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Oil Sector Deals Said to Represent First Successes for BRI Strategy

16 Jan 2018

Closer mainland-Saudi Arabia links, as well as fuel independence for southwest China, attributed to BRI....Read More


Philippines' SEZs Set Out to Woo Chinese and Middle East Investors

5 June 2017

Rapid expansion of SEZ sector sees Philippines launch charm offensive to counter shortfall in overseas investment....Read More


Economic Shifts See LBFC Embrace Midshore Role and Sharia Finance

11 April 2017

Labuan, Malaysia's only offshore financial hub, has transformed itself as it looks to take on a lead role across SE Asia....Read More


Fast-growing Middle East Film and TV Sector Seeks Global Markets

28 Feb 2017

Hampered by a lack of funding and a comparative shortage of outlets, the burgeoning Middle East film and TV sector is looking to attract far greater international funding and wider distribution, while...Read More


Iranian Smartphone Market Readies for Post-Sanctions Spending Boom

5 Oct 2015

Iranian consumers are postponing purchases in the expectation of cheaper prices and expanded options once sanctions are formally lifted, while the government continues in its latest bid to stem the fr...Read More


Tehran Traders Adopt 'Wait and See' Approach to Lifting of Sanctions

21 July 2015

Despite positive rumblings following preliminary agreements on curbing Iran's nuclear programme, many retailers at the street-level in Tehran remain unconvinced that the end of 37-years of sanctions a...Read More


Dubai targets Hong Kong's crown as World's Hottest Real Estate Market

16 May 2013

Dubai comes close second to Hong Kong in annual survey of the fastest rising values in the world's real estate markets. Some analysts back the Middle Eastern city to take the number one slot in the 20...Read More


Abu Dhabi builds for tourism

17 Oct 2012

Abu Dhabi is setting to turn itself into a tourism centre with some 20 new hotels to open in the next three years, along with the world’s tallest gate...Read More


Luxury oasis in the Middle East

17 Aug 2012

Luxury goods are receiving an enthusiastic welcome in the Middle East, while the region's wealth is prompting forays into the brand acquisition market...Read More


Saudi capital investment soars

15 June 2012

Saudi Arabia is investing in over US$1 trillion worth of capital projects in the country over the coming months, including construction, transport and energy plants...Read More


UAE firms race for Libya advantage

17 Feb 2012

UAE firms are making the trip to Libya to establish how to be part of the country's re-generation following the civil war last year...Read More


UAE health care pressure

2 Dec 2011

UAE health care professionals are gearing up to greater demand from international and regional firms as the fallout from the Arab Spring tensions continues...Read More


Saudi Arabia aims for the top

18 Nov 2011

Saudi Arabia is to be the location for the world's tallest building, signalling a new round of major construction works in the region...Read More


Middle East steel investment appeal

28 Oct 2011

Investment in steel for use in the Middle East and beyond could bring "returns on opportunity" over the next five years...Read More


Saudi Arabia gets serious on solar

23 Sept 2011

The largest oil producer in the world is progressively turning its attention to solar, with the next step being a renewable energy law this year...Read More


World's biggest mall opens in Iran

9 Sept 2011

The world's biggest mall in terms of retail units opens this month in Iran, with the country's youthful consumers and tourism in mind...Read More


Tourist havens in a conflict zone

20 May 2011

Dubai and Qatar are confident of continuing rises in tourism and traveller numbers despite the civil unrest in the wider Middle East and North Africa...Read More


Dubai outsourcing aims for takeoff

21 April 2011

Opportunities for elevating outsourcing services in Dubai have grown, with the sector looking for investors and clients in the Middle East and Asia...Read More

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