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Customs Duty Deposits for the Processing Trade Superseded by Formal Guarantees

15 March 2018

In the case of the processing trade, customs duty deposits are to be replaced by formal customs service guarantees in line with a recent policy document issued by the General Administration of Customs...Read More


China Adopts Unified Mandatory National Standards

5 March 2018

China has officially adopted a unified system of mandatory national standards, which supersede any previous local or industry standards....Read More


Food, Tobacco and Footwear Import/Export Procedures Amended

1 March 2018

Several amendments have been made to the list of imported/exported items that are subject to statutory inspection or quarantine procedures....Read More


China Introduces Multi-Product Manufacturing Licences

9 Feb 2018

In a bid to streamline the licensing procedure for companies looking to manufacture a number of different industrial products, starting from 15 January 2018, businesses can apply for a single producti...Read More


China Ends Pollution Discharge Fee Requirement

8 Feb 2018

Pollution discharge fees (including all fees relating to the discharge of waste water, exhaust gases and solid waste) and marine engineering sewage charges (including all fees relating to the discharg...Read More


Updated Regulations for Entry-Exit Quarantine Procedures

6 Feb 2018

New regulations with regard to the overall administration of quarantine procedures are scheduled to come into effect on 1 March this year....Read More


Adjustment of Import Duties on Technical Equipment, Components and Raw Materials

1 Feb 2018

A number of changes have been made to the import duty exemptions for technical equipment, related components/spare parts and the raw materials required for their construction....Read More


China Customs Duty Deposit Replaced by Formal Guarantee Agreement

30 Jan 2018

As of 2 February this year, businesses will no longer be obliged to make an upfront payment of customs duty deposits....Read More


Import/Export Customs Pre-agreement Measures Announced

25 Jan 2018

Pre-agreements on a number of customs-related formalities may now be requested, according to a recently-issued circular from the General Administration of Customs (GAC)....Read More


Provisional Exemption from Withholding Tax

18 Jan 2018

Overseas investors are to be incentivised to reinvest in China via a number of newly-introduced advantageous tax policies....Read More


Updated Import and Export Licensing Catalogues

15 Jan 2018

The 2018 editions of The Catalogue of Goods Subject to Import Licence Administration, The Catalogue of Goods Subject to Automatic Import Licence Administration and The Catalogue of Goods Subject to Ex...Read More


China Abolishes Administrative Measures for Cross Customs Areas Processing

11 Jan 2018

The Administrative Measures for Cross Customs Areas Processing were repealed as of 8 December 2017, according to a recent announcement from the General Administration of Customs (GAC)....Read More


Updated Levy Waivers Procedures for Temporarily Imported/Exported Goods

8 Jan 2018

A series of new requirements relating to the temporary entry and exit of goods to and from mainland China are scheduled to come into effect as of 1 February....Read More


Guangdong Announces Environmental Protection Tax Rates

2 Jan 2018

Guangdong recently announced tax rates applicable to taxable air and water pollutants....Read More


China Revises Raft of Import/Export Tariffs as of 1 January 2018

29 Dec 2017

As of 1 January 2018, revised tariffs will apply to a number of China’s import/export product categories, including 948 of the import products currently covered by provisional tax arrangements....Read More


Five Further Cities Approved for Trial Cross-Border E-commerce Programme

22 Dec 2017

Five additional cities have been approved for participation in a cross-border e-commerce pilot programme that sees all such imports designated as personal items....Read More


Income Tax Concessions Rolled Out for Advanced Technology Service Businesses

18 Dec 2017

Advanced technology service companies are to benefit from a raft of tax incentives intended to both boost competiveness and fund ongoing technological upgrades. The move was outlined in a circular joi...Read More


China Business Tax Completely Scrapped Under Extended VAT Regime

12 Dec 2017

As of 1 December this year, companies in the service sector are no longer obliged to pay business tax. Instead, however, all such businesses are now liable under an extended VAT regime, which covers a...Read More


Guangdong Issues Updated Product Quality and Safety Standards Directory

11 Dec 2017

A revised directory of the updated quality and safety standards consisting of 912 specific requirements across 28 product standards has been issued by the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Indus...Read More


5G Frequency Allocations and Operating Provisos Announced

4 Dec 2017

In order to promote the implementation of the fifth-generation wireless system (5G), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has made the following notification in accordance with t...Read More

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