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MYANMAR: FDI Projects Obliged to File Performance Report for Each Financial Year

19 June 2018

Annual performance reports must be filed within three months of the end of the financial year for all the country’s FDI-backed projects, according to a new directive from the Myanmar Investment Commis...Read More


INDONESIA: One-stop Export / Import Portal Goes Live

15 June 2018

Export / import permits and cargo clearance can now be secured via the Indonesia National Single Window, the country’s new trading portal. With all documents submittable online, the relevant data is s...Read More


LAOS: Application Procedure for New National Standards Accreditation Announced

12 June 2018

Companies looking to secure the rights to certify their products as in compliance with the country’s newly-introduced National Standards system must first secure a permit from the Department of Standa...Read More


UAE: Dubai and Abu Dhabi Introduce Range of Investment-Boosting Incentives

11 June 2018

Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the two most populous emirates, have separately unveiled a range of incentives designed to boost their appeal to overseas investors....Read More


VIETNAM: 60 Day Turnaround Mandated for Re-Export Goods in Bid to End Illicit Food Imports

29 May 2018

Goods imported for re-export now need to be processed and dispatched within 60 days, with any instances of non-compliance punishable by the sequestration and destruction of the goods in question....Read More


INDONESIA: Projects with FDI Backing Below US$35 Million Set for 50% CIT Cut

25 May 2018

A 50% cut in corporate income tax, over a five-year period, is on offer for all new FDI projects valued in the Rp100 billion (US$7.16 million) to Rp500 billion (US$35.2 million) range....Read More


INDIA: Ban Lifted on Use of Overseas Vessels for Domestic Cargo Transportation

25 May 2018

In a major policy change, overseas-owned merchant ships are to be permitted to transport containerised cargo between any two Indian ports....Read More


UAE: 10-Year Visas on Offer to Overseas Investors and Medical and Technical Professionals

24 May 2018

New 10-year residency visas are on offer to overseas investors, as well as to certain professionals with a high level of experience, including scientists, engineers and doctors....Read More


VIETNAM: Minimum Equity Requirement Raised to 20% for PPP Investors

23 May 2018

The minimum equity requirement for private investors in public-private partnership (PPP) projects requiring investment capital of up to VND 1,500 billion (US$66 million) is to increase from its presen...Read More


LAOS: National Initiative to Improve Investment Environment Launches 1 July

21 May 2018

All applications for an Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC) must now be processed within 10 working days by the relevant local government agency....Read More


INDONESIA: Eight Additional Ports Granted International Status

17 May 2018

Eight additional ports are to be granted international status - Muara Sabak (Jambi province); Ciwandan, Cigading, and Merak Mas (Banten province); Belinyu and Tanjung Pandang Bangka Belitung Islands p...Read More


MYANMAR: Overseas Investors Now Free to Run Wholesale and Retail Businesses

16 May 2018

Overseas investors are now free to trade in all legal goods on both a retail and wholesale basis. This entitlement extends across all imported and domestically-manufactured goods and can be conducted ...Read More


THAILAND: Tax Exemptions Look to Woo Smart City and Logistics Investors

15 May 2018

The Board of Investment has unveiled a range of Corporate Income Tax (CIT) related incentives for would-be investors across a number of sectors, including smart city development, logistics operations ...Read More


VIETNAM: Deadline for Cut in Formaldehyde and Aromatic Amines Levels in All Textiles Postponed Until 2019

8 May 2018

The deadline for cutting the level of formaldehyde and AZO dye-derived aromatic amines in all textile products sold in the country has been extended until 1 January 2019....Read More


VIETNAM: Self-Issued Certificates of Origin Mandatory for EU GSP Exports from 2019

7 May 2018

From 2019 onwards, all companies exporting to the European Union (EU) under the terms of the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) programme will be obliged to self-issue Certificates of Origin (COO...Read More


UAE: Gold and Precious Metal Traders Exempt from VAT Liability

4 May 2018

Traders in diamonds and a number of 99% pure precious metals, including gold, silver and platinum, are to be exempt from the country’s 5% VAT charge....Read More


LAOS: One-Stop Investment Registration Service Launched

3 May 2018

Overseas investors can now apply for an Enterprise Registration Certificate or a Concession Registration Certificate via a new one-stop service launched by the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI...Read More


CAMBODIA: Importers of Travel Goods to the US Set for Levy Refund

2 May 2018

Any companies that have exported Cambodian travel goods to the US may be entitled to a refund on all duties levied between 31 December 2017 and 22 April 2018....Read More


BANGLADESH: Official Pre-Approval Now Mandatory for Import of IoT Devices

30 April 2018

Any business importing Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices with a power output capacity of more than 2W is now obliged to secure prior approval from the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Co...Read More


THAILAND: Minimum Paid-Up Capital Cut by 50% for Digital Payment Services Providers

25 April 2018

Companies looking to establish themselves as digital payment services providers (PSPs) now only need to have paid-up capital of Baht 100 million (US$3,175,540), just half of the Baht 200 million previ...Read More

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