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China’s Amended Food Safety Law Set to Come Into Effect

3 Dec 2019

The existing Regulations on the Implementation of the Food Safety Law, which have been in force since July 2009, have been amended upon approval by the State Council. The revised regulations will, wit...Read More


China Revises CCC Requirement and Expands Self-Certification Entitlement

18 Nov 2019

A number of revisions – effective 17 October this year – have been made to the Catalogue of Products Subject to China Compulsory Certification (CCC) and several of the related implementation requireme...Read More


China Announces 2020 Fertiliser Import Tariff Quotas

15 Nov 2019

The 2020 fertiliser import tariff quota has been set at 13.65 million tons, including 3.3 million tons of urea, 6.9 million tons of diammonium phosphate and 3.45 million tons of compound fertilisers....Read More


China Releases First List of Priority Drugs for Generic Manufacturing

12 Nov 2019

China recently published its first catalogue of drugs deemed to be in short supply, with patents that have either expired or are approaching their expiration date and where applications for re-registr...Read More


Guangdong Revises Industrial Product Manufacturing Permit Requirements

6 Nov 2019

In line with national policy, Guangdong has rescinded the need for production permits in 13 manufacturing categories, including internal combustion engines and brake fluid for vehicles, with effect fr...Read More


China Announces 2020 Export Commodity Quotas and Application Procedures

5 Nov 2019

The Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) has now announced details of the mainland’s 2020 export commodity quotas, as well as a number of related administrative requirements....Read More


China Outlines Plans for 20 Dedicated AI Development Zones

24 Oct 2019

China has announced plans to establish 20 national pilot zones dedicated to the development of artificial intelligence (AI). By 2023, it is hoped that these new facilities will have delivered on a ra...Read More


China Set to Establish Online Construction Industry Blacklist

23 Oct 2019

In a bid to enhance the management and oversight of the construction sector, an information-sharing platform – complete with a blacklist of organisations and individuals who have previously contravene...Read More


China Approves Overseas Ownership of Mainland Insurance and Fund Management Firms

22 Oct 2019

As part of ongoing moves to open up its financial sector, China has given the go-ahead for 100% overseas ownership of mainland-based insurance and fund management firms. In order to facilitate this, i...Read More


China Announces Application Procedures for 2020 Sugar and Wool Import Quotas

21 Oct 2019

Under terms of the Ministry of Commerce’s (MoC’s) recently-released 2020 Application and Distribution Procedures for Sugar Import Tariff Quotas, interested parties have until 30 October 2019 to submit...Read More


China Revises Industrial Product Manufacturing Permit Requirements

17 Oct 2019

China has rescinded the need for production permits in 13 manufacturing categories, including internal combustion engines and brake fluid for vehicles. At the same time, the separate permits previousl...Read More


China to End Overseas Shareholding Caps on Fund Management and Securities Firms

16 Oct 2019

The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has announced that the overseas shareholding cap on fund management institutions will be abolished on 1 April next year, followed by the abolition of ...Read More


China Publishes New Cosmetics Registration and Testing Guidelines

16 Oct 2019

The National Medical Products Administration has introduced new guidelines intended to ensure that all cosmetics registration procedures – and any related inspection / testing – are conducted in a tra...Read More


China Tightens Automobile and Motorcycle Export Licence Requirements for 2020

14 Oct 2019

Car and motorcycle exporters will have to contend with stringent new requirements – largely relating to aftercare and quality control – next year following the introduction of new regulations by the G...Read More


China Issues List of Approved Compulsory Certification Testing Institutions

2 Oct 2019

The Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA) recently issued a list of the agencies and laboratories approved to conduct the compulsory certification of a range of products, including exp...Read More


Three New Food Safety Standards to Take Effect in February 2020

30 Sept 2019

China recently announced that three new national food safety standards will come into effect as of 28 February 2020....Read More


China Introduces Nationwide Random Drug Quality Inspections

26 Sept 2019

Random spot checks on drug quality are to be introduced across China, with a view to ensuring high standards are adhered to with regard to the production, distribution and administration of all such p...Read More


Qianhai Looks to Fund Development of High-End Greater Bay Area Maritime Services Sector

20 Sept 2019

The Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone Authority has announced plans to help fund the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area into a high-end mar...Read More


China Tightens Up Health Food Labelling Requirements

19 Sept 2019

New health-food packaging guidelines are set to come into force across the mainland from 1 January next year. These will oblige manufacturers to incorporate prominent messages reminding consumers that...Read More


China Toughens Up Health Food Ingredients Regime

19 Sept 2019

Under the terms of new measures set to come into force on 1 October this year, all ingredients listed in the Health Food Raw Materials Directory – with the exception of certain specified vitamins / mi...Read More

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