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VIETNAM: Government Urges Social Media Advertising Boycott in Bid to Purge Dissident Content

23 March 2017

The government has called for a boycott of social media advertisement until such platforms are free of any or all anti-government content. Already several multinational companies with operations in Vi...Read More


VIETNAM: 40 FDI Projects Lose Licence Over Excessive Delays and Lack of Progress

10 March 2017

The investment permits for 40 FDI Projects have been cancelled. All of the projects were based in the southern Dong Nai province, not far from Ho Chi Minh City, and all had either been abandoned or su...Read More


INDIA: Accelerated Trademarking Process Cuts Paperwork While Increasing Fees

8 March 2017

The number of application forms required to register a trademark in India has been slashed from 74 to just eight, as the government looks to streamline this once notoriously lengthy process....Read More


VIETNAM: 20% Cap on Lending Rates Set to be Abolished

6 March 2017

The 20% cap on lending rates for banks and other credit agencies in Vietnam is to be abolished as of 15 March. In line with a directive from the country’s central bank, lenders will now be free to agr...Read More


CAMBODIA: Two-Year Corporate Tax Exemption on Offer to SMEs that Opt to Go Legit

1 March 2017

SMEs that voluntarily register with Cambodia’s General Department of Taxation (GDT) before the end of 2018 are to be exempt from Corporate Income Tax (CIT) for two consecutive years....Read More


INDONESIA: SMEs and Professionals Targetted During Closing Weeks of Tax Amnesty

14 Feb 2017

With its nine-month tax amnesty set to end on 31 March, the Indonesian government is focussing on SMEs and professional individuals over the closing weeks of the initiative....Read More


INDIA: Foreign Investment Promotion Board Scrapped as FDI Regime Faces Further Liberalisation

9 Feb 2017

With the country’s Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) now set to be scrapped, all future FDI proposals requiring prior government approval will be solely handled by the relevant ministries....Read More


MYANMAR: Jail Threat to Resident Foreigners Absent from Registered Address for 24 Hours or More

7 Feb 2017

Resident foreigners will need to seek prior approval from their local immigration office prior to taking any trip within the country that sees them absent from their registered address for 24 hours or...Read More


MYANMAR: Illicit Export Earnings Targetted in Government Crackdown

27 Jan 2017

The export earnings of all businesses are to be subject to greater scrutiny, with legal action likely against any company that fails to properly declare such transactions....Read More


CAMBODIA: Undeclared and Underpaid Tax Amnesty to End on 1 April

26 Jan 2017

Businesses with underpaid or undeclared tax liabilities dating back over the last three years will face no penalty if they declare any omissions before 1 April....Read More


INDIA: Cash Transactions Set to be Taxed in Bid to Boost Digital Payments

26 Jan 2017

All cash transactions with a value of more INR 50,000 (US$733) are to be taxed under new government proposals. The legislation also looks to abolish transaction charges on credit and debit card paymen...Read More


INDIA: Imported Telecom Products to Undergo Government Screening from 1 April

5 Jan 2017

Telecom equipment imported into India is to be subject to security screening at government-affiliated laboratories. Beginning as a pilot scheme from 1 April, the first phase will focus on any telecom ...Read More


CAMBODIA: New Customs Seal Introduced for Imported Smartphones, Watches and Liquor to Combat Counterfeiting and Smuggling

5 Jan 2017

All smartphones, watches and liquor products imported into Cambodia with a value of US$50 or more will now have to bear a seal issued by the customs department....Read More


MYANMAR: Ban on Used Vehicle Imports Set to Boost Domestic Automotive Industry

4 Jan 2017

Vehicle imports to the country are now restricted to right-hand drive models manufactured post-2015. While the move has been seen as a blow to Myanmar’s second-hand car market, it is expected to provi...Read More


LAOS: Labour Shortages Prompt Re-Opening of Overseas Worker Registration Programme

3 Jan 2017

Unauthorised foreign workers in Laos have been given a new opportunity to go legit, with labour shortages forcing the government to re-open its registration scheme....Read More


INDIA: Services at State-run Ports Opened Up for Tender by Private Operators

22 Dec 2016

The country’s 12 major state-run ports are now open to bids from private companies looking to take on responsibility for individual areas of port operation, such as cargo-handling....Read More


CAMBODIA: Monthly Minimum Garment Wage to Be Rolled Out Across Other Industry Sectors

20 Dec 2016

The US$153 monthly minimum wage, recently announced as mandatory in Cambodia’s country’s garment and footwear industry, is to be rolled out across other business sectors....Read More


THAILAND: End of Year Purchases Qualify for Income Tax Deductions in Bid to Boost Consumer Spending

14 Dec 2016

A maximum income tax deduction of Thai Baht 15,000 (US$420) is now available on the purchase of all goods and services up until 31 December 2016....Read More


INDIA: 15% Service Tax Imposed on Online Content Regardless of Service Provider Location

8 Dec 2016

Access to overseas-owned online databases will now be subject to a 15% service tax in India. Under new regulations, the tax will come due based on the location of the user rather than the location of ...Read More


INDONESIA: Fast-track Visa Processing Curtailed Under Illicit Payment Crackdown

5 Dec 2016

Overseas workers and visa agents will no longer have the option of fast-tracking visa applications in Indonesia. The ruling, which comes into immediate effect, ends the previous practice of applicatio...Read More

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