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LAOS: Online Export-Import Licence Processing Set to be Made Mandatory

16 April 2019

The manual processing of import/export licences as well as permits for the transit/import of goods for re-export is to be phased out....Read More


MYANMAR: Mobile Phone Sales Liable for 5% Surcharge as of 1 June

12 April 2019

As of 1 June this year, a tax of 5% is to be imposed on all mobile phone handsets and accessories sold in the country. The levy will be calculated on the sales value of each item and charged to the re...Read More


INDONESIA: Mandatory Registration and Testing Introduced for Hazardous Products

10 April 2019

As of 14 August 2019, all electrical and electronic devices (as well as any items containing hazardous chemicals, such as rubber footwear, crayons or mattresses) need to be subjected to safety testing...Read More


INDONESIA: E-Commerce Tax Regulations Rescinded

9 April 2019

Moves to ensure the country’s online traders had the same tax obligations as more conventional businesses have been put on hold following a climbdown by the Finance Ministry....Read More


VIETNAM: Corporate Income Tax Cut Mooted in Bid to Boost SME Sector

8 April 2019

A move to cut Corporate Income Tax (CIT) from 20% to 15-17% for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) has been mooted by the Finance Ministry....Read More


MYANMAR: First Occupational Safety and Health Law Enacted

4 April 2019

Domestic and overseas companies, including joint ventures, now all fall within the remit of the country’s first Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Law, which was recently passed by the country’s par...Read More


CAMBODIA: Domestic Currency Use Mandatory for Tax Invoices from 1 April

2 April 2019

As of 1 April 2019, individuals and businesses will be obliged to issue tax invoices only in Riel, the domestic currency. While they will be permitted to continue using the US Dollar (which is widely ...Read More


LAOS: Business and Tax Registration Procedures Set to be Integrated

20 March 2019

Newly-set up businesses in Laos will no longer be required to apply separately for registration with the country’s tax authorities and for obtaining the 12-digit Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)....Read More


LAOS: Phase One of Intellectual Property Registration Portal Goes Live

11 March 2019

A new online service for registering intellectual property rights is currently under-development. The initial phase of the system – the IP Information Portal – is now up and running, but is restricted...Read More


INDIA: Local Registration and Data Storage Mooted for All E-Commerce Platforms

8 March 2019

All overseas e-commerce platforms offering products for purchase by local consumers will be obliged to register as business entities within the country should its Draft National e-Commerce Policy be a...Read More


INDIA: Proof of Registered Office Location Made Mandatory in Shell Company Crackdown

7 March 2019

As part of the government’s ongoing crackdown on the prevalence of shell companies, all currently-active companies (including all those that were incorporated in the country on or before 31 December 2...Read More


INDIA: Raft of Incentives Announced for Investors in Electronics Sector

6 March 2019

A raft of new incentives is now on offer to prospective investors in the country’s export-oriented electronics manufacturing sector...Read More


INDONESIA: Ministry Calls for Domestic Products to be Featured on All Online Platforms

5 March 2019

The country’s e-commerce operators may soon be obliged to feature domestic products on all platforms....Read More


VIETNAM: Domestically-Produced Auto-Parts Set to be Exempt from Special Consumption Tax

1 March 2019

The Ministry of Finance has proposed abolishing the Special Consumption Tax (SCT) on all locally-produced automotive parts destined for use in the assembly of vehicles with a maximum of nine seats....Read More


INDIA: Survey Set to Produce Domestic Size Chart for Readymade Garment Industry

25 Feb 2019

In March this year, the government is planning to conduct a nationwide sizing survey with the intention of establishing a standardised size chart for the domestic readymade garment industry....Read More


VIETNAM: Corporate Tax Incentives Introduced for Science/Technology Businesses

22 Feb 2019

Science and technology-oriented businesses are to be exempt from corporate income tax (CIT) for four years and then offered a 50% CIT cut for a further nine years....Read More


INDIA: Randomised Online Tax Return Reviews Introduced in Anti-Corruption Move

19 Feb 2019

The country’s Income Tax Department is planning to introduce a randomised online system for reviewing tax returns....Read More


SRI LANKA: Port Service Fees Now Payable Online

15 Feb 2019

All fees for shipping-related services at any of the country’s ports managed by the Sri Lanka Port Authority (SLPA) can now be paid online, 24-hours-a-day, via the Commercial Bank of Ceylon’s payment ...Read More


MYANMAR: All Businesses Required to Re-Register Existing Trademarks

13 Feb 2019

In line with international best practice, the country is set to abolish its existing first-to-use trademark registration system and adopt a first-to-file system....Read More


LAOS: Business Incorporation Time Cut from 174 Days to Less Than 60

12 Feb 2019

In a bid to streamline the paperwork required for the incorporation of a business, the number of required procedures has been cut from 10 to just four....Read More

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