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Accessing the Thai Consumer Market (Interview with Herkomst)

15 March 2017

The ASEAN region is growing as a consumer market. In an interview with HKTDC, Michael Li, Brand Director of Herkomst Holding Limited, shared his experience of lining up a number of Hong Kong brands fo...Read More


Running a Dedicated E-commerce Platform for Mainland Mothers

20 Dec 2016

BeiBei (beibei.com) positions itself as an e-commerce platform dedicated to the needs of mothers. Apart from selling mother-and-baby products, BeiBei has set up a cross-border e-commerce channel, glob...Read More


CTFHOKO: Hong Kong-style Shopping Experience in Qianhai

13 Dec 2016

E-commerce and the demand for imported consumer products in China have grown rapidly in recent years. Located at Shenzhen’s Qianhai, Chow Tai Fook Global Goods Shopping Centre (CTFHOKO) offers mainlan...Read More


Digital Marketing Helps Two-way Cross-border E-commerce (Interview with AsiaPac)

30 Nov 2016

In an interview with HKTDC, Daniel Chan, a co-founder of AsiaPac, discussed the advantage of Hong Kong being a digital marketing platform for Chinese mainland and overseas companies. However, the abil...Read More


E-commerce: Creative Use of Vending Machines for O2O Promotion (Interview with JTSoft)

9 Nov 2016

O2O marketing in China seems to be developing in a much more sophisticated and innovative way than elsewhere in the world. JTSoft, a Hong Kong software company, deploys integrated online-to-offline pr...Read More


Cross-border Payment Solutions for SMEs (Interview with China Smartpay)

28 Oct 2016

In an interview with the HKTDC, China Smartpay’s Twinkle Wong and Steve Lam gave an introduction of their cross-border payment solutions, which allow merchants to accept online payments from mainland ...Read More


E-commerce: Using O2O Marketing to Create a Seamless Customer Journey (Interview with Source Network Media Group)

26 Oct 2016

In an interview with HKTDC, Sandy Choi and Chois Choi, co-founders of Source Network Media Group, pointed out the uniqueness of the mainland e-commerce landscape – from social-media platforms to the d...Read More


E-commerce: Open Data Propels Innovation (Interview with Radica Systems)

21 Oct 2016

Radica Systems, a Hong Kong-based company, offers highly personalised email marketing software and database marketing consulting services. In an interview with the HKTDC, co-founder Francis Kwok discu...Read More


Hong Kong: One-Stop Electronic Payment Solution for Cross-border E-commerce (Interview with mPay)

14 Oct 2016

In an interview with the HKTDC, Sam Lam, the founder of Hong Kong-based mPay Limited, discussed how his company could help online merchants lower the transaction fees and administrative burden by offe...Read More


E-commerce: How Data is Driving Digital Marketing (Interview with NDN Group)

11 Oct 2016

Hong Kong-based NDN Group is one of a new breed of digital marketing agencies thriving in the era of digital proliferation. In an interview with the HKTDC, CEO Andy Ann explained how he generates mean...Read More


E-commerce: Data as the New Currency (Interview with Clix)

7 Oct 2016

In an interview with the HKTDC, King Leung, CEO of Clix, talked about “data monetisation”, or how he has helped his clients realise the full potential of the data that they own. Leung is very positive...Read More


Hong Kong E-commerce Platform Serving Asian Merchants (Interview with Shopline)

22 Sept 2016

In an interview with the HKTDC, Tony Wong, co-founder of Shopline, said there was a huge demand for e-commerce site-building services in this region as more Asians jump on the e-commerce bandwagon. In...Read More


Big Data Applications for SMEs (Interview with SpryAct)

19 Sept 2016

In an interview with HKTDC, Louis Tsao and Jacky Lee, co-founders of SpryAct, describe how big data analytics can provide insights to businesses. Even though SMEs may not generate as much data as big ...Read More


Smart Lockers as the “Last Mile” Solution (Interview with Boxz Lockers)

15 Sept 2016

The “last mile” of e-commerce fulfillment is challenging, especially in Hong Kong where first-delivery failure is common. Gary Ng, CEO of Boxz Lockers, turned the challenge into an opportunity by intr...Read More


E-commerce: Unleashing the Power of Data (Interview with Fifty-five Hong Kong)

12 Sept 2016

Digital marketing becomes increasingly important to business strategies. In an interview with HKTDC, Cedric Delzenne, Head of Fifty-five Hong Kong describes how he helps clients optimise their digital...Read More


E-Commerce: The Digital Route to Mainland Watch Sales

9 Sept 2016

Following the rapid expansion of the internet in China, the e-commerce platform will see great potential as a new channel for the marketing of watches. According to Wanbiao CEO Xiao, for imported watc...Read More


How a Hong Kong Manufacturer Ventures into Online Business (Interview with Wilson Ngan)

7 Sept 2016

In an interview with the HKTDC, Wilson Ngan, a local manufacturer involved in the watch-packaging business for the past three decades, talks about building the online watches and jewellery platform ww...Read More


O2O in the Mainland Watch Market: A Hong Kong Success Story

6 Sept 2016

The Renley Group was established in 1983 as an OEM producing 4,000 watches a month. Today, the group has production facilities in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and Switzerland and is involved in var...Read More


Driving O2O in Hong Kong (Interview with CompBrother)

1 Sept 2016

In an interview with HKTDC, Phoneix Wan, a co-founder of CompBrother, shares his views on Hong Kong’s e-commerce development. He sees O2O as another rising trend, after group buying. However, he think...Read More


Cross-border E-commerce: The Mainland Department Store that Became an Importer (Interview with Grandbuy)

23 Aug 2016

Grandbuy’s high trustworthiness and large mid- to upmarket clientele have helped its e-commerce branch GBHui.com (GBHui) expand into the cross-border e-commerce importing business. The General Manager...Read More

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