry stars took to the stage at the recent HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show to warn the industry that, compared to other sectors, it is falling behind when it comes to capitalisin...Read More


Homestay Sector Now a Vital Element of Taiwan's Tourism Industry

17 April 2019

With the territory now having more than 8,500 separate homestay facilities, these individual accommodation options are widely credited with having played a major role in sustaining the growth of Taiwa...Read More


TV and Web Content Eclipse Movie Releases for First Time at FILMART

12 April 2019

At this year's HKTDC Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART), something of a shortfall on the cinematic front was more than made up for by a slew of globally bound, multi-language streaming...Read More


Greater Global Standardisation Vital for Mainland Jewellery Sector

8 April 2019

Speaking at the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, Yang Lixin, Director of the Standardisation Office of China's National Gemstone Testing Centre, called on industry players to work more cl...Read More


Unique, Handmade, High-Tech Jewellery Set for Market Domination

2 April 2019

In one of the most well-attended seminars at the recent HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, forecasting guru Paola de Luca highlighted the colours, styles, materials and trends set to beguil...Read More


High-End Instruments Strike the Right Chord at Guangzhou Music Expo

27 March 2019

Purveyors of high-end music instruments were most in tune with the market at this year's Guangzhou International Musical Instruments Exhibition, while there was also robust demand for digital tuition ...Read More


Georgian Wines and Spirits Set to Conquer Asia Via Hong Kong

25 March 2019

Free-trade link makes Hong Kong first port of call for former Soviet republic's export-minded producers....Read More


Five Domestic Shortages Threaten to Derail US-China Tariff Dispute-Driven Repatriation of NT$15 trillion of Overseas Taiwanese Investment

13 March 2019

Although already suffering from the fallout from the protracted US-China trade war, acute shortages of land, power, water, premium talent and manpower are currently deterring many overseas-operating T...Read More


Surprisingly Light Attendance at Shanghai Illumination Showcase

7 March 2019

Although the mainland lighting industry is seen as being in robust health, with its turnover expected to top US$24 billion by 2024, buyers were said to be relatively thin on the ground at the recently...Read More


Rising Costs Marginalise Exported Chinese Textiles in Turkish Market

4 March 2019

Faced with continually rising costs, additional import tariffs, adverse currency fluctuations and low-quality perception, mainland-made fabrics now run the real risk of having an ever-diminishing shar...Read More


Belt and Road Backing Set to Fast-track Kathmandu Monorail Project

28 Feb 2019

US$1 billion project set to cut congestion in the Nepalese capital and interchange with expanded ring-road facility....Read More


Russian Product Labelling System Set to Impact on Hong Kong Exports

22 Feb 2019

Unified Labelling Information System set to be rolled out to consumer electronics, general clothing and other sectors....Read More


Cultural Nuances: The Key to Successful Mainland E-Commerce

20 Feb 2019

When setting about targeting online Chinese consumers with its proprietary sports nutrition range, one UK company found it had an awful lot to learn in terms of matching the e-commerce culture and the...Read More


Taiwan's Rebooted Textiles Sector Set to Benefit Hong Kong Businesses

13 Feb 2019

With Taiwan's reengineered textiles sector set to take a lead in the global functional fabrics segment, there may be a number of collaborative opportunities for Hong Kong businesses on the distributio...Read More


BRI-Backed Power Plant Set to Reduce Cambodia's Energy Shortfall

1 Feb 2019

US$781 million Sesan II hydroelectric facility tipped to cut country's reliance on imported energy as demand soars....Read More


China Suppliers Look for Complementary Role in Turkish Manufacturing

31 Jan 2019

With the country's consumers seemingly ever-more keen to buy domestically produced items, China-based businesses are increasingly looking to trade in raw materials with their Turkish counterparts rath...Read More


China Furniture Manufacturing Sector Soars But Exports Still Priority

25 Jan 2019

Despite a multitude of conflicting industry events, the Shanghai-hosted China International Furniture Expo still sprawled across a record 300,000 sq m of premium exhibition space and attracted more th...Read More


Hong Kong E-Commerce Operators Set to Gain from Russia-China MoU

23 Jan 2019

Hong Kong exempt from greater enforced transparency governing China-Russia cross-border e-commerce deliveries....Read More


Bangladesh's First PPP Project Set to Be Delivered Via BRI Backing

18 Jan 2019

Essential US$364 million Dhaka bypass to be built and operated by Chengdu-based Sichuan Road and Bridge Group....Read More


Taiwan's Machinery Sector Recalibrates in Wake of US-China Trade War

15 Jan 2019

With its two mega-markets at protracted loggerheads, Taiwan's US$35.6 billion machine-manufacturing sector has been forced to weather diminishing demand and empty order books, but is now pinning its h...Read More

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