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Precision Production Planning Based on Regional Supply Chain: Artesyn Technologies Asia-Pacific Limited

21 Aug 2017

Artesyn Technologies, which is engaged in the manufacturing of IT products and power supplies, has stepped up to upgrade its production plants in China, while reinforcing its R&D capability. The compa...Read More


The Future of HK-EU Co-operation

18 Aug 2017

The EU is Hong Kong’s third largest trading partner after China and ASEAN. A rosier economic environment and the development of a more liberal trading regime in the EU are crucial for the future of HK...Read More


The EU: Surviving Populism, Tackling Income Inequality

17 Aug 2017

While populist calls for protectionist policies, largely inspired by perceived income inequality and a misunderstanding of the potential benefits of globalisation, have become an issue across the worl...Read More


China’s Middle-Class Consumers: Attitudes towards Green Consumption podcast

16 Aug 2017

In a survey conducted by the HKTDC, 71% of china’s middle-class had been spending more on green products in the past year. While 73% of the respondents claimed that their greater expenditure on green ...Read More


Europe’s Elections: Indications of a Positive Trade Outcome

15 Aug 2017

Euroscepticism has been concerning the EU even before the UK voted to leave the bloc in June 2016. However, the failure of anti-EU nationalist movements to win power in the Netherlands and France, and...Read More


China’s Middle-Class Consumers: Lifestyle and Spending Patterns of Post-80s Generation podcast

11 Aug 2017

According to HKTDC survey, the post-80s generation in China is more confident and optimistic about their future income and spending than older generations. They buy high-tech and new investment produc...Read More


An Update on Sino-US Trade Relations under the Trump Administration

10 Aug 2017

Since US President Donald Trump taking office in January 2017, Sino-US trade relations have largely remained favourable as many of the pledges made by him during the election campaign to get tough on ...Read More


The Challenges Facing Hong Kong Start-ups: Go-to-market

10 Aug 2017

Start-ups often view going international as a way to increase sales and lower production cost. However, they soon find out that each international market is unique and most of the time customers do no...Read More


The Challenges Facing Hong Kong Start-ups: Commercialisation

7 Aug 2017

Start-ups usually face a few common challenges during the commercialisation process. Many founders are engineers and scientists who are generally not close to the market and with little commercial exp...Read More


The Challenges Facing Hong Kong Start-ups: Access to Talent

3 Aug 2017

Access to talent is one of the main challenges facing Hong Kong start-ups , due to their limited resources and Hong Kong’s dependence on the real estate and financial sectors. While tech start-ups may...Read More


China’s Middle-Class Consumers: Online Shopping Habits podcast

2 Aug 2017

HKTDC survey shows that Chinese middle class consumers shop online about 5.25 times a month on average. Smartphone apps are used to place orders online much more than computer browsers. 53% of the res...Read More


The Challenges Facing Hong Kong Start-ups: Access to Funding

31 July 2017

Lack of funding is a major constraint limiting the pool of potential entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. Start-ups find it hard to gain access to early stage capital as conventional venture capital firms and ...Read More


Shift of Global Supply Chain and Guangdong-Hong Kong Industrial Development (Executive Summary)

27 July 2017

In recent years, rising labour and production costs across the mainland have prompted a number of foreign-invested and domestic enterprises to adjust their business strategies. Among the steps taken w...Read More


Hong Kong Start-up Trends: Disrupting the Traditional Industries

27 July 2017

Start-ups constantly create new business models to disrupt existing industries. In Hong Kong, a group of logistics professionals have founded a logistics platform connecting shippers, trucking compani...Read More


China’s Middle-Class Consumers: Attitudes towards Service Consumption podcast

26 July 2017

According to HKTDC survey, consumption of leisure, entertainment and sports services by middle-class consumers in China grew rapidly. Meanwhile, demand for training in lifestyle interest pursuits and ...Read More


Development Prospects for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area and the Role of Hong Kong

25 July 2017

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area will bring about new opportunities. Hong Kong’s strengths in financial services, professional services and international ties can contribute to the transformatio...Read More


Hong Kong Start-up Trends: Mass Customisation and Personalisation

24 July 2017

While consumers increasingly look for personalised products, a new generation of businesses is developing the capacity to modify mass-market goods to satisfy specific customers’ need by adopting new t...Read More


Hong Kong Start-up Trends: The End of Industry Boundaries

21 July 2017

One major characteristic of the new generation of businesses is the blurring of industry boundaries. Start-ups generally do not produce or sell just one specific standard product, but rather offer a t...Read More


The Philippines: Consumer Market Opportunities

19 July 2017

As the second-most populous ASEAN country with over 100 million people, the Philippines is a consumer market in Southeast Asia holding good sales potential for Hong Kong companies. Strong economic gro...Read More


China’s Middle-Class Consumers: Preferences and Spending Trends podcast

18 July 2017

According to HKTDC survey, 81% of the mainland middle-class consumers expect their income to continue to increase in the coming two to three years. Taking regular exercise and eating western food have...Read More

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