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China Issues Updated Catalogue of Prohibited Electromechanical Imports

18 Jan 2019

A revised Catalogue of Used Electromechanical Products Prohibited from Import came into effect as of 1 January this year....Read More


China Releases 2019 Import/Export Licensing Catalogues

17 Jan 2019

The 2019 editions of three key import/export directories have now been published, with these new editions superseding any earlier volumes....Read More


China Revises Non-Resident Income Tax Regime

15 Jan 2019

Offshore income earned by non-domiciled mainland residents will now be tax-free, according to a recently-issued State Council directive....Read More


China Confirms Changes to Provisional Import-Export Tariffs

14 Jan 2019

The provisional import and export tariffs on a range of goods were revised as of 1 January this year in line with a prior announcement by the State Council Customs Tariff Commission....Read More


China Releases Updated Commodity Classifications

10 Jan 2019

The General Administration of Customs (GAC) has recently issued classification decisions on certain commodities as well as the rescindment of certain others....Read More


China Announces National Adoption of Market Access Negative List

9 Jan 2019

Following a 15-region trial, an updated Negative List has been issued for national use....Read More


Shenzhen Adjusts Chargeable Rates for Enterprise Income Tax

7 Jan 2019

The State Administration of Taxation (SAT) Shenzhen Tax Service has recently issued an announcement setting forth the chargeable rates of income for enterprise income tax on assessment basis for diffe...Read More


Hainan Rolls Out Business Environment Optimisation Measures

3 Jan 2019

Hainan has introduced a number of measures aimed at boosting business across the province. Among the changes is a reduction in the time needed to register a new business, as well as the separation of ...Read More


Dongguan Announces Arrangements for Shared Registered Office Facility

2 Jan 2019

Multiple start-ups will now be able to share the same business address, in line with an announcement by Dongguan’s municipal authorities....Read More


China Ends Import Licence Requirement for 118 Industrial Products

2 Jan 2019

As of 1 January 2019, some 118 industrial and automotive products, including turbines and a range of chemical, paper and textile manufacturing equipment, will no longer require import licences, accord...Read More


Hong Kong-Origin Mainland Imports Granted Zero-Tariff Status

31 Dec 2018

From 1 January 2019, goods of Hong Kong origin will be entitled to zero-tariff status and faster customs clearance when imported to Mainland China....Read More


China Clarifies Requirements of Upcoming Cross-Border E-Commerce Regime

28 Dec 2018

Details of the new cross-border e-commerce import regulations (due to come into effect as of 1 January 2019) have been clarified in a recent joint circular issued by the Ministry of Commerce, the Nati...Read More


Mainland E-Commerce Operators Face 1 January Registration Deadline

21 Dec 2018

The majority of e-commerce operators active on the mainland have until 1 January next year to register with the appropriate local government department....Read More


State Council Offers Additional Tax Incentives to Venture Capital Firms

20 Dec 2018

As of 1 January 2019, partners in venture capital companies will pay income tax at 20% on dividends and share transfers should their firms opt to calculate taxes as single investment funds....Read More


China Postpones Additional US Tariffs Until 31 March 2019

19 Dec 2018

Additional tariffs on US imports to China are to be suspended following a meeting between the leaders of the two countries. As a consequence, the proposed tariff increases on 211 categories of US good...Read More


Guangdong Streamlines New Business Establishment Procedures

18 Dec 2018

The Guangdong Provincial Administration for Market Regulation has issued new guidelines intended to reduce the time required to establish a new business within the province....Read More


China Expands Cross-Border E-Commerce Scope and Updates Approved Import List

14 Dec 2018

A new series of regulatory changes are set to boost the overall level of cross border e-commerce retail imports....Read More


China Relaxes Duty-Free Shopping Limits for Outward-Bound Hainan Travellers

13 Dec 2018

Enhanced duty-free shopping entitlements for outward-bound travellers from Hainan came into effect as of 1 December....Read More


Dongguan Announces New Registered Office Requirements

11 Dec 2018

Dongguan has introduced new regulations relating to the registration of official business addresses....Read More


China Implements Centralised Product Recall Regime

10 Dec 2018

China’s customs and market regulatory bodies have launched a unified system for detecting/reporting defective imports and triggering product recalls....Read More

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