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MYANMAR: Overseas Investors Allowed to Hold Maximum 35% Stake in Local Banks

14 Feb 2019

Overseas investors are to be permitted to hold a stake of up to 35% in any of the country’s licenced local banks....Read More


MYANMAR: Database of Pre-Approved PPP Infrastructure Projects Set to Go Online

8 Feb 2019

A state-run database of pre-approved infrastructure projects open for overseas investment under a public-private partnership arrangement is set to go online....Read More


VIETNAM: Certificate of Origin Procedures Amended for Trans-Pacific Partnership Signatories

4 Feb 2019

When exporting to any of the 10 fellow signatories under the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), local businesses will be obliged to follow new procedures in...Read More


CAMBODIA: Export/Import Port Inspection Regime Further Streamlined

1 Feb 2019

Export and import goods are no longer to be subjected to port inspection by the Kampuchea Shipping Agency and Brokers, a state-managed freight forwarding agency....Read More


MALAYSIA: Overseas Investors in Northern Johor Set for Five-Year Tax Breaks

31 Jan 2019

Overseas investors will be exempt from corporate income tax for up to five years if they opt to invest in projects based in the less-developed northern districts of Johor, the country’s fifth largest ...Read More


PHILIPPINES: Importers Now Subject to Post-Clearance Customs Audit

29 Jan 2019

Importers may now be liable to a separate audit after their goods have been cleared by the Bureau of Customs (BOC). Any such importer will also be obliged to provide BOC officials with all relevant im...Read More


CAMBODIA: Three-Year 50% CIT Cut Mandated for Publicly-Listed Companies

25 Jan 2019

Companies listed on the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX), the country’s national bourse, will now have their corporate income tax (CIT) liability cut by 50% for a period of three years from the date...Read More


INDONESIA: Tax and Duty Incentives Mooted for Ancillary Electric Vehicle Sector

24 Jan 2019

Duty on the import of electric vehicles (EVs) is set to be abolished, although a formal date for the move has yet to be announced....Read More


CAMBODIA: Streamlined Border Inspection Mooted for Export and Import Goods

21 Jan 2019

Streamlined import and export processing procedures are to be introduced at the country’s border crossings. Among the planned changes is the removal of the requirement for all imports and exports to b...Read More


LAOS: Imported Machinery and Capital Goods Duty Waivers Application Procedure Announced

18 Jan 2019

The statutory procedures for claiming duty and VAT waivers on machinery and raw materials imported for use in export-oriented manufacturing in certain state-designated priority sectors have now been a...Read More


INDIA: Enhanced Regulation Planned for Import of Duty-Exempt E-Commerce Gift Items

17 Jan 2019

The duty-free import of consumer products as gifts via e-commerce channels is set to be subject to enhanced regulation following concerns that this loophole is currently being exploited for commercial...Read More


PHILIPPINES: Businesses Exporting to EU Granted Right to Self-Issue Certificates of Origin

15 Jan 2019

Companies exporting from the Philippines to the European Union (EU) under the terms of the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) programme can now self-issue the required Certificates of Origin (COO...Read More


MYANMAR: Overseas Life Insurance Businesses Invited to Bid for Operating Licences

11 Jan 2019

The country’s insurance sector is now open for foreign direct investment (FDI). In line with this, the government has now formally announced its operational strategy and called for expressions of inte...Read More


INDONESIA: Independent Directors No Longer a Prerequisite for Publicly-Listed Companies

10 Jan 2019

Companies are no longer required to name an independent director or commissioner in order to successfully list on the Jakarta-based Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)....Read More


THAILAND: Online Settlement System Introduced for Customs Liabilities

4 Jan 2019

All customs payments – including export/import levies and air cargo/port fees – can now be made via the online banking services of one of four of the country’s leading banking groups: Bangkok Bank (B...Read More


VIETNAM: Regulations Relaxed to Maximise Overseas Participation in Privatisation Process

3 Jan 2019

Overseas investors are to be permitted to submit foreign currency deposits when bidding to acquire a stake in any of the country’s State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs)....Read More


MYANMAR: Country’s First Official Credit Bureau Promised Within 12 Months

27 Dec 2018

The country is aiming to establish an official credit bureau over the next 9-12 months, giving local banks and financial institutions access to the financial history of potential domestic borrowers fo...Read More


MYANMAR: Overseas Insurance Companies to be Offered April 2019 Operating Licences

24 Dec 2018

The Ministry of Planning and Finance is to call on overseas-owned insurance companies to bid for April 2019-commencing operating licences....Read More


LAOS: Application Procedures Announced for Proof of Capital Import Certificates

20 Dec 2018

The Bank of the Lao PDR (BOL), the country’s central bank, has announced the required application procedures for a Certificate of Capital Importation (CCI), the document overseas investors are obliged...Read More


CAMBODIA: Factory Inspections Set to Rise Despite Reports of Improved Working Conditions

19 Dec 2018

The country’s Labour Ministry is to step up its factory inspection programme in a bid to provide enhanced monitoring of working conditions in the garment sector....Read More

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