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THAILAND: Four-Year Visas on Offer for Overseas Investors and Professionals in 10 Hi-Tech Sectors

18 Jan 2018

Foreign investors/professionals in 10 high-tech sectors of Thailand are set to be eligible for new four-year SMART Visas, which will entitle the holders to work in the country without the need for any...Read More


PHILIPPINES: FDI Incentives Set to Be Curtailed in Bid to Bankroll Corporate Tax Cuts

18 Jan 2018

The country’s corporate income tax (CIT) rate may be subject to a two-step reduction process under a proposal currently being considered by the Philippine government....Read More


MYANMAR: Used Machinery Import Regime Extended Until End of 2018

16 Jan 2018

The scheme to allow the import of used machinery for use in a manufacturing project in Myanmar has been extended until the end of 2018. Such imports must be originated from developed countries and arr...Read More


VIETNAM: Logistics Sector Now Open to Overseas Investment

15 Jan 2018

Overseas companies are now free to invest in the country’s logistics sector, either by establishing wholly-owned companies or by taking a stake of up to 49% in an existing local business....Read More


CAMBODIA: Employers’ Social Security Contribution Increased to 3.4% of Workers’ Salaries

15 Jan 2018

All companies operating in Cambodia are now required to pay 3.4% of their respective employees’ average monthly salary as a contribution to the National Social Security Fund with the monthly contribut...Read More


INDIA: State Approval No Longer Required for 100% Overseas Ownership of Single Brand Retailers

12 Jan 2018

Overseas investors can now own a 100% stake in single brand retail operations without requiring official pre-approval (that is, through the automatic route)....Read More


INDONESIA: Major Overhaul of Investment Incentives Looms

11 Jan 2018

The country is to review its range of FDI-related incentive schemes amid concerns that many of its current offerings are either too complex for potential investors or out-of-step with the contemporary...Read More


INDONESIA: Police Set to Ensure E-commerce Import Compliance with National Standards

10 Jan 2018

The police may be called upon to ensure that all e-commerce imports comply with the requirements of the Indonesian National Standards (Standardisasi Nasional Indonesia – SNIs) system, according to a r...Read More


VIETNAM: Preferential 2018-2022 FTA Tariffs Announced

9 Jan 2018

The preferential 2018-2022 import tariff rates relating to 10 of the free trade agreements (FTAs) to which Vietnam is a signatory have now been released....Read More


LAOS: Detailed List of Officially Approved Wooden Exports Released

8 Jan 2018

A detailed list of wooden products for export has been released by the Lao government, which includes different types of interior flooring, furniture, carpentry, as well as bamboo and rattan goods....Read More


VIETNAM: HCMC Ports Trial One-Stop Cargo Clearance System

8 Jan 2018

An automated cargo clearance system is being trialled at two of Ho Chi Minh City’s (HCMC) port facilities – the Lotus Port and the SP-ITC International Container Terminal....Read More


LAOS: Overseas Tour Companies Urged to Hire Local Guides/Operators to Avoid Fines

5 Jan 2018

Overseas tour companies operating in Laos could now face fines if they fail to hire the services of local tour guides. Further, they are liable for penalty if found to have conducted package tours in ...Read More


INDONESIA: Incorporation Process for FDI-Backed Businesses Cut to 24 Hours

5 Jan 2018

Overseas-backed limited companies can now be established in just 24 hours under the country’s newly-adopted Investment Registration (Pendaftaran Investasi or PI) system....Read More


SAUDI ARABIA: 5% VAT Now Payable on Goods and Services

4 Jan 2018

VAT of 5% is now payable on all goods/services in Saudi Arabia, except some specified exemptions. Among the products/services deemed to be exempt (or zero-rated) are medicines and certain high-purity ...Read More


VIETNAM: Foreign Currency Loan Scheme for Exporters Extended Until December 2018

4 Jan 2018

The scheme to entitle Vietnam-based exporters to foreign currency denominated loans has now been extended until 31 December 2018 from the end of 2017 previously. The State Bank of Vietnam, which manag...Read More


MYANMAR: Daily Minimum Wage Set to Increase to US$3.5

2 Jan 2018

The daily minimum wage in Myanmar is set to increase from Kyat 3,600 (US$2.6) to Kyat 4,800 (US$3.5) following a formal endorsement by the union government....Read More


MYANMAR: Condominium Development Sector Opened Up to Overseas Investors

22 Dec 2017

For the first time, overseas-based companies and individuals have been cleared to invest in condominium development projects....Read More

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