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China Issues Shortest-Ever Foreign Investment Negative List

12 July 2018

The number of sectors proscribed by the 2018 edition of China’s foreign investment negative list has dropped to 48, a fall of 15 compared to the 2017 list....Read More


State Council Takes Action to Boost China’s Future Foreign Investment Levels

10 July 2018

In a bid to maximise future foreign investment levels, the State Council has approved 23 new facilitative measures....Read More


China Clears Life-Saving Drugs for Accelerated Approval Process

9 July 2018

In a bid to accelerate the market entry process for certain priority drugs, the required registration procedures have been substantially revised....Read More


Shanghai Looks to Streamline Cross-Border Trade Procedures

6 July 2018

In a bid to optimise the cross-border trade environment, the Shanghai Municipal Government has introduced a raft of new measures....Read More


Dedicated Area Set to Trial Hainan’s Future Free Trade Policies and Practices

3 July 2018

As a precursor to Hainan’s shift to full Free Trade Zone status, a move scheduled to be completed by 2020, a 298 sq km site on the east coast of Haikou, the island-province’s capital, is to be develop...Read More


China Spells Out Future Roles for the Guangdong, Tianjin and Fujian Free Trade Zones

15 June 2018

Greater autonomy has been promised to three of the country’s Pilot Free Trade Zones – Guangdong, Tianjin and Fujian....Read More


China Cuts Import Tariffs on Designated Motor Vehicles and Automotive Parts

14 June 2018

Import duty is to be cut from 25% to 15% for all motor vehicles in one of 135 tariff code groups. Similarly, in the case of motor vehicles covered by one of four additional tariff groups and currently...Read More


China Looks to Internet+ Model to Transform Healthcare Services

12 June 2018

In a bid to bring the management of the country’s medical and healthcare sector into the digital age, the State Council recently issued its Opinions on Promoting the Development of Internet Plus Healt...Read More


China Cuts VAT on Cancer Medication

11 June 2018

In a bid to nurture the development of the cancer treatment industry and to reduce the financial burden on patients requiring anti-cancer medication, new regulations relating to the application of VAT...Read More


Foreign Investors Approved to Hold Controlling Stakes in JV Securities Firms

4 June 2018

In a bid to reassure foreign investors that they are now entitled to hold controlling shares instead of minority shares in securities firms on the mainland, the Rules for the Establishment of Securiti...Read More


China Boosts Integrated Circuit Manufacturers with Raft of Tax Incentives

29 May 2018

China’s integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing sector is set to benefit from a range of corporate income tax (CIT) incentives....Read More


China Clamps Down on Use of Hazardous Substances in Electrical Products

25 May 2018

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has initiated a crackdown on the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products....Read More


China Zero Rates Import Tax on Commonly-Used Medicines

21 May 2018

As of 1 May this year, import duties are no longer payable on a wide range of commonly-used medicines. Among the treatments that are now officially zero-rated are cancer drugs, cancer alkaloid-based d...Read More


Hong Kong and Macau Research Bodies Urged to Bid for Central Government Funding

19 May 2018

Hong Kong and Macau-based research establishments, as well as universities / colleges, have been urged to fully take advantage of the funding opportunities offered by the central government’s Science ...Read More


Toys Imports to China Freed from Inspection and Quarantine Label Requirement

30 April 2018

Imported toys no longer need to carry China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ) labels....Read More


China Waives Income Tax for Overseas Oil Futures Investors

20 April 2018

The Ministry of Finance has recently introduced a number of tax incentives for overseas investors interested in China’s futures markets for crude oil and other commodities....Read More


Heightened Oversight Mandated for Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Suppliers

18 April 2018

Pharmaceutical suppliers active in and around Shenzhen are facing heightened supervision to ensure compliance with the Good Supply Practices for Pharmaceutical Products (GSP)....Read More


China Outlines Statutory Requirements for Foreign-Invested Payment-Processing Businesses

17 April 2018

Prior to the official opening up of the mainland payment services market to foreign investors, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has outlined the mandatory access standards and regulatory requirements...Read More


Hong Kong and Macau Workers Granted Semi-Local Status in Qianhai

16 April 2018

Any Hong Kong or Macau resident looking to work in the Qianhai special economic zone will no longer need to secure an Employment Permit....Read More


Updated Registration Requirements for Overseas Infant Formula Milk Manufacturers

13 April 2018

New requirements related to all overseas manufacturers of imported infant formula milk products have been issued by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of China (CNCA)....Read More

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