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Chinese Consumers Go Bespoke (2): Custom Furniture Offers Space Solutions

20 March 2019

The higher the household income, the higher the proportion of Chinese consumers have purchased bespoke products, with the portion of those having ordered custom furniture reached 52%. Sam Ke, presiden...Read More


Accessing the ASEAN Consumer Market: Baby and Maternity Products (Market Entry Strategies)

18 March 2019

The routes to the ASEAN market are diverse and competitive. Hong Kong baby and maternity product suppliers need to consider the characteristics of each sales channel, including its location, market re...Read More


Russian Far East Opportunities: Multimodal Logistics Network

14 March 2019

Vladivostok is not only home to Russia’s largest Pacific ports, but is also the far eastern end of one of the world’s longest train rides. This, plus the upgraded Vladivostok International Airport (VV...Read More


Accessing the ASEAN Consumer Market: Electronic Accessories (Executive Summary)

11 March 2019

Providing practical guidance for SMEs in the electronic accessories industry, this report explores the potential of the ASEAN markets, focuses on Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore (a key reg...Read More


Russian Far East Opportunities: Manufacturing Investment

7 March 2019

The Russian Far East District (FEFD) boasts rich natural resources, abundant land, an upgraded infrastructure, and unfettered access to EAEU markets covering a population of 180 million. It can also o...Read More


Hainan Free Trade Zone (1): Background and Positioning

6 March 2019

The Overall Plan of the China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) was released by the State Council on 16 October 2018, setting out the specific proposals for Hainan FTZ’s development. With building ...Read More


Accessing the ASEAN Consumer Market: Baby and Maternity Products (Online Sales Channels)

4 March 2019

Online sales channels, including B2C marketplaces and social media, have become a new force in the baby product industry in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Generally, baby product brands with more d...Read More


Lessons from North American Regional Development: The Bay Area Expansion

28 Feb 2019

The San Francisco Bay Area, famous as a global hub for the global technology industry, faces growth roadblocks with regard to housing and public transport, which have resulted in debilitating costs in...Read More


Chinese Consumers Go Bespoke (1): Team Sportswear an Expression of Core Values

27 Feb 2019

Growing numbers of Chinese middle-class consumers are choosing custom-made products as their lifestyles improve. Yansu’s founder Mason Mai shares about the preferences of mainland consumers for bespok...Read More


Accessing the ASEAN Consumer Market: Baby and Maternity Products (Distribution Channels)

25 Feb 2019

In Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, the distribution channels for baby and maternity products are diverse, and each comes with its own strengths and shortcomings. For Hong Kong suppliers, it is imper...Read More


The Business Strategies of a Toy Licensee in Mainland China

21 Feb 2019

The licensing market in China has witnessed rapid growth in recent years. Shuoya Trading (Guangzhou) Co Ltd Managing Director, Roy Lin, spoke to HKTDC Research recently about the operational mode of t...Read More


Accessing the ASEAN Consumer Market: Baby and Maternity Products (Recent Developments and Trends)

18 Feb 2019

The demand for imported baby and maternity products in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand has been boosted by the young demographics, busy lifestyles and growing health consciousness. This presents a gr...Read More


The EU’s FDI Screening Programme: Implications for Hong Kong

15 Feb 2019

The new FDI screening framework in the EU is likely to lead to more detailed, onerous and lengthy reviews. Any investment from Hong Kong, whether directly or indirectly from mainland China or other As...Read More


Accessing the ASEAN Consumer Market: Toys and Games (Executive Summary)

13 Feb 2019

Providing practical guidance for SMEs in the toys and games industry, this report explores the potential of the ASEAN markets, focuses on Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore (a key regional hu...Read More


Full STEAM Ahead!

11 Feb 2019

China has been actively promoting STEAM education in recent years. Many companies have spotted the business opportunities and launched different types of STEAM toys and coding courses onto the market....Read More


Lessons from North American Cross-Border Development: The Cascadia Innovation Corridor

1 Feb 2019

The Cascadia Innovation Corridor, stretching from Canada’s British Columbia province to the US states of Washington and Oregon, is becoming a global technology powerhouse. The development of this cros...Read More


Reaching Australian Consumers: Market Characteristics and Opportunities

31 Jan 2019

Australia remains a standout among developed economies, supported by strong domestic demand and consumption. Yet, this vast and diverse territory with strong presence of international brands presents ...Read More


Hong Kong Remains the Leading IP Trading Hub

28 Jan 2019

Due to the rising role of innovation and technology in Asia, the importance of IP protection, IP commercialisation and IP litigation have become hot topics among industry players. An HKTDC survey foun...Read More


Belt and Road Inner Mongolia: Reinventing Manzhouli as a China-Russia Trade Hub

23 Jan 2019

The city of Manzhouli in Inner Mongolia, on the region’s border with Russia, is China’s largest land port of entry from Russia. More than 65% of land transport in Sino-Russian trade passes through the...Read More


Vietnam: An Emerging Market for Hong Kong Lifestyle Products

21 Jan 2019

Thanks to rising incomes and growing consumer sophistication, Vietnam is becoming a lucrative market for lifestyle products. Eco-friendly products, packaged food, fashion and accessories are some of t...Read More

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