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PHILIPPINES: Daily Minimum Wage Raised to US$10 in Metro Manila

16 Nov 2018

The daily minimum wage for non-agricultural workers in the Metro Manila region is to increase from P512 (US$9.5) to P537 (US$10) by the end of this month....Read More


MALAYSIA: Property Gains Tax Hiked to 10% for Corporate and Overseas Owners

15 Nov 2018

As of 1 January next year, the 5% Real Property Gains Tax currently payable on assets held for five years or more will be raised to 10% for all companies and overseas nationals....Read More


MALAYSIA: Overseas Online Service Providers to be Taxed as of January 2019

14 Nov 2018

Overseas companies providing online services to Malaysia-based users are to be obliged to register with the country’s customs authorities for the payment of a service tax....Read More


LAOS: Online Tax Return System Makes Limited Debut

13 Nov 2018

Businesses and individuals in certain designated provinces and districts are now able to file their tax returns via the Ministry of Finance’s recently-launched online platform – the Tax Revenue Inform...Read More


THAILAND: Designated Exports Lose Duty-Free Access to US Market

12 Nov 2018

As of 1 November this year, duty-free access to the US market has been rescinded for a wide range of the country’s exports....Read More


MYANMAR: Six Month Deadline Announced for Local Language Labelling of Imports

9 Nov 2018

After 26 April next year, it will be illegal to sell imported goods in any one of the nine categories unless local language labelling is attached....Read More


PHILIPPINES: Financial and Education Sector Opened Up to 100% Overseas Investment

8 Nov 2018

Following a review of the country’s Foreign Investment Negative List (FINL), businesses in a number of additional sectors have been cleared to be 100% overseas-owned, including higher education (with ...Read More


MALAYSIA: All US$5,980+ Cash Transactions to be Reported as of 1 January 2019

7 Nov 2018

All banks and casinos in Malaysia will be obliged to report cash transactions of RM25,000 (US$5,980) or above as of 1 January next year....Read More


INDONESIA: 0.5% Corporate Income Tax Levy Mooted for E-Commerce Operators

6 Nov 2018

All e-commerce businesses operating in the country are to be obliged to obtain a tax identification number (NPWP) and file self-assessed income tax returns....Read More


VIETNAM: Tax Cut Mooted for All Domestically-Produced Automotive Parts

5 Nov 2018

A tax cut on all locally-produced automotive parts has been proposed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) as a mean of helping to develop a local supply chain for the country’s emerging automo...Read More


THAILAND: Factory Licences Extended Indefinitely in Bid to Curb Corruption

2 Nov 2018

The validity of factory licences across the country is to be extended indefinitely under the terms of a proposed amendment to the Factory Act of 1992....Read More


INDIA: Variable Anti-Dumping Duty Imposed on Flax Yarn of China Origin

1 Nov 2018

Certain flax yarn imports originating from China will now be subject to anti-dumping duty (ADD) at a rate of US$1.30-US$4.83 per kg....Read More


MALAYSIA: Overseas Worker Tax to Rise as All Non-Malaysian Employees Become State-Managed

31 Oct 2018

The tax payable by overseas workers will rise by at least 20% next year following the introduction of a multi-tiered levy system....Read More


VIETNAM: Stricter Regime Adopted for All Frozen Meat Products

30 Oct 2018

Under the terms of new regulations, jointly issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST, all frozen meat products must be certif...Read More


MYANMAR: Online Corruption-Proof Tax Payment System Set for 2019 Launch

29 Oct 2018

An online tax payment facility is to be introduced in 2019, superseding the current paper-based process, which is said to be open to systematic abuse on the part of both tax payers and officials....Read More


INDONESIA: Monthly Minimum Wage Set to Rise by 8.13%

26 Oct 2018

An 8.13% increase in the minimum monthly wage is to be implemented as of 1 January next year. As the minimum wage varies by region across the country, the increase will show a similar variance in real...Read More


CAMBODIA: EU Threatens to End Duty-Free Export Access Over Human Rights Concerns

25 Oct 2018

The EU is considering ending the duty-free status granted to Cambodia’s exports over growing concerns with regard to the ongoing human rights violations in the Southeast Asian nation....Read More


INDIA: Duty Doubled on Telecom Imports in Bid to Boost Make in India Initiative

24 Oct 2018

The import duty on a range of telecommunication products has been doubled to 20% as the government looks to reduce overall import levels while boosting domestic production in line with the aims of the...Read More


MYANMAR: New Investment Plan Designed to Boost FDI and Enhance Business Environment

23 Oct 2018

The newly-unveiled Myanmar Investment Promotion Plan 2018 (MIPP) is intended to nurture a three-phase increase in FDI over the next 18 years....Read More


INDIA: End Looms for Direct In-Port Collection of Imported Cargo Containers

22 Oct 2018

In a bid to end congestion at India’s ports, containerised cargo is set to be transported for processing to external Container Freight Stations (CFS) within 24 hours import....Read More

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