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Shanghai Adopts New Supervisory Regime in Food Storage and Transportation Sector

8 Dec 2017

The Administrative Measures for the Record Filing of Food Storage and Transportation Service Providers (for Trial Implementation) came into effect within the Shanghai Municipal district as of the end ...Read More


Transition Arrangements Outlined for Imported Infant Formula Registration Scheme

7 Dec 2017

The transition arrangements relating to the implementation of the incoming imported infant formula registration requirements have been announced by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, I...Read More


Online Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sales Brought in Line with Offline Regulatory Regime

5 Dec 2017

In line with the principle that online and offline transactions should be subject to identical regulatory regimes, the online trade in pharmaceuticals and medical devices is to face the same level of ...Read More


Special Measures for Hong Kong-Mainland Wine Trade Extended to All Ports

24 Nov 2017

The customs facilitation measures currently in place with regard to wine entering the mainland through five key ports via Hong Kong has now been extended to all mainland ports....Read More


CCC Certification Now Compulsory for Motorcycle Helmets and Electric Blankets

9 Nov 2017

All motorcycle helmets and electric blankets sold or otherwise distributed in China must now be approved by the country’s China Compulsory Certification (CCC) system. Previously, such items solely nee...Read More


Deadline Looms for 2018 Ferroalloy Export Licence Applications

8 Nov 2017

All businesses looking to secure 2018 ferroalloy export licences must ensure that their applications are received by the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) on or before 15 November this year. In the first ...Read More


New Domain Registration Procedures Look to Combat Fraud and Protect User Data

2 Nov 2017

The Measures for the Administration of Internet Domain Names, as recently amended by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), will come into force on 1 November 2017....Read More


Responsibility for Medical Device Classification Reallocated

31 Oct 2017

New regulations relating to the classification of medical devices have been issued by the General Office of the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA). Once these new guidelines come into effect, a...Read More


Full Details of 2018 Grain, Cotton and Sugar Tariff Quotas and Allocation Procedures Now Available

24 Oct 2017

New guidelines covering the 2018 tariff quota allocation and application procedures relating to grain, cotton and sugar imports are now available....Read More


Foreign Investment Negative List Set for National Rollout

23 Oct 2017

The foreign investment negative list, currently adopted in the Pilot Free Trade Zones, is set to be implemented on a nationwide basis. The plan was announced in the State Council’s recently published ...Read More


Food Safety Concerns Prompt Increased Scrutiny of Pesticides and Veterinary Drugs

20 Oct 2017

In view of the continuing prevalence of the illegal production, trade and use of pesticides and certain veterinary drugs, the General Office of the State Council has announced a number of measures des...Read More


China Approves Import of Thai-sourced Bird’s Nest Products

18 Oct 2017

All Thai bird’s nest products, providing they comply with the relevant quarantine and inspection requirements, may now be imported to China with immediate effect....Read More


China Tightens Scrutiny of Outbound Investment

12 Oct 2017

Outbound investment is to face increased scrutiny, according to a recent statement from the Ministry of Commerce. In order to reduce future outbound investment risks, enterprises will now be obliged t...Read More


CFDA Updates Classification Catalogue of Medical Devices

6 Oct 2017

Applicants registering medical devices will be required from 1 August 2018 to submit their applications according to the requirements stipulated in the updated Classification Catalogue of Medical Devi...Read More


Inspection and Quarantine Required for Entry and Exit of Perfume and Floral Water

4 Oct 2017

Perfume and floral water are now subject to inspection by the entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities....Read More


Food Safety Incidents in Guangdong Must Be Reported Within Two Hours

3 Oct 2017

In the event of a food safety incident, the entity, food producer or business operator, clinical medical institution, food safety technical institution or social organisation concerned must make a rep...Read More


Elderly Care Sector Set to be Overhauled via PPP Funding Model

26 Sept 2017

The Ministry of Finance has called for the wider adoption of the public-private partnership (PPP) model as a means of upgrading and reforming the mainland’s elderly care industry, while also establish...Read More


Operating Licence Now Obligatory for the Sale of All Loose Foods in Guangdong

25 Sept 2017

Any Guangdong-based business selling loose foods by weight is now obliged to secure the relevant operating licence. The requirement, which came into effect as of 1 September this year, was outlined in...Read More


Recategorisation Sees 24 Solid Waste Variants Face Import Ban

20 Sept 2017

Under revised regulations with regard to the management of solid waste, 24 solid waste variants have been recategorised and shifted from the Catalogue of Restricted Import Solid Wastes that Can be Use...Read More


Shenzhen Specifies Cross-Border E-Commerce Wine Quality Data Requirements

19 Sept 2017

Specifications of the exact quality details required for the import of wine via cross-border e-commerce channels have been jointly released by the Market Supervision Administration of Shenzhen and the...Read More

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